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Tie me to the bed, bind me to you

By Clementine LipsPublished 5 years ago 9 min read
Credit to Montylov via Unsplash

Why do sex shops always have to look so... dark and cringy? It's like we are still in the 70s or something. They make me feel dirty just by stepping inside - I said while we crossed the door into one of them.

- I guess people still think they have to hide what they like. I just come to get what I need, I don't mind what it looks like - my partner answered.

We paced around a bit, exploring. We wanted to introduce some toys in our sex life, you know, to spice it up. Or rather, I had decided to give that a try; Elisa was pretty knowledgable in that regard. As always, I felt like there wasn't much for me in there: porn videos with women that looked like they were more in pain than in pleasure, gigantic dildos which definitely would not fit inside me, blow-up dolls... I already had a vibrator at home that served me fine, but Elisa was always looking for new stuff to try and wanted to have something for the both of us, so here we were.

Credit to David Len via Unsplash

We drifted apart in the shop. I went to the costume section and she continued to search for an updated vibrator. I still didn't see anything for me here. My eyes wandered aimlessly, seeing everything, but taking in nothing.

Oh, hold on. I went back a few steps. Something in a dark red colour had caught my eye. I stroked it with the tips of my fingers. I had a weakness for this material: silk dresses, blouses and scarfs lined my wardrobe. I introduced my hand through the hole at the end and pulled it towards me. The silk tightened around my wrist. Oh, so that's what it was for. I looked at it in more detail. It had two holes, one for the arm and another one for whatever you wanted to be tied to.

The softness of the bondage helped me decide. I was taking this home. The image of myself with my legs wide open on our bed, all my extremities restrained by red silk scarfs already had me moist down below.

I went to the counter. I'm ashamed to say how much I paid for this, so I won't mention it. I will only say, it was definitely worth it. Surprised, Elisa came over and tried to pry into my bag to see what I had bought. I kept it tight shut, just to tease her. I took her hand and led the way out of the shop. We were going home; I needed some tending to.

The underground was crowded, so we had to stand close together. As the people on the train increased, we got nearer and nearer. Elisa was still trying to get a hold of the contents of my bag, thinking that she was being discreet about it. But I felt like it should be a surprise, so to distract her I started kissing her. I covered her lips with mine, I teased her with my tongue. People were trying to move away from us, but there wasn't much space, which made it even more enjoyable for me.

I had effectively shifted Elisa's attention when we finally got to our stop. Although we had been hugging in the underground, I was already aching for Elisa's touch again, specifically under my clothes, but we still had a long walk to our door. I knew I wouldn't be able to make it without a petting session. Fortunately, it was dusk outside, the perfect time for lovers. When we exited the underground, I put my hand in the back pocket of her trousers and walked on briskly. I pulled Elisa into a sideway we knew well and kissed her again. Not that it was any darker than the main street, but I guess it gave us an illusion of privacy. I avidly pushed my hands under her T-shirt and was glad to find that she wasn't wearing a bra. She laughed against my lips and in a whisper she asked:

- What is in that bag? It's been ages since you were so uncontrollable - she smiled at me and stroked my face. With a finger on my chin, she led me to her mouth again, her tongue circling my lips.

We kissed for longer than the walk home would have taken, but the immediate reward of indulging in Elisa's body had a stronger pull than having to wait to take all her clothes off. We felt like hormone-riddled teenagers again. Our hair was all over the place; our lips were sore with desire. Maybe she was right and it had been a long time since I was so responsive. Maybe I should have given sex shops a chance and been more open to try new things.

Credit to Tim Goedhart via Unsplash

Finally, my sexy parts told me that I should get a move on and get to the bed, so we resumed our journey home. Elisa unlocked the door and ran to the toilet. She always insisted in peeing before having sex and although it could be annoying when you were in the middle of getting to it, it now proved very helpful. I undressed completely and tied the red restrainers around my wrists and ankles. I got myself in position just in time. Elisa came back into the room and saw me sprawled on the bed, the red ribbons pointing towards the bars at the corners of our bed. Although it might seem from our behaviour on the street that I am usually the leader in our rendezvous, Elisa loves to be in control when we are having sex. And I have to admit that I am more than fine with that.

