Tommy’s Tiny Problem

by Brandi Payne 11 months ago in fiction

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Tommy’s Tiny Problem

One day as Tommy was on his way to work, he noticed a beautiful young woman sitting in the car next to him. He thought that she was beautiful and even a little sexy. His mind began to wander sexual thoughts until the streetlight turned green and she pulled away never to be seen again by Tommy. It hurt his feelings somewhat because he was a twenty-nine-year-old man who has never once kissed a girl or even had sex. Yes, Tommy was a virgin, but not by choice.

He tried to have sex a few times but because he had such a tiny penis, the women made fun of him and he never got the chance to pleasure them in any other way. Even when his penis was erect and hard as a rock, it was still too tiny to pleasure a woman.

So, he went to work brokenhearted and did his job like he does every day. There are plenty of women who he works with, but he has never brought up the subject in fear of being made fun of. While doing his job, he overheard some of the women talking about a woman there who enjoys big black penises and tells her story of adventure all the time.

For a minute, Tommy thought about it and then felt his penis begin to swell. He had never thought about watching a woman with a large black penis, but it did seem to arouse him. Maybe he could find this woman and set something up for him to watch instead of participating? This excited Tommy to where he could feel another erection coming on.

During and after work, Tommy searched for this woman. He found her on the other side of the plant he works in and paused because he didn’t know how to approach her. He stood there for a few minutes before walking over to where she was standing. She was there with a couple other women and they were discussing her last experience sexually.

Tommy walked over and listened before asking her if he could talk to her alone. She agreed to and after her conversation with the other women ended, she walked over with Tommy to a quiet and private location. Tommy began explaining how he overheard the conversations she was having and began asking her questions like why did she like large black penises?

She began telling him how good they tasted and felt inside her. Then, her curiosity piqued as to why he was asking her these questions. Tommy explained his life to her about not ever having sex because of his tiny penis. The woman became interested even more in his conversation with her.

After explaining everything and Tommy becoming embarrassed telling her these things, she agreed to allow him to watch her next escapade with a large black penis. She gave Tommy her phone number and address and told him when to be at her apartment. Tommy was thrilled and appreciative to her for the opportunity and thanked her before walking away.

A couple days later when Tommy had the evening and next morning off, he decided to give the woman a call and make sure everything was going to go as planned and she told him yes. Tommy hung up his phone and ran into his bathroom to shower so that he could be clean standing there in her bedroom naked while he watched her with that huge black penis.

After the shower, he got dressed nicely to make a good impression and grabbed his keys heading out the door. He got into his car and pulled her address from his wallet and inserted it into his GPS. He didn’t want to get lost or miss the opportunity of a lifetime. He was set and ready to go and started up his car pulling out of the driveway.

He drove for about thirty-five minutes before reaching her apartment and parked the car. He got out and did a once over to make sure he was ready for this endeavor. He walked up to the door and rang the bell. The woman answered it wearing a see-through nighty and some red heels to match. She invited him inside where he was met with a tall black man wearing a pair of tight jeans and shirt that showed off his muscular physique. He was very polite and shook Tommy’s hand. The woman had already explained everything to the black man as to what was going to happen and he was okay with it. After closing the door, the woman walked into the kitchen and brought out drinks for everyone. They headed back to her bedroom with drinks in hand and before Tommy knew it, the black man was already getting undressed and that is when he saw the massive bulge in the black man’s shorts underneath those jeans.

He could feel his penis start to jump and knew that this event was going to happen right in front of him. He waited until the woman brought him a chair to sit at the foot of the bed to get a good view. Tommy sat down with his drink, but before he could get comfortable, she was asking him to take off his clothing as well.

Tommy hesitated for a minute and then began taking his clothing off. He stood in front of her completely naked and she walked over to inspect his tiny penis. The moment she reached down and touched his testicles, Tommy was rising for the occasion. He sat down as the show was about to start.

Tommy watched enthusiastically as they both climbed up on the bed and the woman slid the shorts off the black man. Tommy looked closely as he could see this massive black penis that had a rather large mushroom head on it. The woman took off her nighty and the games began. She was very attractive under her clothing and just by seeing her naked, Tommy was getting swollen and erect.

She stretched her mouth over his huge mass and went as deep as she could go which took most of his black penis. While she enjoyed her lollipop, the black man was reaching around and fingering her wet vagina. Tommy could hear her moaning as she sucked a little harder with intensity.

He could see her pink vagina from the angle that he got and then she climbed over the black man and placed that wet vagina right on top of his face. He began oral sex on her while Tommy looked on. Tommy noticed how aroused she was becoming as she began sliding her wet vagina back and forth against his face.

Tommy tried to control himself by holding onto his tiny penis while watching the couple have some fun. Slowly he began stroking it while she turned around and slid her pink vagina down on top of his mushroom head. She let out loud moans as he watched her guide that huge black penis inside her. It was so arousing to Tommy that he began stroking his tiny penis.

There he was with a tiny penis masturbating while this white woman was enjoying her massive black penis as it penetrated her. Up and down she went and Tommy could see how wet the large black penis was becoming. Soon her juices began dripping down that large black shaft and Tommy stroked faster. He could not help himself and it didn’t take too long before he was ejaculating his load into his hand.

The woman was getting loader wither moaning until she climaxed at the same time that the black penis ejaculated his load deep indie her. Tommy looked on as sticky white cream was sliding down his shaft and then he pulled out of her and she remained on her knees where Tommy could get a good view of her semen-filled vagina.

Then she threw a curve ball at Tommy and got off the bed and walked over to him. There she stood completely naked and semen filled in front of him. She took his hands and fondled her breasts with them. Tommy began to get another erection in front of her and then she knelt taking his tiny penis and placing her mouth over it. She was still aroused and wanted more.

She took Tommy’s penis and sucked on it while the black man was getting dressed and watching. The woman slid her mouth all the way down his tiny shaft and Tommy felt like he had a vacuum attached to his penis. She sucked so hard and long that Tommy ejaculated deep inside her mouth. Once he was done and she had removed all his semen from his tiny penis, everyone returned to getting dressed.

Tommy got dressed and then finished his drink before thanking her and walking out the door. He walked down to his car with a huge smile on his face, possibly larger than that black penis he just saw. He could now say that he is not a virgin anymore, and that made Tommy very happy.

Brandi Payne
Brandi Payne
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