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The Wolf and the Virgin

by Lawson Wallace 9 days ago in fiction

Love can set you free

The Wolf and the Virgin
Photo by Sam Beasley on Unsplash

 They didn’t need to wait for a full moon, they ran whenever the mood struck them, but it was such a beautiful summer night they couldn’t resist it. Alex drove the SUV down the lonely country Highway, not another car in sight just Alex and his wife and mate Liz. “A good night for a run.” He said as he reached with his right hand and stroked Liz’s thigh.

She placed her hand on top of her husband’s and squeezed. “It sure is babe. I hope we find a deer or a wild hog. That would be exciting.” She smiled as her stomach rumbled. “This looks like a good spot.” Alex nodded agreement as he turned off the highway onto a gravel road.

“It sure is hot tonight,” He said as he drove a mile down the road, with the tires kicking up dust that obscured the woods. Alex stopped the car in the middle of the road and killed the lights and engine.

The sudden quiet was soothing, they sat together, hand in hand as they listened to cattle lowing and other animals stirring in the trees. Without a word, they quietly got out of the SUV and walked to the rear door. Alex opened it, and they began to slowly take off their clothes.

They walked to the shoulder of the road and stood hand in hand, then they looked at each other and smiled. Without a word, they took off running for the tree-line. A man and a woman ran toward the trees, but two wolves entered the forest.

They hunted together silently, catching and eating voles and rabbits, anything they could catch. Never satisfied; they heard the crying of a calf, and quietly crept toward it.

Eva sat at her desk, in her upstairs bedroom of the two-story house that had been passed down to generations of her family. She was pouring over her freshman History book. She had a test the next day and she never failed a test. She was never satisfied with anything less than an A. “College is the only way out of here.” She thought as the dogs started barking excitedly, and then a calf screamed.

She ran to the bedroom window, and opened the curtains, forgetting that she was only wearing a nightgown. “Ma and Pa would have a fit.” She thought with excitement, and a little rebelliously. She quickly sat back down at her desk when she heard Pa outside her door.

Pa never missed an opportunity to open her door, especially at night when he knew she would be in her fifties- style nightgown and robe. He opened the door without knocking, she was not allowed to have a lock. “Something has upset the dogs, I’m gonna run whatever it is off.” He stood there and leered, making Eva’s skin crawl.

Eva clutched her robe tightly around her neck, trying to cover as much skin as possible. “Might be a deer, or bear, that always riles them up.” She answered as her pa gaped at her. He shifted uncomfortably as he turned to go.

“I’ll be back later.” He ran to the stairwell, and went downstairs and grabbed a shotgun from the gun-rack in the living room before heading outside.

Ed racked a shell, then he pulled a flashlight from a pocket of the over-all he was wearing. He slowly walked into the pasture, where they heard was mooing loudly and running everywhere. He cursed when he saw the two huge wolves tearing apart a dead calf. “God Damn it.” He muttered as he put the shotgun to his shoulder and fired.

One of the wolves cried out, then fell on its side, writhing in pain. Ed racked another shell but froze in shock when the wolf that was un-injured picked the other wolf up in its jaws and ran off into the night. “What the hell,” Ed yelled in disbelief. He made to follow the wolves into the forest, but his feet were rooted to the ground in fear.

It took Ed several minutes to calm down, and when he did, he was still shaking as he slowly walked back to the house. He walked through the door, and placed the shotgun back in the rack and, went to bed speaking not a word.

A crying Alex carried the body of Elizabeth back to the car, where he quickly got dressed and placed his wife’s body in the trunk. He wiped the tears from his eyes as he got behind the wheel and sped down the road.

As he drove, he called the pack leader on his cellphone. The pack leader said he would call an emergency meeting, and he told Alex to bring his wife’s body to his house, and park in the garage that the pack leader would leave open. Alex hung up the phone and sped to the pack leader’s house.

The pack leader, a prominent Heart Surgeon, lived with his wife, an Interior Decorator and Alpha-female, in a large Townhouse in a Gated Community in the suburbs. Alex drove into the open garage, where the pack leader waited to close the overhead door.

