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To please yourself is successful

To please yourself is successful

By Felipe PenaPublished 4 months ago 10 min read

I've always been ashamed to be your sister. Because I haven't been a good role model until now. But I'm going to work on it from now on, maybe I've been working on it for a long time, but today I want to tell people about it and write a paper that will inspire you and inspire me.

In my memory, I was not a good sister when I was young. All say that rural children as early as home, from our small, parents are not around to go out to work, we are brought up by grandparents. I also don't like the childhood life, looking at other people's children are mom and dad to take care of, care. I am tired of this kind of no parents in the side of the day, so every time you cry sister sister, I am not around, I ran far away, to play games with other people's children, just don't want to talk to you. I just want to, in addition to my own cooking, take care of themselves, no parents love, these is not enough, why I have to take care of a brother? At that time, I was in junior high school and you weren't studying yet.

By the time you are in elementary school, I am in high school. All through high school, I boarded at school, and at that time I went home almost twice a month. You went to school, you had your own life, you came home to your grandparents, you didn't need me anymore, you didn't cry for your sister. When you grow up, you begin to do your homework, play well with your friends, and sometimes fight with your cousin because they fight for delicious food and fun, and don't need my help. At that time you love "Greek mythology" "Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales", but I did not buy you any books, also did not care about you, even what books you read I do not know, just remember at that time you at least love reading. At that time, you were naive, lovely and ignorant. Although you no longer cried, you were attached to my parents and grandparents.

Then you went to junior high school and I went to college. I was farther away from home, and so were you, off to boarding school at the start of junior high. You left home when you were younger than I was, and started taking care of yourself at school, studying alone. Even though you live with a distant relative and have kids from the village go to school with you, being away from home must be more than I faced when I was in junior high school. I sent you to school once in a while, after a hot summer vacation, the beginning of a new school year, I sent you to school, our brother and sister carrying a lot of luggage on the car, uncle came to see us off, to buy us a lot of fruit, also asked a lot before the car. After an hour's drive, I arrived at your school and helped you to lift your luggage off the bus. I asked if you could carry so many luggage by yourself. You say you can handle it, and start striding along. I waved at you, and I said, well, I'm off, and I'm taking care of myself at school or something. Then the bus started for the station, and I caught a ride in another school bus heading for me. At that time, I did not think of, send you to school, and then help you settle down, help you buy some delicious drink, ask your classmates to care about your life. Maybe if I cared a little more, our feelings would not be so distant now, should be a little deeper. Then in the third grade, you began to rebel, the teacher said you love to go to the Internet bar. I think you are uncomfortable and unhappy, so I went to see you before your high school entrance examination, take you to relax, do some of the responsibility of being a sister. You had a stutter when you were little, and it hasn't completely changed until now. I think I should have taught you well from a young age, not to laugh at you, and told you not to be nervous about speaking. Maybe now you will be completely free from this problem.

Now, you're in high school and I'm in graduate school. I call you more often than ever before. Every time I am full of positive energy, I will call you, because I begin to feel that relationships really need to be well maintained, whether it is family, friendship or love. Because I began to feel that the road I have gone through the things I have experienced, not to say how much help to you, at least can let you as a reference reference, help you to take some detente. I have a lot of ideas to tell you. I hope your high school life is happier than mine. No matter whether it is in the Olympic class, we never want to have more cattle, because when you out of the society, you will find that there are always more cattle than you. So what we should do is to be happy and cherish the moment instead of trying to escape from this life every day, thinking it's a hardship. We're looking for a true Gentleman. You don't have to be a Gentleman to be cool every day. You don't have to be a gentleman to be cool every day. You don't have to be a gentleman to be cool every day. I want to tell you how to pursue and become a Gentleman. So I'm going to set an example from now on.

