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The Wizard's Sex Spell

by Zeddicus Zane 3 months ago in erotic
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Summoning the Succubus

The Wizard's Sex Spell
Photo by Dalton Smith on Unsplash

The protective circle and star are drawn

Tonight’s activities will require less brawn,

And they will not end until we see dawn.

I pray, Selene, goddess, hold back the yawn.

Selene. Hecate. Diana. Goddesses of the moon,

Allow your power to imbue this stone rune.

Tonight I will dance to your delightful tune.

As the veil between planes will lift soon.

Lining the circle are rose quartz in pink

Pink candles at the points flicker and blink

With hibiscus, passion, in this spell will sink

I, now, light this hibiscus to complete the link

“Come forth from the veil,

Swift as the winter gale.

Let me be your alpha male

To arouse and fuck you well.

Come forth devilish succubus.

Let us cause a gigantic ruckus.

Your whips and chains a plus,

I’ll take your pain without fuss.

Come forth mistress of the night.

Let us mingle under the moonlight.

Until out goes the candle’s light,

We shall embrace love’s painful bite.”

The spell is complete and now it’s time

My fingers running up your bare spine

And caressing your body that’s sublime.

Making your blood pressure climb."

Your hands and neck I will tightly bind

Covering your eyes to make you blind

Activating the runes, power I will find

To which, the sex will blow your mind

Your pussy and guts will be realigned

Your ass will be stuffed from behind

By now you are overflowing with lust

With multiple orgasms on the very cusp.

Your squirming is now kicking up dust,

But first, whipping you, I really must

And butt plugs, inward, I shall thrust

My hands to your thick hips will pass

As I slowly, softly kiss your round ass.

Your moans and begs come in mass

As you feel my dick as hard as topaz

I put you on your back int he cold grass

Your legs shake as you’re still bound,

But your pussy my dick has now found.

You scream for me to squeeze and pound,

But I want you to be more tightly wound

As the creatures begin to gather around

You can feel my dick throbbing inside

As I slowly slide from side to side.

I bite your neck that is tender and tied

The blood drawn will soon be dried

The teasing has left you shaking and weak

You are barely even able to whisper or speak

But you have now reached your euphoric peak

And your puss begins to squirt and outward leak

This is the wonderful part I did originally seek

You lie motionless and voiceless on the ground.

This is where I forcefully squeeze and pound,

As the hands of time go round and round.

It is almost time for your orgasms to abound.

I stop just before you are about to release

For your eyes must be on me when we cease.

I unbind you and lay you on a blanket of fleece

So that now I can finish you on my knees.

I grab your thighs and pull you to me

Our eyes locked is the soul fire’s key

Intertwined fingers there will be

As we passionately fuck by the sea

The rising sun tells of time that is spent

So your shoulder I bite while over bent

Into your cup, my seed is forcefully lent,

As your hard orgasms are finally sent.

I bid you farewell back to where you came

I banish this spell and release you by name

Thank your for the passionate sex game

Next year I shall summon you for the same.


About the author

Zeddicus Zane

I am an engineer and reiki master. I write stories and poems across various genres.

IG: @zeddicuszane

Twitter: @ZeddicusZane

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Excellent work. Looking forward to reading more!

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  • Angelina F. Thomas2 months ago

    I need to work on spelling and typo's too. For instance "int he" versus "into the" have good day.

  • Angelina F. Thomas2 months ago

    hot dang. whew. great work!

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