The Weekend

by Ezretta Singleton 4 months ago in lgbtq

Spend the weekend with me

The Weekend


Hey baby let’s go out of town this weekend. You don’t have to worry about anything, I already got your bags packed. I’ll pick you up from work at four.

We make it to our destination just as the sun is beginning to set. We check into a five-star hotel downtown, overlooking the city. I called ahead to have certain items already in the room. As well as the things that I purchased before picking you up.

We get to the room. It’s filled with tea light candles everywhere. Real rose petals on the bed in the shape of a heart. Soft music is playing. A bottle of champagne is chilling on ice. Once we get situated in the room, I go run a nice warm relaxing bubble bath for you. I walk out of the bathroom, and see you standing in front of the window, taking in the view. Walking up behind you, I put my arms around your waist and start kissing your neck. I slowly start to undress you while admiring your sexy body. Leading you to the bathroom, I help you into the oversized jacuzzi filled with your favorite bubble bath. Turning your face towards me, I look into your eyes and tell you that this weekend is all about you. Whatever you want, I’m here to cater to you. I kiss you and stick my hand in the water to touch your pussy. You moan at just the slightest touch. I start rubbing on your clit. Your moans are getting louder. Damn baby, you sound so sexy. Inserting a finger into your pussy, you gasp. I insert another finger. Your grinding on my fingers. The way you’re moaning is turning me on. You tell me that you want me to taste your juices. Not yet baby. I help you out the jacuzzi. Lead you to the king size bed, and lay you down. But I’m not ready for sex just yet.

Lay on your stomach. I reach for the cherry flavored Liquid Love. Pour some on your back I began to massage you from your neck, to your back, down to your nice plump round ass. Continuing to work my way down to your feet. You turn over. Man you look so sexy laying there. You ask me to taste you. Not yet baby. I'm not done. Pouring more massage oil into my hands, I start massaging your arms. I massage your breast. They're so nice and firm, I can’t resist. I have to suck on them right now. Ummmmm baby, keep moaning. You’re turning me on. You tell me to taste your juices. Not yet baby. I continue to work my way down. I brush my hand against your pussy. I can see the juices flowing. I want to taste you, but I resist the urge. I’m not ready for sex just yet.

I start with your left leg up on my shoulder. Massage from your thigh down to your feet. Massaging, kissing, massaging and kissing. Then I put your right leg up on my shoulder. Massage from your thigh down to your feet. Massaging, kissing, massaging and kissing. Your moans are getting intense. You tell me to taste you. I’m ready. I kiss both inner thighs. I kiss your pussy lips. The way that you arch your back lets me know that you are ready. I flick my tongue across your clit a few times before sucking on it. The more I suck on your clit, the more swollen it gets. I can feel you on the verge of cumming. I lift my head, and ask if your okay before you can release. Panting and gasping you tell me yes. Hold back baby. We’re not done.

I go back down and kiss your pussy lips again. I insert my index finger. Damn baby you are so wet. You moan. I insert my middle finger. Damn baby this pussy is dripping. I pull my fingers out and suck your juices off while looking you in your eyes. Then I insert three fingers. You moan and moan and moan. You're grinding on my fingers. Damn baby, slow down. Hold back. We’re not done.

I get up and walk over to the other side of the room. You watch me as I put on my strap. I take my time so the anticipation can continue to build. I walk back over to the bed. Kiss you passionately.

Then whisper in your ear, “Are you ready?”

Before you can answer I slide in you. The only sound I hear is that first gasp. If heaven had a sound, that was it. I slowly insert all nine inches in. We start out slow, matching rhythms. As we pick up the pace, you scream my name over and over. The more you scream my name, the more I pound. Just as I feel your body tighten up and your legs start to shake, I pull out. Hold back baby. We’re not done.

Turn over. Get on all fours. Looking at your body from behind, I get a devilish grin on my face. Damn baby this ass is phat. You look back at me and smile. You start rubbing on your clit. I move your hand away. Naw baby that’s my job. While you're on all fours, I lay on my back and position my face under your pussy, and tell you to have a seat. Come on baby, work those hips. You moan, and grind, and moan and grind. I can feel your walls getting tight. Ummmmm baby, let me taste you. I want all your juices... damn baby, you taste good. You get up, but we’re not done.