We should all strive for kindness and filial piety. Since my work, I know colleagues and friends, their home side of the custom is to give red envelopes for the New Year, to the elders and the younger generation. I didn't think it was anything, more of a ritual. But now, I think it is necessary, at least it represents our hearts, no matter how much or little at least shows that we still have a care for our loved ones in the heart of a place. How much we make money, but our mind is not money can decide, kindness, filial piety and respect for elders should be our quality, if we do not do so, do not often remind ourselves, in case one day we quietly changed the face of the beast, bull and horse face black and white, I am afraid it is too late to regret. So I want to take my filial piety when the New Year, to the home of the younger brothers and sisters (cousin 2, cousin 2, cousin 1, and you) each package a red envelope, to the home of the grandparents a small red envelope, coax them old people open happy.

We should all strive for positivity. Nine out of ten things happen in this world. We just have to think about it. Our parents are alive, healthy, hardworking, and our family is happy. It doesn't matter if the family is poor, as long as it is happy; It doesn't matter if you don't get good grades, just try your best. If you want to hurt people without resignation, in fact, you want to be happy and happy without reason. So no matter reading or work, we should actively to meet the challenges, in the face of difficulties. It's better to face the truth than to avoid complaining. I taught you not to compare yourself to others, but always to yourself. It was also a reminder to myself that in order to live happily, I had to stop the never-ending, never-to-win comparison. I taught you to get along well with your classmates and rely on your friends when you go out. In the future, you will finish high school. Those who once fought for the college entrance examination together may be your future life comrades in arms. Don't take good grades as the enemy, they should be comrade-in arms, and excellent people learning together should be a kind of glory rather than suffering, don't abandon grades than you bad students, no matter how good or bad others, with others, out of society, not just look at the results. I am also teaching myself to be kind to others and to myself. I hope we all take a fair and objective attitude to life, so that we will not be unhappy; May we all have a positive and brave heart to live, so that there will be no fear.

We should all strive to be indifferent to fame and wealth. We live in a big family (there are five brothers in our father's family, which is a big family of siblings). Our parents inevitably love comparison, care about money, hope for the child to become a dragon, a woman Chengfeng. Often in our ears chanting is, who who who home daughter earn how much money to marry how good, who who who home son is much cattle, their success does not say also take the family out big fortune. Even my mother has recently started to talk about the need to let us go out earlier to make money, and studying has not helped much (see the recent hot post on Zhihu discussion: click here). Yes, our parents didn't read as much, they suffered more, their minds went with the flow, their expectations of us went up, and we should be considerate, not blaming, for not being considerate, for being too snobbish about money, for not being so good parents, Blame them even forget the original intention of sending us out to study. But what of it? Their original intention has finally been achieved, because we will not waver or blame them, we are more understanding and tolerant. That's the real change, the change they want. Reading alters not only our ability to be rich (for we shall certainly be richer later, though we are not now), but also our minds. We become generous, sensible, indifferent to fame and wealth, and ambitious. Isn't that what they want? Yes, that's what we want, and our struggle has just begun. Change is never easy, so instead of blaming them, we should try harder to show them that our hard work pays off. We should be more tolerant and even bring them to a family thinking change. That would be the real disruption. We firmly believe that each person has only one life, a man's life should be spent in this way: when he recalls the past, he will not regret because of wasted years; He will not be ashamed of doing nothing, and when he dies, he will be able to say: All my life and all my energy have been devoted to what we want to accomplish, and I have lived happily.

Therefore, our efforts are urgently needed. We should be indifferent to fame and wealth, regardless of the troubles, and strive for a good day and night. Otherwise wait until the day, the son to raise and pro not to stay, the son to change and pro see.

Today, I said everything I wanted to say. I am very happy with my progress, and I will keep reminding myself with these words to motivate myself. And I hope you're moving in the right direction. I hope you will not be trapped in the past and not afraid of the future in the upcoming senior three career. Your QQ signature says that it is being developed by excellent students. When I saw your signature, I knew that you must have made a decision to work hard. I am happy for you and proud of you. I only hope that my words are the accelerant for you to move forward. Or that sentence: outstanding students need to focus and insist, and then find a way to make the process become easy and not depressed, work and rest, don't be too hard on their own, outstanding student brother.

Comrade Xiaoping said: education should start from the child. Although you are no longer a little baby, you are still a big baby in my eyes, so it is not too late to start now.


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