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A lady is seduced in the moonlight by a gentleman. She has her fill, and so does he.


Slowly, into the cool, icy night she walked. The lack of moonlight making the night particularly dark, but the gas lamps filling the cobbled streets with a dim glow in patches. Her heeled red shoes clicked on the paving slabs as she walked, in a somewhat hurried pace. Her dark shawl clenched tightly around her shoulders, and flowed over her breasts and down her back, flickering gently with the breeze. The all too short dress totally inappropriate for how cold it was in the dead of this night, clung to her slender figure, and where it did not cover, she was awash with shivers and goose-pimples. Her pale skin was pricked, and tender, but still she hurried on, not a doubt in her mind. Tonight, was the night. She was on cloud nine, ready to meet her love at the pre-arranged location. All too soon she turned a corner, and headed between two solid stone buildings, into a dark alleyway, with only the stars high above to illuminate it.

Sheepishly, she whispered “Are you here?” The silence was deafening to her ears. Again, she repeated herself, a little louder this time, “My love?”

A figure stepped out of the darkness and into what little light there was. The tall, muscular figure of a man clothed in an elaborate ornate black cloak, and top hat, was startling to her, yet exciting at the same time. “You are late,” said the figure, gruffly.

“I…I…I’m sorry my love,” she stammered out, her heart pounding in her chest. She was terrified of ever disappointing him, because she knew all too well that he did not take kindly to this.

“Very well, little one,” he said, slyly. He beckoned her forward towards him with his hand, reaching out towards her and gently brushing her face. With the other hand, he parted his cloak to make space for her to cuddle up close to him, for warmth. “You’re freezing, my pet. Come, come warm yourself.” She obeyed, and then thanked him for sharing his cloak with her. Nevertheless, she noticed that even his skin was freezing to the touch. Maybe he would warm up, given time.

Out of nowhere, a rat scurried between two piles of miscellaneous trash, the lady shuddered a little, but was held tighter by her male companion.

“Why do you insist on meeting here, of all places, my love?” she asked. He grinned a devilish grin, showing off his dazzlingly white teeth.

“You wouldn’t want to get caught, my pet, would you?”

“N…No. I guess you’re right, darling.”

“Are you ready, my pretty?” said the man, intensely yet seductively.

The lady, unable to form a sentence, simply nodded yes, and then leaned back into the wall, a bead of sweat out of nervousness and excitement dribbling down her forehead, and suddenly she felt much warmer, knowing what was to come.

On seeing her lean against the wall, the man leaned in towards her, and tilting his head down, met her lips with his own, in a deep, sensual, passionate kiss. He put his right hand behind her head, and his left hand brushed gently on her breast, feeling her very hard nipple and pinching it just a little. Slowly, he slid his tongue into her mouth, and at the same time, slid his hand down, and underneath her skirt, up into her underwear. She moaned intently as she felt his icy cold fingers touch her most sensitive of places, and the shock hit her, but was quickly replaced with pleasure, as he began to finger her, slowly. All the while, his tongue probed into and out of her mouth, as she sucked on his mouth, and he on his, in a deep and sensual kiss, his hand behind her head gently stroking her hair and her feeling completely at ease.

For several minutes, they continued to embrace, and kiss, and he slowly increased the pace of his fingering; then, without warning, he plunged two fingers inside her. She gasped, and audibly moaned as his fingers entered her, but both were stifled by the intensity of his kisses. He began slowly at first, and then increased speed, and she realised she was ready, and able, she just needed his permission.

“You can cum, my darling,” he whispered, as he slid his head down from her lips and gently began kissing her neck. The lady shuddered as she reached the plateau and felt herself getting closer and closer to orgasm, and just as she was about to reach it, he sunk his sharp, engorged teeth into her neck. In the intense, body rocking throes of orgasm, she felt him sucking the blood out of her throat, the heat of which, warmed his whole body, including his hands, and a trickle or two escaped from his waiting mouth and dribbled down her neck. Slowly, either through pleasure, or a lack of blood, she began to feel faint, and as her orgasm subsided, she started to slide slowly down the wall. He grabbed her by the waist and held her up, sinking his teeth deeper into her neck, and sucking harder on the crimson nectar that was now flowing forth from the wound. She moaned once more, then blacked out with a drained, but happy smile on her face. Now that he had had his fill, he slowly laid her down onto the ground, and wrapped his cloak around her.

“Very good,” he whispered to her, before stalking off into the night, gently sliding his fingers into his mouth one after the other, and sucking the last taste of his pet from them as he went.

The Lady, unconscious but satiated, lay slumped in the alley for the rest of the night, the cloak keeping her warm, while the puncture wound in her pale neck slowly dribbled a mixture of saliva and blood onto the cobbles below her…

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