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Undercover Girls

The Cop, The Stripper and The Biker Gang

By Jason Ray Morton Published 3 years ago 16 min read

Weeks ago, Jennifer Jones sat in a posh office overlooking the Mississippi, not knowing what was to come of her being summoned. The only thing she knew was that David Pope summoned her to his office, requested her to be discreet about the meeting, and there were going to be some federal agents that wanted to speak with her. To her surprise, the meeting came with an offer, one that Chief Pope admitted he was hesitant to convey to her. The offer came from the federal agents that came to River City, late in the evening. It was something that she found weird, even mysterious.

She was introduced to the three agents. The first agent, claiming to be with the Federal Bureau of Investigations, introduced himself as Adam Flynn. He introduced his partner, an attractive Hispanic, by the name of Lucia Graza. Jennifer found them both to be very personable and informative. She felt comfortable with Lucia. The third man, a bit more subdued than his counterparts, was introduced as Mr. Smith. They weren’t as forthcoming with his information as they were with theirs.

Jennifer took the job, even though her chief expressed concerns about her qualifications and experience. She was assigned to develop a cover history, a new identity, and find a local way in with the biker gang known as the D.O.A.

Jennifer moved into a new apartment or her cover pad. She was provided with money for furnishings and to decorate to fit her new identity. They bought a car, letting her choose the make and model as long as it fit the bill for her new life. She chose a black Yukon, something that she hoped to have for a long time.

“Well, how are you feeling about tonight?” Lucia asked, the two of them sitting together on Jennifer's couch.

Jennifer was reading from a file on one of the members of the gang. She still felt there was a lot to learn about the Disciples' internal structure. Looking at the different roles they play within the organization, Jennifer focused as much on the shot callers as she did on the soldiers. There were jobs assigned to each individual member of the charter. Those roles included everything from the president down to the member acting as an accountant. The gang included a rank system, leaders, and even, what was essentially, a computer specialist. From doing surveillance, the tech guy was their book worm of the group.

Jennifer was already planning on befriending the bookworm of the group, a younger member in his early twenties. She was focusing on his file the most.

“I don’t know, nervous, excited, sick to my stomach,” answered Jennifer, throwing the file down in front of her.

“I get it,” Lucia reassuringly told her. “My first undercover gig was terrifying during the first few days.”

Jennifer was curious about Lucia’s first undercover assignment so she asked, “Can you tell me about it?”

“I was two years undercover with the Menelao cartel, assigned to Juan Carlos Guzman himself,” Lucia proudly admitted. “It was a tough gig but I don’t regret most of it.”

Jennifer wanted to know about the parts that her handler admitted to regretting but knew enough that the look on Lucia’s face practically screamed confidential. She reached up to the table in front of her and grabbed the bottle of whiskey the two ladies sipped on. Lucia was technically off-duty and Jennifer needed it to unwind before going to the club. In just a couple of hours, Jennifer was going to amateur night to audition for a job as a stripper. It felt weird, thinking about taking off her clothes and dancing for strangers but it was the best doorway into the gang.

After the two enjoyed a half bottle of whiskey Jennifer changed clothes. She left her house with Lucia, wearing a skin-tight pair of jeans and a tight black tee-shirt. Lucia already wore the kind of outfit popular with the clubs and strippers, faux leather pants, a crop top, and knee-high boots.

Club Neauvu, a favored hangout of the Disciples, was a strip joint on the industrial side of town. After three months of surveillance on the members using tail cars, undercover operatives, drone surveillance, and wiretaps this was the easiest place outside of their clubhouse. This was also the reason why Jennifer was approached by the feds for the assignment. Jennifer and Lucia walked in together, acting like two playful girlfriends having a night out on the town. When they arrived all the male eyes in the club were on them, as well as several of the sets of female eyes.

The girls went over to the bar and asked for a cocktail, two tequila sunrises. Jennifer asked the bartender how to sign up for the amateur night auditions. The bartender, a large armed white guy with scars on his face, told the girls if they were interested in dancing they would have to talk to Steve, the manager. He pointed out the manager at his favorite table, off in the back of the club. Both of the ladies noticed that it was inconspicuously located away from the security cameras and away from the main view of any foot traffic.

“Well, here I go,” Jennifer told Lucia, finishing off her cocktail before she left.

Walking through the club, past a dozen tables and to the side of the stage, Jennifer sauntered over to Steves’ table to introduce herself. Jennifer tried to look as sexy as she could, hoping to come off like anything but a cop. It had been months since she began prepping for this day and her stomach was in knots despite the half bottle of whiskey at home and the first drink of the night at the club. She learned to walk in heels for the first time in her life. Jennifer even got a tattoo on her lower back, a very blatant tramp stamp.

“Hey there, I’m Jennifer.”

Steve looked up at the twenty-five-year-old blonde standing in front of him, staring first at her tits and then working his way up to her icy blue eyes. He was taken back by her stunning good looks. She was not like most of the girls coming into the club, like any of them for that matter, and Steve knew them all well. Jennifer was the first one that ever stunned him.

