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This is Why Moose Poop Paper is Taking the World by Storm

by Rui Alves 2 months ago in product review
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You won't believe how much moose poop paper costs these days

This is Why Moose Poop Paper is Taking the World by Storm
Photo by Zac Durant on Unsplash

Did you know that moose poop paper is a thriving business in Sweeden and that Americans are gobsmacked by it and will pay top dollar per sheet?

Please read on, this story will pique your interest if you’ve ever wondered about some of the world’s strangest uses for poop.

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear about handmade paper is probably the smell of ink and freshly cut trees.

But what if we told you there was a little more to it? A lot more, in fact — more than you ever imagined.

The world of handmade paper is as strange as it is interesting, bizarre, and exciting, especially when discussing moose droppings… Yes, indeed! And, no, this is not a joke.

You see, moose are not only one of the most prevalent animals in Sweden but also one of the most prolific poop producers on the planet.

In this story, I’ll explore what moose poop paper is and how creators are looking into ingenious ways of crafting art out of waste.

Let’s look at the curious and unusual world of poop-made paper.

The making of moose poop paper

This peculiar niche product is manufactured from dried moose droppings that are finely ground and processed into a pulp.

The process starts with drying the droppings under controlled temperature and humidity conditions.

After this, they are cleaned up via steam cleaning, bleaching, and finally drying again to create a firm pulp that can then be processed into different paper types.

How moose poop paper became the new hype

It sounds bizarre, but there is demand for this unusual type of paper in the United States.

The first time I heard about Swedish moose poop paper was on a video about one of the world’s most expensive cheeses.

Did you know that we can get up to fifteen sheets of paper every time a moose goes potty?

Magnus Nilsson has a moose farm and produces both products. The Swedish chef explains in the video how collectors in the United States will pay around $150 per sheet of paper because of the product similarity with papyrus. The final product has a faintly dark hue, a smell of bark, and a lovely texture.

Practical uses for moose paper

Since moose browse rather than graze, their droppings are made entirely of cellulose, making this type of paper an eco-friendly alternative to standard paper as it doesn’t require any water or caustic chemicals for processing.

Moreover, it has several practical uses, including packaging, artist’s canvas, and wall covering.

Several Swedish institutions have been using paper from moose poop for years. Now you can even find it outside Escandinavia, and the product has grown in high demand even in the United States.

If you’ve ever wondered how moose droppings can be transformed into paper, this story is for you.

Moose dung gives us everything from absorbent pads to notebooks. In other words: moose poop paper is truly renewable and sustainable.

A creator makes art from moose poop

The potential of moose poop for collectors and creators is incredible. If you have trouble believing, let me tell you about Tirdy Works, a reality TV Show that aired on TNT On May 5, 2020, and how it became a successful creative business.

Mary Winchenbach has risen to fame as a moose poop artist. Her farm in Maine has everything she needs to make her unique art. Mary collects the stuff her mooses leave behind and lets inspiration do the rest. Clocks, key chains, earrings, and even her very own “mooseltow,” there’s a bit of moose waste for every occasion.

Concluding remarks

When the Europeans first started sailing to North America in the 1600s, they brought some interesting things. The explorers brought flocks of sheep and goats, pigs, and cows. It’s a process that Swedes still own today — but instead of bringing farm animals, they are shipping out poop for a profit.


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