So, basically, I had just given her green light to take control of my body. I could tell already that she was excited about the turn the evening had taken. She quickly tied my two wrists to the bed and turned me over so that I was kneeling on all fours on the bed. She moved to take care of the other end. While she twisted the silk restraints around the end posts of the bed, I rejoiced in my position. I loved being defenceless with her. She pulled on the scarfs just enough so that my legs extended and restricted my movement; I could only push my pussy off the bed with my hips. Just enough so that she could slip her hands under me and lift me up from behind.

She jumped onto the bed and positioned herself between my legs. She caressed them, gently but firmly, up until she reached my butt. I could imagine the pleasure painted on her face. She loved my legs, and she always relished their sight and their touch when the cold season started. The meaty flesh of my buttocks moved with her touch, gripped between her fingers. She raised my hips slowly pushing me up from my ass. I admit it wasn't the most comfortable of positions with my head on the pillow and my neck bent at an angle, but I didn't care. My entrance felt exposed and that made me wet beyond measure. I willed her to touch it. I could feel her eyes staring at it hungrily. Now that she had me where she wanted, she let go of my butt and moved down with her fingers, stroking my labia. A shudder went through me. I lifted myself higher, as high as I could go, offering myself to her.

She roamed around my entrance with the tip of her finger. With each circle, she increased the pressure until I couldn't stand the tension anymore and had to plunge her finger inside me. The restraints on my wrists limited my movement considerably, but I used them to support myself as I moved back onto my knees. Balancing in this position, I lifted and lowered my hips rhythmically on her finger. The single finger became two and then three. I brought my legs together at the thighs so that I could rub myself against them, squeezing all the pleasure I could get out of the situation.

But then her finger abandoned me. I whipped my neck around. What the hell? I saw her rummaging in her bedside drawer, where she kept all of her toys. My drawer instead had a book, tissues, my headphones and my sleeping mask. Our priorities were clearly different, but we made it work. She took out her favourite vibrator, the one with an extra nub to stimulate the clitoris.

She went back to her position behind me and pushed my back gently downwards so that I had to curve back to my previous position. I heard the silent buzz of the vibrator coming to life. I tried to turn around to see what she was doing, but she was right behind me, and I could only see the end of her feet at her side. The sound dimmed at the same time that Elisa sighed, so I gathered that the little moving artefact had gone into its owner. I felt her moving around behind; I guessed that she was trying to hold it in the proper position against the bed.

Then her finger was back, this time moving further up to my pleasure button. She came closer, her head between my buttocks, and I felt the touch of her wet tongue on my lips, gently pushing them apart again. I was so ready that all this gentleness was getting on my nerves. But, finally, she plunged into me with her tongue. She pushed against my walls, and I could feel her lips engulfing as much of me as she could get. I was defenceless against her and could only stay there, legs open and back curved, letting her taste me. I ached to be let loose so that I could touch her, but I also relished to be tied even tighter, absolutely unable to move, as if I were a toy; her toy.

She pushed against my buttocks to reach further up and stroke my clit with her tongue. This proved quite uncomfortable for her, so she turned over and squirmed her way up to be right under me. Able to easily reach now the places she desired, she stretched her hands to grab my breasts, while she licked the wetness from me, the vibrator still going wild inside her. She avidly kissed my lips and sucked on me. She could fully immerse herself in me now, and she was exploiting that as much as she could. I couldn't help but moan and move (as much as the restraints allowed me) on top of her. I was coming closer and closer to climax, and she knew it. She was doing some hard-core licking down below and was now touching herself and moving the vibrator inside her. I could only feel this since I could see what she was doing underneath me, let alone behind me. But I have a very vivid imagination and just hearing her moan under me was enough to picture her face wild with pleasure. I remembered her orgasm face, the one I'd seen many times, but that still triggered my own orgasm each time. With a throaty moan, I came holding tight onto my silk bonds. I heard her cry out soon after, her voice muffled by my body on top of her.

Credit to Sharon McCutcheon

She stayed there for a few seconds. My arms were starting to feel the ache of their stretched out position as the sex adrenalin wore out. Elisa stood up and stroked the curve of my back up to my shoulders. She liberated my wrists and helped me up from my kneeling position. She kissed me long and hard, the last remnants of desire stuck between our lips. She then disentangled my legs from the ties so that I could sit normally again. She got the computer from the desk and brought it to the bed. It was time for our traditional Netflix and chill, cuddled together under the sheets.


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