Get back on all fours. I position myself behind you. I slide in. That gasp is everything. Oh we’re not going slow this round. Throw that ass back at me, baby. Our bodies are slapping together. You scream my name over and over again. The more you scream, the more I pound. I’m trying to climb up in that pussy. You ready, baby, because I am. Oh sit, baby. You cumming, baby? Are you ready? Damn that felt good. Your juices dripping out your pussy and my juices running down my leg. We finally collapse.

You laying in my arms, I kiss you on the forehead, whisper in your ear, “get your rest, now we’re done.”

In the morning we wake up to fresh fruit, juice, and coffee. Damn you are even sexy when you first wake up. I lean in and kiss you passionately. Then whisper in your ear, “Are you ready for round 2?”



As we sit and eat breakfast we began talking about last night. You began to tell me how much you love the way i satisfied you. That no one has ever taken the time to make you feel like i did. Baby that was just the beginning.

8:47 AM

Come on baby let’s get dressed, go out and explore the city. I scheduled an Uber to pick us up at 11 AM. That gives me just enough time for a quickie. While you're in the shower I turn on some old skool R&B and join you. Were you waiting on me? Let me hold your bath sponge. I lather it up with the warm vanilla-scented body wash that I picked up for you. You turn around and I start washing your back. Watching the suds cascade down your phat ass is a beautiful sight. I reach around and start massaging your breasts. When I squeeze your nipple, you let out a soft, low moan. Damn you sound so sexy. I reach down to your pussy, and start rubbing on your clit. The moans are getting louder and louder. Turn around and face me, I want to look into your eyes. The shower water runs down our bodies. You lean in for a kiss. It’s deep and passionate. I back away and start kissing on your neck, and continue to work my way down. Taking my time and sucking on both breasts. I reach your pussy, part your lips, and place a gentle kiss on your clit. You shiver. I insert three fingers while sucking on your clit. That first gasp is everything. I have you pinned up against the shower wall. You moan and scream my name. It’s driving me insane. You can’t take it anymore, finally breaking free, you step out of the shower and head towards the room.

9:24 AM

Where are you going baby? Let’s get some fresh air. Stepping out on the balcony overlooking the city. It’s breathtaking, but not as breathtaking as you. You lean against the rail, and I step up behind you. You ask me when did I put the strap on. Don’t worry about it, just bend over. I grind on your phat ass. I grab the back of your neck as I slide in. Again that first gasp is everything. I start slow, stroking you. I want to take my time and make it last forever. Yeah old skool Keith Sweat is playing in the background. I’m still slow stroking, and you start talking shit. Oh you want it rough. I got you, baby. I began pounding you from behind. You start throwing that ass back, and talking more shit. Keep talking. It’s turning me on even more. After some time we end up on the lounge chair. Ride it baby. Lemme see what those hips can do. You climb on top of me and slowly slide down the strap. You start riding slow as if on horse that’s trotting. Naw baby ride it. You pick up the pace. I began rubbing on your clit. That double sensation is everything to you. I’m laid back looking at your beautiful face as you bounce on this 8.5 inches. You cumming baby? Tell me you're cumming. Your body tightens up, your facial expression is intense. You pick up the pace. You scream out that you're cumming. Come on, baby. Let it go. Your body goes limp.

9:59 AM

Kiss me. No not a peck. Kiss me like you mean it. I turn around and begin to walk away. Come here. Lay down and don’t move. I stand off to the side of the bed, admiring your sexy body. Your hair is all over your head. No makeup on. Damn you are so beautiful. I switch out straps, and climb on the bed. You tell me to come kiss you. No. Just lay there and relax.

I grab the oil and began to pour some into my hands. Grabbing your left foot I start massaging, working my way up your calf to your thigh. I grab you right foot and do the same thing. Once I’m done, I gently kiss your inner thighs. I kiss your pussy lips, parting them with my tongue. Flicking my tongue across your clit, you beg me to take you. Slow down baby, you're not ready yet.

