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Top 10 Craziest Sex Scenes on 'Sex and the City'

by WatchMojo 4 years ago in tv review
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'Sex and the City' featured some of the craziest and most scandalous sex scenes on TV.

Sex and the City was ahead of its time in many ways, but most certainly the way that its characters were fully realized sexual women. Here’s our countdown of the "Top 10 Craziest Sex Scenes" from the iconic show—whether it's Samantha’s tryst with Mr. Cocky, Harry and Charlotte's coupling, Sam taking a student's virginity, the guy who could only have sex in public or the infamous jackrabbit—this series had something for everyone.

Season One saw Samantha fall in love with James, a man with a tiny penis. She tried to make it work with him, but simply couldn’t, and the following season met his polar opposite. After a chance encounter on the street, Sam was instantly attracted to a man whose confidence was overwhelming. When she found out the source of his cockiness, however, she was thrown for a loop. This scene is hilarious because fans couldn’t imagine Sam being confronted with a sexual situation she couldn’t handle.

This isn’t one of the most explicit entries on our list, as we don’t get to bear witness to the act itself, it’s still one of the most shocking. While going through her divorce from Trey, Charlotte hires divorce lawyer Harry Goldenblatt. He’s brash, he’s bald, and he’s sweaty—just about the opposite of everything Charlotte ever imagined she wanted in a man. When Harry confesses to Charlotte how he feels about her, though, something comes over her and she takes advantage of the opportunity.

In a memorable guest star appearance by Will Arnett, Miranda meets a man at a bookshop who shares her love for lengthy biographies. The two hit it off, and at first Miranda is thrilled by the fact that Jack seems to get turned on by having sex in places where they might get caught. They hook up in a private courtyard and in the back of a cab before Miranda begins to worry he won’t want to sleep with her in private. The situation culminates with the two having sex at his apartment, and when his parents walk in, he just keeps on going. Ick!

Samantha Jones begins her day receiving phone calls intended for another “Sam Jones” and decides to investigate. Her search brings her to the NYU dorms, where she finds that her namesake is an awkward student who becomes obsessed with her after their first meeting. After discovering that he’s a virgin, she decides to take him under her wing and teach him the ropes. Given the student’s age and inexperience, their sex scene is one of the most cringeworthy of the series—and that’s really saying something.

Because of a clause in her contract that prevented Sarah Jessica Parker from appearing nude on Sex and the City, her character participates in far fewer raunchy sex scenes than the other girls. This one, though, is truly one for the books. Carrie agrees to give Harry’s best man Howie a chance, figuring it can’t be so bad. But she’s proven terribly wrong when she’s subjected to awful “jackrabbit” sex that leaves her with a serious back injury at the wedding the following day. Big thanks to Carrie for teaching ladies everywhere that you do not have to put up with that.

In this episode, the girls take a trip to Staten Island one to judge male firefighters in a competition for an annual fundraising calendar. Sam takes a liking to one of the models, and tries to live out her own firefighter fantasy. Things don’t exactly go as planned, but she still manages to make the best of things. When an actual fire breaks out, though, she is left neglected (and likely embarrassed!) alone at the fire station. It’s okay, though, as it didn’t seem like things were going to work out between her and this guy.

When Miranda starts sleeping with a man who is training to run a marathon, it seems like she might have actually found a great guy. She is shocked, however, when he initiates something in bed that she wasn’t quite expecting. When she brings it up with the girls over lunch, they all encourage her to go with it, but even Samantha maintains that she should NOT have to return the favor. The next time she sleeps with “Marathon Man,” however, he makes his desires pretty obvious. The scene is pretty hard to watch, but Miranda’s frantic cry of “I don’t want to do that,” will never not make us laugh.

Alexander Lumley is an investment banker that checks all of Charlotte’s boxes. He’s rich, handsome, and seemingly very sweet. All that changes, however, when they get into bed together and she realizes that every time he climaxes, he says terrible insulting things to her that just don’t jive with her Park Avenue pedigree. The funniest part is that when she asks him about it, he doesn’t have a clue what she’s talking about. While she tries to fix him, it seems that his outbursts are some kind of uncontrollable reflex that Charlotte will definitely not put up with.

After Charlotte has a date fall asleep while he’s making love to her, she decides to take matters into her own hands and make sure she will never bore someone in bed again. She signs the gang up for a tantric sex workshop taking place in someone’s apartment, and they soon realize that it won’t be a simply theoretical course. While the instructor is performing her “presentation,” the girls are totally mesmerized and can’t seem to look away from what’s happening in front of them.

We were never expecting Samantha to settle down, but when she met sexy waiter/actor Jerry Jerrod (aka Smith), we knew she was with someone she could really get serious about. Before that, though, they had their first roll in the hay together, and in the span of one night managed to cycle through pretty much every sexual position in the book—as well as some that didn’t even make the cut. One of their other memorable scenes is in a few episodes later when they’re trying out a bit of role-play and things get incredibly steamy.

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