Three's A Crowd

by Fantasia Crimson 2 months ago in roleplay

(Polyamorous smut)

Three's A Crowd

A petite fairy - barely reaching four feet, eight inches and one hundred and twenty pounds - hung her feet off the side of her lifted queen mattress. She tied her short, dirty blonde hair into a ponytail. The young woman pulled up the rim of her skirt and adjusted her breasts. “Oh, I’m so nervous.” Her voice is just as small as her frame. “This is so silly. I’m not sure I still wanna do this.” She turned to face Gregor, a seven-foot tall ogre.

“Yumi, sweetheart, don’t overthink it so much! Roleplaying is supposed to be fun.” He spoke in the least threatening voice he could for her. “If we can’t all relax and crack a couple laughs, there’s no point. I can always call Valentine and tell him you aren’t up for it right now if you want.”

Ah, yes, a relationship of three. This polyamorous bunch have been together for almost a year now. Perfect time to spice things up in the bedroom, right? Yumi would play the role of a cheating wife, getting banged by some buff ogre when - BAM! - the husband unexpectedly comes home early from work. The two ogre men teach her a lesson for being a cheater, etc. etc.

“Well, when you put it that way…” the young fairy turned around and hovered where she was face to face with Gregor. “Maybe I should stop chickening out of this and just go for it.”

“Hey! That’s my girl!”

Yumi wrapped her arms around Gregor’s head and gifted a quick kiss.

“Valentine gets off rather soon. I wanna have you soaking wet before he arrives.” Greg clasped Yumi’s waist with his overly large hands and pulled her close.

“Better hurry, then. Clock’s ticking babe.”

“Don’t mind if I do.” Gregor kissed the small lips before him. They were so soft, so moist. So irresistible. He pulled Yumi’s shirt off and stuck his tongue between her large, firm breasts. Greg tossed her bra to the side, squeezed one boob and suckled the other.

“Mmm, you were hungry as hell, weren’t you?” Yumi teased.

“I always am for you, sugar.” His trail of kisses suckled loudly against the fairy’s soft skin. He worked his way down to her skirt. “Time to stretch you out, little lady.” Gregor put a thick couple of fingers between Yumi’s thighs. He licked the fairy’s plump breasts as he pulled her panties to her ankles. Yumi opened her legs as a finger teased her lower lips. After pulling off the rest of her clothes off, Gregor held the hovering delight by her waist. She gasped as the meaty fingers stretched her vaginal walls.

“Ahh, yes,” she sighed. Tension escaped her body as the fingers thrusted back and forth. “Mmm, your hand is so big,” she moaned.

Gregor chuckled. “All the better to fuck you with.” He sped up his finger action.

“Th-That’s so cheesy, Gregor.”

“You seem to like it.”

The lovers smiled at each other. Greg used a hook hand to penetrate Yumi’s G-spot. She threw her head back and flapped her wings more quickly. The ogre held his woman by the waist. “And where do you think you’re going, little lady?” He spoke over her moans. “I’m just getting started.” Gregor held Yumi’s waist tighter and jammed his fingers in and out in long strokes. Yumi breathed more heavily and moaned louder. She clutched the hand around her waist until her fingers turned white. Greg penetrated as deeply as he could, banging her cervix. Juices from her vagina soaked the ogre’s entire hand. Yumi screamed with pleasure.

After a minute or two of giving all he could with the strength in his arm, Gregor pulled out. He looked at Yumi seductively and licked the secretion off his hand. “I think your pussy is wet enough now.” Gregor pulled Yumi down to her feet. She struggled to stand without a tremble.

The ogre unzipped his pants, and out popped a veiny, oversized cock. The damn thing’s as long as Yumi’s arm. Greg picked up the fairy and turned her back to face him. “Lean over for me, babe.”

As if on cue, they heard the front door slam. “Perfect timing,” said Yumi. She bent over and spread her legs apart. Greg’s thick dick made its way inside the small girl. Her breathing quickened as she got stretched wide open. He held Yumi’s waist and pushed 90% of his erection inside the drooping coochie before him. Yumi moaned in rhythm to his thrusts.

