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by TheWellReadMillenial 9 months ago in fiction

Erotic fiction

“Sweet girl,” Brendon murmurs as he shuts the door to his dressing room and slides the leather off his body. You watch in interest as he studies you, curled up on the couch. “I want to try something.”

You perk up at that, and begin peering around the dressing room with interest. Brendon arches an eyebrow, the question clear on his face. “I’m looking for the handcuffs,” you tell him, pouting playfully when he shakes his head and smiles affectionately.

  • “No, darlin. Nothing like that. At least,” and he gives you that sweet, sexy smile you love so much, “not tonight.” With those words, he crosses the room and kneels on the floor in front of you. His hands are warm on your thighs and you instinctively spread your legs, inviting him.

You’re surprised when he bites his lip and shakes his head again. “Well you’ve totally lost me, but whatever it is, I’m probably on board,” you murmur, stroking his hair with gentle hands. He presses his head firmly against your palms, loving the way your nails rake through his hair.

“I think you’ll like it,” he mumbles, clearly distracted by your touch. “But I also think we should wait until we get to the hotel.” He tips his head to look up at you, and the absolute adoration there takes your breath away as it always does.

You shrug a little and lean forward, kissing his forehead. “Whatever you say, B. I trust you.”


“Lay down on the bed,” he says the minute you’re both in the room. “And get comfortable.” You kick off your shoes, slip out of your dress, and cross the suite to drape yourself over the plush bedspread, wearing nothing but the cream-colored lace and satin set he bought you earlier this week when the tour was in Paris. He’s still watching you with dark eyes, but there’s no lust playing in his expression. It’s all tender devotion, and you find yourself reaching for him.

He responds immediately, nudging his own shoes off, discarding his sweatpants and t-shirt, and crawling up the bed.

“My girl,” he murmurs, and you move to kiss him. “Ah- not yet, Angel. Soon,” he says in a gentle voice. You must look confused, but he gives no further explanation. “Do you want me behind you?”

The offer sends a thrill through you and you nod. Whatever he has planned, you’re going to enjoy it. He moves nimbly, settling himself behind you and curving his body to match yours. “I’m going to touch you now,” he says, so you spread your legs slightly. Given how tonight is going, you shouldn’t be surprised when his fingers don’t tease between your thighs, but instead move up to run his hands through your hair. His fingers are curved, the tips tracing long paths from your forehead back to the crown of your head. You let out a breath you didn’t know you’d been holding, shivering a little. “Good?” Brendon whispers, and you nod, going limp against him. You were relaxed before, but him playing with your hair has always made you weak.

“Oh god,” you groan, arching into his touch when he starts to massage your scalp. This is his same tactic when he’s washing your hair, and you didn’t think you could melt into the mattress any more than you already have, but he’s gotten you there.

“Good girl,” Brendon tells you, moving his fingers down to the nape of your neck and rubbing tenderly. “So relaxed for me...still good?” You whisper your affirmation and he presses a soft kiss to the top of your head. “I need you to turn around for me, darlin. Can you do that, or do you want me to move instead?” You let out a small, helpless whimper of pleasure and he chuckles low in your ear. “Got it. I’ll move, sweetheart. Hold on.”

He shifts and, so you don’t roll back, grabs several of the unused pillows and creates a barrier for you to rest upon. Once he’s settled in front of you, he snuggles in close and allows you to intertwine your legs. His lips press sweetly to your forehead and you sigh contentedly. “I don’t know what you have planned, but I really love how it’s going so far,” you tell him, curling your fingers over his shoulders.

“I’m glad.” He presses several more gentle kisses to your forehead before resting his against yours and gazing at you longingly. “I love you.” You know he always means it, but right now, each word feels even more sacred. You whisper it back.

Then, his fingers are tracing over the shell of your ear, circling over the lobe and caressing it between his thumb and index finger. You shiver with pleasure and he pauses.

“Feels so good,” you sigh, closing your eyes. He leans in and you catch your breath as the tip of his tongue follows the pattern set by his fingers. His breath on your skin is warm, and the combination of his skin and his cologne drives you crazy in the best way. When his lips finally brush your ear, you’re already trembling with pleasure, clinging to him. His lips are soft and warm and, when his teeth catch your earlobe and nibble gently, you can’t help the low moan of pleasure that falls from your lips. “Brendon…” you manage, scratching idly at his chest.

“Yes, my love?” Even with your eyes closed, you can hear the smile in his tone. “Still good?”