I pull back and watch your clit pulsate. It’s a beautiful sight. You beg me to taste you. Grinding the air. Begging me. Trying to pull me back into you. I will baby. I’m just enjoying the view. Are you ready baby? How do you want it? Tell me that you want it? I position myself in between your legs. With your left leg on my shoulder, I slowly enter you. I’m taking my time. I want to remember every sound, every facial expression that you make. The way you say my name every time I hit that bottom. The moaning. You biting your bottom lip. Damn, I can’t take it anymore. We speed up. Matching stroke for stroke. I’m sucking on your nipples. Stroking you deeper. You start to shake. Naw baby. It’s not time yet. I pull out and rub on your clit. The more I rub, the harder it gets. I want to taste your juices. I bury my face between your legs. I’m wearing those thighs like ear muffs. I lick across your pussy. Damn it’s so wet. I stick my tongue inside. I’m moaning with every tongue stroke. You taste good. Even though i'm in a head lock, you grab the back of my head and begin to fuck me with everything in you. And I’m enjoying every bit. I'm licking and sucking. Slurping up your juices. You cum back to back. Trembling and shaking, you relax your legs. It’s time for brunch.

10:28 AM

Where are you going? Get back in bed. Stop talking and spread eagle. I handcuff your left wrist to the bed, and lay the keys on the night table on the right side of the bed. When you get the keys, I’ll stop. Kiss me.

I whisper in your air, “It’s not about pleasing you anymore. It’s my turn.”

I kiss every inch of your body. Lick across your breast, and gently bite your nipples. You squirm a little. Making my way down, I bite your clit. You squirm and moan. You sound so sexy. I continue making my way down, placing gently kisses on your body. The keys are still on the night table. You beg me to taste you. I look at you, shake my head no, and tell you to relax. I’m sucking on your breast again. I insert my finger with the finger sleeve vibrator on. You jump at the sensation. Your moaning is so intense. But I don't stop. You’re begging me to taste you. I’m not ready yet.

I kiss your pussy lips just to tease you. I get up on my knees and lift your legs up. I enter you and start fucking you like it’s our last time. I’m not trying to hurt you, but I don’t hold back. I’m pounding. Beating that pussy up. You’re screaming my name. Crying out with pleasure. Begging for more. And I give it to you. You cum over and over again. I pull out and look down at your sexy body sprawled out on the bed. I look down at you with a smirk on my face. Oh we are not done.


Uber cancelled…


After a day out exploring the city, it’s time for me to explore your body again. We reach our hotel room shortly after seven. We are both a little exhausted from our outing. As we get ready for our shower, I decide to order room service. You go ahead while I wait for the food.

The food arrives and as I’m closing the door, you step out the bathroom naked. Not only are you beautiful, but your body is amazing. I’m just standing there, mouth wide open, in aww. What did I do to deserve this beautiful woman. You start to slowly walk towards me. I’m taking my clothes off. By the time you reach me, I am completely naked. You grab my hand, and lead me to the bed. I opened my mouth to speak, but no words came out.

Once we make it to the bed, you push me down. Climbing on top of me, you tell me that you’re in control. Not a problem baby. Do you. Better yet, do me. You reach over and grab the strap. I’m thinking naw baby that’s not about to happen. But instead you lift my legs and put the strap on me. Ummmm, I like where this is going. You raise up, and just when I think you’re about to slide down on the strap you climb forward and sit on my face.

Damn baby. This pussy taste so good. You start grinding back and forth. Moaning how good it feels. As I go to work with my tongue, I start moaning and slapping that ass. You pick up the pace. Your moans are getting louder. Faster. Louder. Faster. Louder. Your body starts to shake. You scream out my name. Your body goes limp. You roll over beside me, look me in the face and smile. All I can say is damn, baby.

