Top 3 Reasons Why Egg Masturbators Are Better Than Hand…

by Steve Fernandes 2 months ago in sex toys

Advantages of Egg Masturbators

Top 3 Reasons Why Egg Masturbators Are Better Than Hand…

We all masturbate—and without exception.

Most of the time, it’s “tension relief” that’s more comfortable than sex. You do it alone, as you wish, and without adapting to a partner’s needs.

And since we do it so often—we need to optimize that experience.

That is, instead of using our hands, why not use a sex toy? Why not get the assistance of a best male masturbator?

Below, we’ll answer those questions. We’ll look at the three advantages you get from using a best male masturbator.

After that, we’ll provide a recommendation to get you started!

First—It’s Clean

Semen is sticky, no doubt. And washing it off presents a fair share of problems…

First, it takes a while to remove. And it takes a few minutes of “rinsing and soap” to clear away all use.

This is where a best male masturbator can help. It keeps your hands clean, ensuring no semen gets on it, thus making cleaning flawless.

Plus, it’s also clean for your surroundings. After all…

Less Semen Spills.

A male masturbator fully houses a penis. It has no holes, nor does it have any leaks.

And this means semen doesn’t spill on the floor after an orgasm. And it means less sticky mess to clean up after you’re done.

The entire load gets blown and stored in the masturbator. From there, you can wash the toy at your own leisure!

Second—It’s More Intense.

Masturbating by hand doesn’t cover the entire penis.

As a result, the experience feels less intense/holistic. You don’t get maximum stimulation from masturbating. Nor do you get the strong finish you desire.

But with a male masturbator—all those issues are fixed.


Many masturbators are egg-shaped.

Why? Because an egg masturbator is designed to fully house the penis. With an egg masturbator, the full penis is covered by-hand!

Each stroke fully stimulates you. And you gain pleasure from masturbating in ways that normal methods do not!

There are many other advantages of egg masturbators.

They tend to be soft and malleable, yet stretchable.

A good egg masturbator is made from body-safe TPE. This gives you flexibility on how tight you want to grip. It also lets you masturbate at whatever pace you wish!

Plus, the toy is more resilient. It lasts you longer, and you can use it for longer periods of time!

Third—Easy to Lubricate

With traditional masturbating, you ran the risk of “lubrication drying out.”

That is, you needed second or third fills of lube to keep going. And that’s because “lubrication dries/evaporates” fast from the skin.

But with a best egg masturbator, you don’t get those issues.

You can stuff the toy with lubrication, ensuring you never run out. And nothing will evaporate or dry upon use!

Perfect—But where do I get a toy?

Simple. Just get your best egg masturbator from SVAKOM.

They have a perfect model to suit your needs. That would be the SVAKOM Hedy, a simple toy that provides maximum personal pleasure.

Plus, it fits all of the previously mentioned advantages.


This brand has over seven years of experience in the sex toy market. It provides all kinds of top quality toys, and at affordable rates.

It’s a place to shop at once, twice—and for as long you wish.

Plus, it doesn’t just sell masturbators. It also provides a wide collection of vibrators, remote control toys, and cock rings.

You’ll find an amazing lineup of products to customize your sexual experience. And the SVAKOM Hedy is just one of them.

So be sure to visit the SVAKOM website, and learn more!

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