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Top 10 Sexual Fantasies According To The Discovery Channel

With Commentary By Me Of Course

By Jessica BuggPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Top 10 Sexual Fantasies According To The Discovery Channel
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Everyone has their own fantasies. Some of them you will get to play out in real life eventually and some, well are even more fun left to your imagination. Fantasies range from the mild to the extra hot spicy. Fantasies have a great benefit to your sex life as they can assist with higher sexual desire and better orgasms, who doesn't need both of those? 

Men usually fantasize very graphically while women, according to experts, have fantasies more related to touch and sensual scenes. 

Today we are going to take a look at the Top 10 Sexual Fantasies as compiled by the Discovery Channel and as usual, I'm going to add my own bullshit. 

1) Role Playing

This is where we find the naughty nurses, the french maids, the men dresses as police officers and firemen (in the battle between the police and the firemen, the firemen ALWAYS win IMO, and this is coming from someone who once got a tour of a fire training academy and well you know, earned some extra credit). 

I love the role play. I think it gets people out of their comfort zone and can make sex more enjoyable. Plus who doesn't like to get dressed up? 

2). Fucking Your Boss

This fantasy centers around exactly what it says . . . fucking your boss. It is actually a power play scenario and is a fairly common fantasy. This is one that I have never had but I also have never actually had a real office job so that may be the problem. Now I do however, LOVE a nice business suit and some power play that way so maybe I do have the boss fantasy too. 

3). Forceful Sex

Now we used to call this a rape fantasy but then we couldn't say that anymore which I think is justified but many, many women have fantasies of being dominated in a very forceful way. I like to go either way with this alternating between the two but I can def see in an era where men can be a little TOO accommodating, it's nice to fuck with an asshole.

4) Cross Dressing

This fantasy goes both ways but is primarily a male fantasy, especially amongst "hetero" men who would never cross dress in a traditional setting. But in their fantasy they are able to do that in a safe way. I think as society is becoming more open (ie the judgmental people have been forced to shut the fuck up because we are all tired of it) this fantasy is going to become even more prevalent not only in the bedroom but in the grocery store. 

5). Mile High Club

Now I personally have never done this but would like to. The Mile High Club is where you are having sex on a plane. I would prefer a private plane but a commercial one will do just fine. Now, this writer may or may not happen to have a good friend who worked for an airline who said one of the most common things he had to do was "inform passengers that this was not a Mile High Club plane". I need to pay better attention the next time I fly. 

6). S&M

Experts according to the Discovery Channel, say that most couples will incorporate some form of S&M into their sexual play at some point. Ranging from just a nice spanking to a full on dungeon. It's like having a spice cabinet at the house. Everyone has one but some have more spice than the other. 

7). Exhibitionism aka Sex In Public

This is the fantasy of engaging in sex in public settings or situations. This fantasy may involve being caught or the possibility of being caught, but they somehow get away with having sex and avoid being in trouble. I like it. 

8). Hetero People Fantasizing About Members of the Same Sex

This one is super common, so common. Again, I am referring to people who are described as hetero-normative and would never consider play with a person of the same gender . . . except when it comes to bedroom fantasies. I think it is great that we are finally recognizing that even the "straight" people aren't exactly straight. 

9) Voyeurism

This is where you watch other people have sex or people watch you have sex. Experts say it is therapeutic and that voyeurism appeals to people who want a more risque experience but with more safety. I give this one a thumbs up for me . . . as long as you are watching of course. 

10). Threesome

Yep, the three way. Whether it is MFF or MMF, this is the most prevalent fantasy for most of society and it is because of the perceived additional pleasure that is added by the extra person. Now some people will find that the fantasy may trump the reality of a threesome. One of my friends even got a nosebleed when he was having his first one. 

So there's the Top 10 Sexual Fantasies according to the Discovery Channel. I think they are off to a good start.


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