“Dr. Eric Johnson a tall, well-built African-American in his fifties, walked to the back of the SUV and opened the door. “Damn, what a mess.” Let’s get her out.” The Doctor had spread a plastic tarp on the garage floor. He and Alex picked up Liz’s body and gently wrapped her in the tarp.

“I’ll get a couple of pack members to dispose of the body and a few more to sanitize the car. Just don’t worry about a thing, we’ll handle it.” Eric put his hand on Alex’s shoulder and guided him into the house.

The Doctor’s living room filled with pack members, while Alex sat in his chair nursing a scotch that Irma, the doctor’s wife poured for him. His eyes were red and swollen from weeping and rage. When the pack was seated, Dr. Johnson called the meeting to order.

“One of our members was viciously murdered tonight, Dr. Johnson turned to Alex and nodded. “Alex, I am truly sorry this happened, and the pack will do anything in our power to help you. What’s your plan?”

Alex’s grief turned into a cold rage, there was steel in his voice when he answered. “I am going to kill that cracker farmer and eat his liver. I might kill his family in front of him, just for fun.” He smiled when he pictured the carnage.

“As you know.” The pack leader answered. “The pack has police officers and detectives, and coroners and doctors. You have our full support. We will help with any cover-up you may need.” Alex nodded his thanks, then he outlined the plan he had been working on.

He made sure he was well-fed before he quietly approached the farmhouse. The cattle lowed restlessly, but not enough to wake the humans that were asleep in the house. The werewolf walked around the house noting where all the doors and windows were. When he came back around to the front of the house, he had the feeling of being watched.

The werewolf looked up, there was a light on in one of the bedrooms, and a teen-aged girl in a bathrobe was standing at the window watching him. “I do need a mate.” He thought as he sat and watched the girl in her old-fashioned night-dress. “She’s curious, and she doesn’t seem afraid. Let’s see how this plays out,” he thought, as he looked the girl in the eye and bowed. He then sat and waited.

She watched the werewolf for almost an hour, before closing the curtains and going back to bed. “I’ll come back tomorrow night,” the wolf thought as he turned and headed back to the woods and his car. As Alex drove home, he smiled in anticipation as he thought of the murderous plans he had for the farmer and his family.

The wolf was at her window every night for a week when Eva finally got the nerve to quietly sneak outside. She walked to where the big animal was sitting waiting for her. When she was almost close enough to touch him, then the wolf sprang up and ran toward the tree-lined and stopped and watched the girl. She followed the wolf to the tree-line, then she stopped and shook her head, and turned around, and headed back to the house.

It lasted for several nights, the wolf would wait, looking at the window until the girl parted the curtains. He would bow, then he would sit on his hind-quarters and raise a huge paw toward the window and whine softly.

One night he waited, but she never came to the window, she came out the front door. She had been crying, and she had a black eye. “What do you want?” she asked through the sobs. “I wish I was free like you are.” Eva sat on the ground and covered her eyes her body wracked with sobs.

The wolf stood up, then he slowly approached Eva and nudged her with his nose, when she looked up the wolf turned to walk back into the woods. He turned to see if she was following when he saw her still sitting there, he whined and bowed, then he came back and gently took her hand in his mouth and gently pulled her to her feet, then he walked toward the tree-line making sure she followed him.

When Eva and the wolf were well away from the farm, the wolf stopped and turned around looking Eva straight in the eyes, while they stared at each other Eva stifled a scream as the wolf started to change.

Alex stood naked before the shocked girl, covered in blood and gore his wolf skin in a bloody pile at his feet. He reached behind a log, where he hid a towel and his clothes and slowly started to clean himself.

“Why didn’t you wake up your old man?” he asked as he stood there naked, wiping the gore from his body. “It seems like an unnatural thing, a giant wolf staring at your window, obviously wanting something, I figured your old man would come out and kill me like he did my wife.”

As Alex talked, he watched as the fear slowly left the girl. She relaxed, and as she calmed down, he could see the wheels turning. “you want to kill pa, that’s why you been hanging around? Cool, but what does that have to do with me?” She asked distractedly as she looked at his naked body.