“Well, what can I do for you?” asked Steve.

Jennifer sat down, a smile on her face as she reached across the table and flirtatiously grabbed a hold of Steves’ hand. She smiled broadly as she told Steve why she was there. Steve immediately got excited by the news that this young lady wanted to dance but he had questions he asked most of the girls. Even though he could not remember one that was as attractive as Jennifer, Steve he asked all the girls the same basic question. Steve always wanted to know why. The why a girl wanted to dance told him things, things he could never get from a job interview or an application. The why could bring him trouble in the form of jealous boyfriends or angry husbands. Steve liked her answer though. Her answer showed promise.

“Would it surprise you if I said I like getting naked and have always fantasized about doing it in front of a crowd?” she asked.

“Really,” he smiled.

Jennifer knew she had him. His interest was obvious. She playfully flirted with him, biting her lower lip as she looked around the club. Jennifer leaned into Steve, making her tits stick out further than they already did in the tight top she was wearing.

“Well, if you are really interested, I am going to have to see the goods before I let you on stage,” Steve told her. “I can’t just let anybody up there.”

Jennifer knew it would happen. She spent most of the day preparing herself for this very moment. Every dancer she spoke with the past two months described getting into the business and the “preshow flashing the goodies” was something they all described going through. It was the exotic dance version of the Hollywood casting couch.

“So, where do I do this, your office, right here?” she inquired, already knowing the answer to her question.

“Here’s good for me,” he told her, never considering taking a girl to the office for a job interview.

Jennifer slid her legs out of the booth they were at. She slipped her boots down and set them behind her. She stood up to slip her pants down. Pulling them off of each leg she tossed them on top of her boots. There she was, standing in a public place, in just her top and a black, lace thong. She turned around and looked at Steve, giving him a wink. Jennifer shook her hair out, taking a second to look back to the bar. Lucia held her hand in her lap, giving her a thumbs-up as Jennifer reached down and slowly raised the hem of her top. As she slid it up her tight midsection and over her ample tits, she felt the nerves in her growing. In her mind, she could hear herself saying, “here we go.” With that Jennifer was topless.

As nervous as she was, she knew there was no stopping now. She bent over in front of Steve, showing him her firmly shaped ass. She was within grabbing distance of this man as she slid her panties off her hips and down her thighs. The moment was there, she was completely naked in front of a stranger, in a room filled with people she didn’t know.

“Oh, my lord, you are a sight,” exclaimed the excited club manager. “I don’t know how I got so lucky as to have you walk into my joint. You’ll make me plenty of money.”

“Let’s talk percentages,” Jennifer told him as she sat down across from her new boss, still naked.

Steve closed the pad of paper he was working on before she came over and crossed his hands in front of him. He wouldn’t have gotten up for all the money in the world, not with the erection he was having a problem with beneath the table. He contemplated what his offer was going to be. Jennifer obviously was going to be an a-list performer, even his featured performer if she stuck around. He needed to make sure that whatever he offered would keep her working.

“I’m going to make you an offer I don’t make many. Normally the girls pay me a fifty dollar a night stage fee and thirty percent. For you, if you agree to keep it quiet, I’ll wave the stage fee and call the split eighty twenty.”

Jennifer looked at Steve, mulling over what he was saying. She had to seem like a business girl, even as she sat there without a stitch of clothing. Considering he was offering her better than most girls ever get, Jennifer, wondered what the downside was going to be. As the manager of a strip club, the burly built man in front of her was in a good position to take advantage of his girls, particularly if they seemed naïve. She could not afford to come off as a naïve, innocent, newcomer to the big city trappings. As she waited, Steve presented her with a good opportunity to prove her assertiveness. He reached under the table, sliding his hand ever so slightly, up her knee as far as he could reach.

Jennifer slapped his hand away, telling him, “That’ll cost you twenty.”

Laughing, Steve pulled his hand away. He looked at her with a mock look of shock and dismay. The majority of the girls coming to him for a spot on his roster were much easier to get along with. None of them ever refused his advances of ‘friendship’.

“I get it, no pay no play,” he chuckled. “Well, you’re definitely hot enough for the stage. Do you have a costume?”

“In my bag,” she replied.

“Good, you’ll go on last. I think this crowd will love you.”

Jennifer grabbed her clothes and her bag before heading off to the dressing rooms. This would give her a chance to get to know the rest of the girls better. She gave Lucia a positive look and a wink. She was alerting her partner that they were a go. Lucia smiled back, returning her attention to the bartender who seemed to take an interest in her.

The amateur night contest rolled around before Jennifer knew it and she watched from the stage entrance as each girl went through their routine. Jennifer tried to figure out what got the crowd going and what they were less responsive to, hoping it would give her more insight. From where she was watching, the sixth girl was finishing her routine when two members of the Disciples came in the front door. They were immediately escorted over to Steve’s table.

Music changed and the seventh girl left the stage, stopping to pick up wads of ones and fives. It was Jennifers’ turn to perform. She checked her costume, a simple outfit consisting of a black bra, panties, a skirt, a white button-down shirt, and her thigh high boots. Jennifer was as ready as she was ever going to get.