“Amazing,” you correct, snuggling closer. His hands move from your ears to your neck, dragging his fingertips idly down the length of it and around the back to stroke down to your shoulder blades. You try to fight it, but when he replaces his fingers with his mouth just barely grazing you, you rock forward, pressing your hips to his. He’s hard against you, and it only serves as an electrical current to your stomach. “B, kisses…”

“Soon, my Angel. Soon. Let me do this.” If you thought his breath on your ear was an impending orgasm, feeling it on your neck while his hands frame your hips and his cock throbs against you is on a totally new level.

“Okay…” your breath is shaky and you sense the curve of his smile more than you feel it. He continues, just moving his head up and down the length of your neck, not kissing - just taking you in. His nose nudges your ear and you can feel yourself about to beg again. He beats you to it with praise, pressing a warm kiss behind your earlobe.

“My Angel,” he whispers. “My sweet girl.” His lips move down the column of your neck and you try not to whine. “She’s so good for me. Patiently letting me explore her body like this.”

You toss your head to the side and groan into the pillow as his fingertips graze over your collarbone. If someone told you earlier tonight that your husband would make you quiver with absolute need by touching your collarbone, you would’ve laughed. But here he is, body pressed to yours, dragging his fingers over your skin again, this time with slightly more pressure. Your breath catches as his index finger dips into the recess of your clavicle.

You know what’s coming next; you’ve learned the pattern. His head dips down, and he works his mouth over the same pattern. Soft, sweet kisses, and he’s taking his time. He’s embracing your body like he’s got all the time in the world. His eyes are closed in concentration and you try not to squirm under him. Nimble fingers unclasp the delicate fastening of your bra and he discards it by letting it slide off the bed. You’re expecting him to trace over your breasts next, but he doesn’t. Instead, he wriggles down to your stomach, resting his forehead against your ribs and stroking your sides gently with his thumbs. His fingers trace teasing lines from your ribs to your hips, and his warm breath against you is making your back arch.

“I know, Angel. I know how bad you want it. And you’ll get me soon. I promise.” He presses a kiss just to the left of your navel before looking up at you. “Did you know you have a freckle on the underside of your left breast?” You shake your head and he reaches up, just barely brushing a fingertip against the curve. He returns to your stomach and waist, placing more open-mouthed kisses all over you. His hands still caress your sides and he’s breathing hard, murmuring to you the whole time about how beautiful you are.

“You’re tormenting me,” you whine, wriggling under him and tugging at his hair. He smiles against your stomach and sucks and nibbles a quick mark just inside your right hip bone. “I wanna - I wanna…”

He blinks up at you innocently. “What do you want, Princess?”

“I wanna play,” you gasp, spreading your legs under him and rolling your hips up. He taps your hip lightly so you’ll lie prone, and, when you’re flat under him again, scoots down even lower. “Fucking finally,” you whisper as his breath warms over your clit. “Wait-“ You’re confused as he keeps sliding down, thumbs hooked into your lace panties and dragging them down with him. “Where are you going?!”

“Lower,” Brendon murmurs, kissing your inner thigh as he goes. “My love, I’m going lower.” He settles at your feet and, with delicate strokes, runs two fingers down each of your calves. He’s moving his hands up and down, and he’ll allow himself to go as high as mid-thigh, before tracing back down. You’re whimpering, achingly wet, reaching for him and he’s nuzzling your calves and inner thighs, nibbling there just above your knee.

Warm hands encircle your ankles and he guides your legs wider apart. When he looks up at you with big, dark eyes, your breath catches in your throat. “You’re so fucking handsome,” you tell him, trying to reach down to slide two fingers in deep. He gently thwacks the back of your hand, shaking his head at you affectionately.

“Be good, Angel. Be my good Angel. I know you need more, and you’ll get more soon. But I’m not done.” Soft lips press just above your ankle and he slowly, teasingly, works his way back up your body, alternating from side to side. You’re praying for him to dip his tongue into you as he goes, just to give you something, but he skips from your upper thigh to your hip.

His breath moves in a slow, arching path along your stomach, and his eyes are fixed on you. As he moves up your body, he finally allows himself to touch your breasts. You're breathing hard, he’s throbbing and hard, and his fingers are so soft as he traces around each nipple. “Soon, Angel. I’m so close to being done.”

Your heart is racing still and you genuinely think you might come from his touch if he keeps going. Tracing and teasing, rolling your nipples in between his fingers. When he ducks his head down to suck one into his mouth, you cry out and twist your legs around his waist. He’s trying to control himself, but the feeling of your wet heat against his erection is getting to be too much.