I grab your hand and help you out of the bed. We walk into the bathroom. Grabbing you by the waist, I turn you around and bend you over the counter. I want to see your face when I’m fucking you from behind. Umm look at this ass. I take the strap and rub it against your pussy lips. You instantly start grinding. Oh so you want it, huh. Tell me you want it. Beg for it. I slide in, no mercy. I’m fucking you, and talking shit. You use the mirror as a brace. The faces you make lets me know you are enjoying it. With each stroke, you let out a deep moan. You try and scream, but no sound comes out. You start throwing your ass back. Naw baby, you are not about to knock me out. I speed up. Your body tenses up. I can tell you're about to cum. Pulling out, I turn you around, and sit you on the counter to taste your juices. I lick and suck all that you give. Standing up, I slid in you again. I start fucking you like it’s my last time. No holds barred. It’s so good to you, you start scratching my back. With each mark, I pump harder. You can’t take the pounding anymore. Staring me in the face, you push me out, and start to massage your clit. I stand back and watch. I’m jealous. Damn baby can’t let you have all the fun.

Picking you up, I carry you back to the bed. Laying you on your back with your legs on my shoulders, my tongue takes the place of your hand. I lick across your clit and start sucking. Inserting three fingers inside your pussy, you start squirming. I start playing with your g-spot while still sucking your clit. You scream you're about to cum. I don’t stop. I want it all. Cum for me baby. You scream again and the juices start flowing. I watch your body shake and shiver. I’m greedy. I want more. You beg me for a break to eat and get some energy. Not a problem.

We go over to the food that was delivered earlier. I take the top off. It’s all fruits with a bowl of whipped cream.

Oh you know what’s about to happen…



I watch you sleep as I start pre-packing for our trip back home. You are beautiful, even while you are sleeping. Just looking at your sexy imprint under the covers does something to me. I head to the bathroom, and put my strap on. Walking back in the room, you move a little, exposing your breast. Ummmmmm. Damn baby, just the sight of your body wakes everything in me. I pull back the covers and slide in the bed behind you.

Slowly I start kissing your neck, while massaging your ass. You moan softly, and shift your body. I continue kissing you. You turn over on your back, and give me a good morning kiss. Pulling away, I ask if you slept well. Before you can answer, I devour your lips. We are both moaning, tugging at each other's bodies. Man this feels so good. Turning you over, I start massaging your back, while kissing your neck. Smacking that ass, I ask how you want it. Your response, anyway I desire. The perfect answer.

I proceed to kiss your neck, working my way down your back to that plump ass. Get up on all fours baby. Let me please you from behind for a little bit. I come up behind you and slide in. Again that first moan is everything. Slow stroking at first, I can’t contain myself. I pick up the pace. You moan louder with each stroke. Each moan I go deeper and deeper. Stroking you deeper and faster. You start moaning loudly. Calling my name. I’m stroking like it's the last time I’m ever going to have sex. You pull away, and push me back onto the bed. Looking me in my eyes, you climb on top of me. A look I have never seen before. A devilish grin spreads across your face. You mount me reverse cowboy style. Damn girl. That ass is bouncing and jiggling. I smack it a few times, so it can jiggle some more. The only sounds in the room is your loud moans and skin slapping on skin. My baby putting in work. She’s riding like she has something to prove.

I can’t take it anymore. Flipping you over, I put your legs up on my shoulders and slide in. Your facial expressions say everything. Your mouth is open, but no sound comes out. Pressing down on your hips, I begin to fuck you to the point that tears of joy fall. I don’t stop. We both are moaning and calling each other's name. Housekeeping knocks on the door but we don’t stop. She can listen if she wants, because I’m not stopping until I’m done.

Grabbing your hand, I help you up out of the bed and lead you to the bathroom. Turning the water on, we step in. Grabbing your sponge, I lather it up. Taking my time, I began to wash your body. Starting from the neck down. Pausing at different spots along the way. First your breast, taking one nipple in my mouth and massaging the other. Mmmmmm, baby. Moving down, I pause at your belly button. You giggle and push my mouth away. Farther down I reach that sweet nectar. Kissing your pussy lips, you grab the back of my head, and start grinding on my face. Girl you know I can’t swim, but I’m willing to drown in this pussy. Grinding faster, you begin to release all your juices in my mouth.

We began to clean each other up. Knowing we have to checkout, I try to contain myself. But your body is so intoxicating. Damn I can wait to get home. We’re done. Two hours after check out, we are heading to the door. Walking out, I turn and look back at room 1774. The memories.

Can’t wait for next weekend…


Ezretta Singleton
Ezretta Singleton
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