When her music hit and she heard the welcome to the stage Jennifer felt her heartbeat skip. She swallowed back her nerves, put her shoulders back, and held her head high as she forcefully walked out onto the stage. It was an old song. She had a penchant for the eighties. The music blared and the bass pounded through her as she strutted out onto the stage dancing her way around the pole in the center of things.

Jennifer was watching Steves’ table as she danced around, twisting and gyrating for the audience. She stopped, sliding down the pole as she unbuttoned her shirt, pulling it apart forcefully and proudly pushing her tits forward in the process. Jennifer threw her shirt behind her before bouncing around the stage, stopping in front of every other guy as she held their faces between her taught thirty-six d-cups. She rolled backward from the man in the center, a man in a suit, as she slipped her skirt down her thighs, across her well-shaped calves, and off her ankles.

Lucia watched the show from the bar, realizing that the young undercover officer was probably feeling anxious about what would come next. She took her drink and walked over to the stage where she could find a seat with room between her and the male onlookers. From where she sat, Lucia watched as Steve slipped an envelope to the two members of the disciples. She presumed it was a payoff, especially as half the girls dancing at the club were known associates of the DOA.

Jennifer did a twirl on the pole, spinning around with one arm as she undid her bra with the other. Twirling across the stage after, she slipped the bra off her shoulders, crossing her arms briefly before displaying her magnificent tits for all to see. She saw Lucia at the stage, giving her a cross look as she strutted sexily over to the good-looking Hispanic agent. She playfully waved a finger at Lucia, driving some of the guys to holler approvingly. Lucia hesitated so Jennifer turned herself away, falling backward into a reverse roll as she peeled her panties off her body. Landing on Lucia’s lap, Jennifer took Lucia’s hands and ran them across her tits, moaning slightly from excitement.

Lucia was surprised by the move. She hadn’t expected the young officer to be able to go so into the stripper act so quickly. Lucia played along with it, grabbing her tits and giving them a playful squeeze before Jennifer leaned back and kissed her full on the lips. The guys around them were all feeding off the sexual energy, getting louder as Jennifer took Lucias’ hands and put them on her tits.

Jennifer put on a show as she turned around, facing her partner. She was really getting the best of the crowd, working them into a lathered frenzy of lust. She straddled Lucia’s lap, grinding herself into her sexy undercover partner. Lucia’s surprise kept it all looking legitimate as the attention of the head table turned solidly to their little show. She noticed it and whispered in Lucia’s ear that she needed to play along. Jennifer raised her shirt, taking Lucia’s breasts in her hands, squeezing them and tweaking her tight little nipples.

Lucia could see the massive amount of interest the guys were taking in their little escapade. She knew if the boss liked her first night, she was going to be a regular fixture. She whispered to Jennifer.

“Do you really want to take it this far?”

Jennifer thought only for a second about the question before nodding her head. She could see the excitement in the room, Steve and his two visitors standing up, watching carefully as the girls were hitting the hottest point of their act. Lucia was a good sport, playing along with her idea, her plan to sweeten the pot.

Lucia pushed Jennifer back, her ass against the stage. She mouthed lay back to Jennifer, giving her a sign of what was to come. Jennifer never expected to be having sex undercover. What Lucia was suggesting, however, would push this crowd of miscreants right over the edge. She laid back, brought her legs up and around the lovely Lucia’s neck. She worked her legs up the sides of her head, bringing Lucia’s face right up to Jennifers perfectly shaven pussy.

Lucia grabbed a hold of Jennifer’s ass as she stuck her tongue out, starting to playfully run it up her slit, starting to tongue fuck her partner right there on the stage of a strip club. She had crossed a line or two as an undercover agent but here she was committing a sex act in public. As nervous as she was, Lucia was enjoying all the attention she was getting and she had found herself attracted to Jennifer the past few months as they prepared her for the assignment and developed her back story. She tongued Jennifers’ wetness, tasting her, being invigorated by her sex.

Jennifer took little time before she started bucking against Lucia’s mouth. In the heat of the moment, Jennifer was already having a momentous orgasm as she started to feel the surge inside her. She struggled not to, in such a vulnerable and public way. It was far too late for her to stop. Instinct took over and she grabbed Lucia’s head, pulling it against her, holding her mouth on her exposed pussy. Jennifer shook side to side, thrashing as she enjoyed the strongest orgasm of her life.

As she rolled back on the stage, leaving Lucia to wipe herself up and put her tits back in her shirt, Jennifer rose to a round of thunderous applause. She had just done the performance of her life and enjoyed every minute of it. Jennifer rushed to the dressing room and got herself cleaned up and dressed. She was heading to join Lucia when Steve stopped her. He wanted to introduce her to the two members of the DOA that had enjoyed the show. Jennifer Jones was in the door of the most dangerous biker organization in the entire state of Illinois.

To Be Continued:


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I have always enjoyed writing and exploring new ideas, new beliefs, and the dreams that rattle around inside my head. I have enjoyed the current state of science, human progress, fantasy and existence and write about them when I can.

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