“I need a mate, and I wanted to give you the chance to be with me and live, or die with your family.” Alex answered, and why do you think that’s “cool?” He looked at the girl’s black eye and guessed the answer.

“Ma is a fat slob, Pa doesn’t want to touch her, so he has been looking at me funny lately. He keeps coming to my bedroom after I get ready for bed. He just stares, but I’m afraid he will lose it soon, and I don’t want to lose my virginity to my pa. What do you mean, by being your mate? She asked as her face flushed a deeper red.

“Do you live, or die tonight?” Alex thought as he told the young girl exactly what to expect. “It means you will lose your virginity to me.” He answered as he watched for any reaction, all he saw was a calculating teenager, working it out.

“You will be my mate for life, and you will run with the pack.” The pack is huge, he added answering the unspoken question. “We have members of all walks of life, we can set you up with a new identity. You will be free.”

She stood there for several minutes, before answering. “I’ll think about it, will I see you tomorrow night?” Alex smiled inwardly.

“I’ll be here, meet me at this same spot; and pack a bag of clothes, because if you come out tomorrow night, you won’t be going home.” The girl nodded, then turned around and headed to the house.

Eva went to school the next day, she hardly paid attention in class and she ignored all her friends. When the bell rang that afternoon, she hurried home and did her best to stay invisible, but it didn’t work. “Eva, get me a bowl of ice cream,” her ma screamed, Ma was sitting on the sofa, because her huge body wouldn’t fit in a chair.

The television blared, giving Eva a headache as she hurried to the kitchen to get the ice cream. “Where’s your backpack?” Ma asked as she shoved a heaping spoonful of Butter Pecan into her mouth. “You care more about school than you do the farm or your family.” Ma snarled as she swallowed. I’m surprised you don’t have your precious books with you.”

“I just wanted to take a break,” Eva answered, as the sound of a tractor’s engine could be heard in the backyard. Eva headed for the stairs, as her pa walked in the back door, slamming the screen door behind him.

“Probably a boy got her attention.” pa said as he headed to the kitchen to get a glass of iced tea. “I wish you could have had boys. I sure could have used the help.” Tears welled in Eva’s eyes as she ran up the stairs.

Eva helped with dinner, setting the table, and placing the bowls of food on the table. “Be careful with that.” Ma would scold as Eva’s shaking hands spilled gravy on the floor. “Can’t you do anything right?” ma grabbed a dishrag and bent to wipe the gravy from the floor.

Eva ate silently, not listening as her parents talked about the cattle and the crop. She tried to ignore the looks her pa snuck at her. “What is love like?” she thought sadly, “I can’t remember getting kissed goodnight, or either of them even reading me a story.”

She helped her mother clean the kitchen and headed to her room, where she packed some clothes in a backpack and lied on the bed, waiting for her parents to go to sleep.

“Pa must be tired,” she thought as she stood up and shrugged on the backpack. “He hasn’t come to the door to drool.” Eva shuddered as she walked to the bedroom door and crept down the stairs walking through the living room and out the front door.

“We don’t even know each other’s names.” She said when the huge wolf met her in the clearing. Eva watched him change fascinated.

“My name’s Alexander, but my friends call me Alex.” Alex slowly bent and reached for the Gym bag he hid behind a fallen log. He reached in and grabbed a towel and cleaned himself, wiping away the gore.

“My name’s Eva, I’m only sixteen years old, too young to be anyone’s “Mate”. Her skin turned a bright red, and she squirmed as she watched the naked man clean himself. “How do I become your mate anyway?”

Alex smiled when he answered. “I take your virginity, then I bite you hard, then I take you home with me, then we wait. It will take twenty-four hours or so, then you will change. We will come back here before then, we change here in the woods, then we go to the house and kill your parents.”

“You’re so casual about murder,” Eva said quietly. “Do werewolves eat people a lot? It seems like it would be on the news if they did.” As Eva talked, her eyes never left Alex; finally, she couldn’t take it anymore, she quickly started to undress.

“Too easy.” Alex thought, as he grabbed the girl and threw her to the ground.

