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The Weekend Pt 7

by Jo. Schmidt 2 years ago in erotic
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One weekend. From Friday at 6PM until Sunday at 4PM. $1,000,000. But what is going to happen to her in that time?

The second time Rachel woke up, the clock on the nightstand read 10:23 AM. Though she wouldn’t have minded laying back under the covers with Tristan, she heard her stomach groaning in hunger and decided to leave Tristan in bed as she went to find herself something to eat.

Hopping out of bed, Rachel retrieved the silk bathrobe from the floor of the bathroom where she had left it, then quietly left the room, trying not to wake Tristan with the sounds of the door opening and closing.

Rachel forgot how large the villa was and it took her a while to find her way back to the kitchen. She eventually found it after finding and following the tile flooring that led her back to the massive open-concept kitchen and living area.

Walking over to the fridge, Rachel found a loaf of bread. In the cabinet, she found a toaster and a jar of peanut butter. After toasting 2 pieces, she spread the chunky peanut butter onto the warm whole wheat bread, filled herself a glass of water, and took her breakfast on a plate out to the patio where she could sit in the sun.

Even though it wasn’t even noon yet, it was already warm out and Rachel sat on one of the comfortable pool chairs and ate her breakfast on this beautiful June morning.

The silk strap of her robe had loosened and when she leaned down to place her empty plate on a side table, one of her breasts fell out of the robe. She quickly grabbed herself and covered her breast with the silk fabric, then tightened the robe around herself, feeling embarrassed of the accidental fumble. She was so used to using the common pool at her condo complex that her brain automatically assumed there were people around, but as she looked around the area, seeing there was no one else there besides herself, she loosened the grip she had on the tie of her robe and laughed to herself for being so worried and embarrassed.

She began to relax in the chair, knowing she was completely alone, leaning back on the pool chair. She started wishing she had a swimsuit she could use to get an early workout in. The pool at her complex was always so crowded, she could never use it to swim laps or anything as there were always so many people in it.

Wondering how much longer Tristan would be asleep for, she thought about just stripping out of the robe and swimming around naked. She was alone after all. But despite the events of the past 15 hours and having spent the majority of it naked, the thought of being caught by Tristan did make her a little nervous. She decided if she was going to agree to Tristan’s terms of being his personal escort, she’d bring a couple of her bikinis here to keep for mornings like this.

She was glad of her decision not to go into the pool when less than 5 minutes later, she heard the glass door of the villa sliding open and she looked over to see Tristan, also wearing his robe, walking towards her. “Good morning,” he said, as he approached her, kissing the top of her head, then sitting down in the chair beside her.

“What’s left of it,” Rachel said, smiling. “I usually don’t sleep in this late.”

“Me either,” Tristan told her. “But I also don’t usually have sex that much in one night.”

“Yeah,” Rachel laughed in agreeance. “Me either.”

She wondered if Tristan, like herself, was completely naked underneath his robe. She almost wanted to pull the tie on it and find out, but her sore body urged her not too, needing a little longer of a break between fuck sessions.

“So,” Rachel said, leaning back in the chair, “what is the plan for today? I remember you mentioning reservations.”

“Yeah, I made dinner reservations at a few different places. You can pick which one you would like to go to, or we can just stay in again. But I have nothing else planned for the rest of the day, or tomorrow even,” he told her. “I figured if we are to continue this, every time I am in Las Vegas, I will have events I want you to attend with me. So I wanted this first weekend to be more about fun before we have to go to more ‘serious’ events,” he explained, using air quotations on the word serious.

“Well I think if you want me to be committed to only working for you, I need to know a little bit more about these events,” Rachel said.

“Of course,” Tristan agreed. “Honestly, most of them will be really boring. Lots of people getting dressed up to give out awards and what not. Sometimes I meet clients or possible investors, those can be more fun because depending on their age, I will often take them out for dinner followed by a show or even to a nightclub.”

“You don’t mind me coming along to meetings you have with investors?”

Tristan shrugged. “Not at all.” He reached out and took one of Rachel’s ankles and began massaging it. “What I’m most excited for is being able to bring you along on business trips I may have to go on. For you, that will be basically a vacation in the sense that you can do whatever you want during the day while I am in meetings, as long as you are available to me for the evening.”

That all did sound very appealing to Rachel who had never even been outside of the United States before.

“Have you thought any further into remaining with me as my personal escort?” he asked her.

“Yes, I have,” she answered. “But I’m not telling you my thoughts or anything on it until Sunday,” she teased him.

The corner of his mouth curled into a grin. “Guess I will just have to be patient then,” he responded.

Moving his hand down her leg, he asked. “How are you feeling? Would you like to get dressed and go out somewhere for the afternoon? Or would you like to stay in for a while longer?”

Rachel thought of her pussy as his hand got closer and closer to it, underneath her robe. She was still a little sore from the last 15 hours of sex, but then she thought of how good he made her feel and debated in her head if a little more pain was worth it.

“If we stayed in,” she started, opening her legs for him, “what would you have in mind?”


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