Gasping, he wrenches himself away from your breasts, squirming up higher to nuzzle another delicate path from your collarbone to your jaw. He’s adjusted so he’s no longer pressing against your entrance; now his heavy cock is resting in the dip of your hip bone, pulsing between your bodies. You wiggle against him and you can feel the beads of precum rub into your skin.

Your head is spinning, your mouth is dry, and if he’d just kiss you, you know you could come. He meets your eyes and you whimper. Strong hands frame your face and he moves close, lips just barely brushing yours. You press closer and he pulls back, keeping the distance the same. You can feel the electricity between your mouths; you’re honestly not sure if you’re touching or not.

“I love you,” Brendon tells you again, and you could cry in relief when he shifts again. You can feel the slick, smooth pressure of the tip of his cock against you just for a split second. He’s teasing himself now; he’s got his hips drawn back as he runs his hands through your hair. “Can I have you, Angel?”

“Yes, please, yes,” you moan, scratching at his shoulders and back. When he finally, finally kisses you the way you both love, your eyes roll back in your head and he takes the moment to slide in deep. It’s like your first kiss all over again, sweet and tender with an underlying current of tension and rapture. The two of you are clinging to each other; your legs are high over his waist, and he’s thrusting hard, panting against your mouth.

“You were so good,” he murmurs in between ragged breaths, groaning when you squeeze around him and arch up to suck at his neck. “You were so damn good for me. Letting me tease and explore - fuck, you are so wet…” His head falls back and his pace increases. You twine your arms around his neck and clutch him closer.

“You’re such a tease,” you whine, dragging your nails down his back and relishing the hiss of pleasured pain that he gasps against your neck.

“I am, but it’s worth it, isn’t it? To have you feeling like this?” He’s genuinely asking, and you nod. He grins, a triumphant, exhilarated expression, and you buck your hips up, taking him deeper. “You’re gonna make me come,” he warns, his forehead against yours and your lips moving together idly. “I’m gonna come in you.”

“Do it,” you whimper, using every ounce of strength to keep rolling up into him. His hands, his glorious hands, come down and curve under your ass. He firmly lifts you just an inch or two, but he’s so much deeper and at the perfect angle. You think your entire body is going to explode and you can’t even speak from the blinding pleasure that is overriding your senses.

“You gonna come for me?” The question is groaned into your mouth and you nod, digging your nails into his shoulder blades. “That’s it baby, hold on tight and come apart on my cock. You know I love how you scratch me up. Come for me.” He throbs inside you and you shriek, relinquishing one hand to grab his head and force his mouth firmly down to yours.

“Bren, now!”

It’s a piercing squeal and your hand still situated on his back makes one long path down to the base of his spine as you tremble and shudder under him. You can’t manage any other words, just panting breaths, save for one long whimpering moan when he bites down on your neck and pulses into you. “Good girl,” Brendon groans, thrusting hard and going deep. “My best girl, my love, my Angel, making me come.” You’re quivering under him, scratching and begging him to keep going, and when he’s given you everything he can, he slumps down over you and you wrap your arms around his neck.

His breath is heavy and warm against your shoulder, and you hold him as close as possible, wanting to meld your bodies together.

“How is my best girl?” His voice, when he speaks again, is exhausted. You nuzzle into him, purring that you feel so damn good, so full of him and so relaxed. Brendon smiles and kisses the top of your head. “Good. Wanted to take care of you.”

“Oh, you did,” you assure him, letting him roll you both over so you’re face to face on your sides. “How are you?”

“Blissed out. Boneless. So fucking turned on by you.” He grins a little and you smile, kissing him.

“I think…” you pause for a moment. “I think I could be on board with a repeat.”

He arches an eyebrow. “Even though it was such a terrible tease?”

“It was,” you agree. “But I’ve never come that fast or that hard, and it was worth it.”

Brendon makes a thoughtful sound, closing his eyes. “I’ll keep that in mind. My dirty Angel likes to be thoroughly touched and teased and explored before she gets fucked.”

“Shit, Brendon…” you moan, using your foot to catch the edge of the blanket. “Don’t start talking dirty. I’ll wanna go again and neither of us are capable of that right now.”

He grins sleepily against your neck, pressing warm kisses there. “Maybe I’ll wake you up like that tomorrow,” he promises. “Make you come again hard and then order room service. Yeah…” he yawns a little, snuggling closer to you. “Maybe I’ll wake you up like that.”

“Not if I wake you up like that first,” you mumble, laughing when you feel his lips part against your neck. “It’s my turn to touch, baby.”



She reads, writes, teaches, reads some more, and daydreams.

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