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Tomorrow will never come again

Tomorrow will never come again

By ANGEL HUFFPublished about a year ago 3 min read

My friend, tonight I say goodbye to you, how many times and how many times, your eyes silently asked me, Echo, your future how to live? Are you going to be okay if you leave like this? Can you? Can you?

Looking at your pitiful eyes, my stomach immediately began to colic, I also gently in his plea - - don't pain, don't pain, don't pain has no end?

Tomorrow, is an inescapable thing, I have no way out.

I can't answer the question in your eyes. All I know is that I have a stomachache, so I cover my stomach and don't say a word, because the pain is real.

How many times, you say, although I fly in the sky, full of confidence and thoughtful looking up his head, face swinging smile, but, in the light, my eyes can not hide a secret, my eyes, flashing just full of stubborn tears, and, that a sea also like deep love story.

Tell me, Echo, would you ever live alone? I want to ask you, have you ever heard of anyone, in this world, who did not live alone, die alone? Who is it? Please tell me.

And you said, don't forget to write and tell me in detail how your days are going, because someone is missing you.

There is no need to write, my dear friend, to tell you now that I am going away and returning to my home, where there is the sea, the empty sky, and the beach of sorrow where the wind always blows.

Behind the house was a deserted field of neighbors that only appeared on holiday, a place where people could walk for two hours without being seen, and where the seagulls never stopped crying.

What will my life be like?

I will wash clothes, mop the floor, pipe my bonsai, make my bed the same. Once in a while, I'd go to town and talk to people while I was shopping, go to the post office box, and hope to hear from you.

Or perhaps, when the weather is fine and the mood is calm, I will fly to the last island, buy a handful of flowers, and sit in the quiet evening where Jose lies.

There was no more Amityville. The worst was over. There was nothing more. I just have a stomachache sometimes, and when I'm eating alone, I can't keep some food down.

I have told you that when twilight comes, I will lock the doors and Windows carefully, and I will no longer dress up in the daytime, because I know very well that yesterday's style will only increase their insecurity today, so my long skirt, will stay in the box.

I said I would get a big Wolf dog and a hunting gun, and if anyone ventured into my garden without my permission, I would kill him with my gun.

Say this sentence, you shocked, you love dearly, you just know, Echo tomorrow is not fun, you said, Echo, you still come back, I have been to you come back.

My friend, I would like to ask you one more thing that has already been asked. Is there anyone who does not live and die alone in this world?

Youth companion, I have had, is grateful, is satisfied, no regret.

Besides, when night came, I closed the curtains and locked myself in my room, safe from going out to see the stars in the night, for I knew that there was no constellation in which I could find the name I had called in my heart.

I turned on the warm floor lamp and sat back against the soft red cushions in my big rocking chair. This was my home. It had always been my home. I sit down, clean my harmonica, try a few notes, and then, in the silence of the room, I still play my favorite song ———— Sweet Home.


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