Alex resisted the urge to speed down the Highway. “Wouldn’t be good to get pulled over, with a sleeping under-aged girl with a huge bite on her shoulder.” He thought with a self-satisfied smile. “She is a pretty girl.” He thought as he turned for a glance at the sleeping girl. He gently reached to run his hands through her blond hair.

An hour later, Alex pulled into the driveway of the townhouse he used to share with Liz. “This will be an adjustment for both of us.” He thought as he opened the garage door with the opener attached to the visor. He parked the car in the garage, then he picked up the sleeping girl, and took her to their bedroom.

He put on the bed and undressed her. “Damn, she’s burning up.” He went to the bathroom and grabbed a washcloth, then he wetted it with cool water from the tap, then he went back to the bed and undressed Eva, then he wiped her gently with the rag as she started to shake.

The tremors lasted all day, and into the night as Eva’s body adapted to the changes in its DNA. It was around 9:00 that evening when she finally woke up.

“She’s beautiful,” Alex whispered, as Eva stirred and opened her eyes. “Hey, sleepyhead.” He said as he ran his hand through her and bent to kiss her on the lips. “I bet you’re hungry.” Alex pulled the cover off Eva’s naked body and took her hand and pulled her to her feet.

She stretched and yawned, then she put her arms around Alex’s shoulders and they kissed deeply, then they fell on the bed in each other’s arms; an hour later, “What’s for dinner? Eva asked as she sat up and put her feet on the floor. I’m craving meat, raw meat.”

“I like to hunt in the woods, by your family’s farm. We can go out there if you are comfortable with that. He wondered if it was too soon, but Eva surprised him. She smiled an evil smile that he would come to love.

“Can I eat pa’s liver?” she asked with a gleam in her eyes. “That would be a rush.” She put her arms around her mate and gave him a deep kiss. When they pulled themselves apart, she looked at him expectantly.

“What have I done?” Alex thought as he laughed out loud. “You can eat whatever you want. Livers are particularly tasty, I’ll eat your mom’s, it might be too fatty though.” They laughed as they got dressed, then they got in the car and headed to the farm.

The Alpha male crept to the front of the house and waited for his mate to get in position next to the front door. When she was ready, the male wolf raised his head and howled. He kept howling until the lights came on in the house and the old man stormed out the front door, shotgun in hand.

The Alpha male sprinted away from the house and hid behind a tree, the female didn’t hesitate, she lunged for the man that was her father and ripped his arm from his body, then she tore out his throat.

They killed the old woman together, then they fed on the bodies. When they were finished, they laid together on the floor of the living room, too sated to move. When they were well-rested, they changed back into their human forms.

They took a shower together, then they ran shivering outside to where they hid their clothes and hurriedly dressed. “I’ll get the gasoline out of the Barn.” Alex said, “Then you go to the house and pack some clothes, and anything else small you want to keep, then we burn the house down.”

“Okay baby.” Eva cooed as she reached up to wrap her arms around him, then they kissed before she ran giggling into the house.

Alex poured the gas throughout the house, then he poured some gas into a paper cup and placed it in the microwave on the counter. He then blew out the pilot light on the stove and he and Eva ran for the car.

Alex introduced Eva to the pack; she fit right in. The pack welcomed her with open arms. They partied into the night until they started getting hungry. “I want to go on a hunt.” Edward proclaimed as he put an arm around Rita’s shoulder. The pack cheered excitedly, as they went to their cars because that night they were hunting humans.

Eva growled in pleasure, as she dug her bloody snout into the wino’s body, where there was a gaping hole in his chest cavity. The pack had spread out in teams to feed on street people and anyone else they could find.

Alex and Eva enjoyed a happy life together, Eva with the help of the pack, changed her name and earned her High School Equivalency Diploma. She got a job as a waitress, and she went to college to study nursing.

In time, the pack grew by one, when Eva and Alex had her first child, a boy they named Stephen. They hunted together often, and they all lived long and happy lives.


Lawson Wallace

Sixty-one year old married guy, currently living in South Carolina. I live with my wife twenty miles outside of Columbia. I write about my personal experiences and anything else I can think of.

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Lawson Wallace
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