“Fuck, your so tight,” Gregor grunted. The fairy only got louder as the movements increased. Her breasts clapped her upper stomach loudly.

“Honey, I’m home!” Yumi wanted to laugh at Valentine’s husband act, but she struggled to stop gasping for air long enough to do so. Soon enough, another large ogre male entered the room. “Hey! Who the hell is this?”

“Ah! Val! I’m sorry!”

“Save it.” Valentine stood before Yumi as she was being fucked like a dog. “That’s my girl you’re banging, punk!” Val almost sounded convincing.

“No, she’s mine!” Gregor growled. He groped Yumi’s voluptuous breasts and continued to pound her kitty into oblivion.

“No, I married her! Therefore, she’s mine!”

Gregor pummeled faster to show dominance over her body. “That’s too bad. I wouldn’t be here if she didn’t want me!”

Yumi struggled to pay attention with the large cock destroying her insides.

“I don’t care what you think, she wants me more!”

“Says who?”

“Says my bigger dick, that’s who.”

Valentine quickly lowered his pants to his knees. An erection almost identical to Gregor’s stood up less than five inches away from Yumi’s face.

“Guys, guys, listen!” The ogre men stopped literally measuring dicks to pay attention. “I’m sorry but, I want you both…”

“Hmmm… you hear that, dude?” Gregor asked, pulling out. “She says she wants us both.”

Valentine vigorously rubbed his hands together and concocted an evil smile.”Yeah, lady knows what she wants.” Val grabbed the base of Yumi’s ponytail. “So let’s give it to her. Teach her a lesson for being a whore.”

“Wait, wait! What are you guys gonna-” Yumi suddenly had a mouth full of cock. Val pulled her head back and forth almost halfway down his shaft.

“Ha, yes!” Gregor slammed his cock back in as far as it would go. Yumi screamed through a mouthful. Both men penetrated her holes as saliva and vaginal juices spewed outward. Tears streamed down her hot cheeks when Val shoved his dick down her throat. “How ya liking all this big fat ogre dick now, huh?” Val asked. He turned off his acting face for a second to send a concerned look. Yumi gave a thumbs up.

“Yeah, take that you filthy slut!” Gregor laughed evilly and slammed her tight, soaking little pussy with all his strength.

Yumi fluttered her wings until she was just barely reaching from their grasp. Both ogres held her down. “Nuh-uh, little lady. You’re not escaping this one,” Valentine taunted. Yumi coughed all over the cock and balls she devoured. Her muffled screams grew as Gregor began fingering Yumi’s ass. They stretched the limits of every hole this little woman has. Yumi’s screams of pleasure echoed through the entire house.

After several minutes of hard banging action, Yumi squirted all over the bed. “Aww, look. Poor little slut made a mess,” Greg said proudly. “Think she’s learned her lesson yet?”

“Nah, of course not. I bet she’s not even tired yet.”

“You’re probably right. If anything, we should kick it up a notch.”

Yumi’s eyes grew wide in terror. Both men pulled out and quickly moved onto phase two. Gregor slipped himself into her asshole as he sat upright. Valentine sat with his legs propped between his lovers so he could slide all nine inches of his dick inside her vagina. Yumi only coughed up slobber, unable to protest. It’s not like she wanted to anyway.

The ogres balls slapped together as they slammed in and out of their little princess. The fairy squirted like a fire hydrant and screamed at the top of her lungs. She drooled all over herself. Her holes being stretched this much without tearing shouldn’t be physically possible. The men were right about one thing: she truly is their fucking slut. No doubt about that now.

“You think it’s time yet?” Asked Greg.

“Almost,” Val panted.

Yumi trembled in a seizure-like manner and came once more.

“Okay, now!” Both men proceeded to fill her body with assloads of cum.

They all soon laid down together. Right before they all passed out from exhaustion, Valentine said one last thing. “I guess that’s enough of a lesson… for now.”

Fantasia Crimson
Fantasia Crimson
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