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The Under The Blanket Sex Story Challenge

We’ve all had sneaky little sexy trysts under a blanket… share your story

By Chai SteevesPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
The Under The Blanket Sex Story Challenge
Photo by Moncell Allen on Unsplash

I issued a challenge to a few friends recently. Share a story with me that involved them having sex under a blanket. It could be whatever they wanted, but the idea was to give examples of kind of furtive or sneaky sex that they had to keep hidden.

I had suggested via a group text chain with close friends, so I was a little surprised when it was still front of mind when we got together later that week for drinks. Both my wife and one of our friends — a guy — came fully prepared with their stories. I was thrilled, but also a little sheepish, as I had totally forgotten and great examples were not springing to mind.

Our friend went first. He is not normally the storytelling type, so we were pretty excited — we had a feeling it would be good. He started by saying he had never told anyone this, and even his wife didn’t know. His wife was there, and became very enthused — they share everything so she was pretty surprised there was a story she didn’t know.

His started on a camping trip. It was a group from school — he went to an outdoor education school for high school. After a day of hiking, they were getting ready for sleep, in their sleeping bags on the floor of a large cabin. He was laying next to another girl, with his best friend on the other side. As they were settling for sleep, she and the girl were softly grinding against each other.

He reached around her and began to fondle under her top, reaching up to her breast. She, in turn, put her hand down his pants and was rubbing his cock. He said it was such a turn on. Doing this in the dark, with everyone around and his best friend on the other side of him.

But it gets better. As he started to put his hand into her panties, he was shocked to find another had there already. A male hand. As he was groping her breasts, his best friend had a hand down her pants. And, moreover, he could see that she was also stroking his friend’s cock as she stroked his.

He looked over at his friend, their eyes met for a moment. They smiled, and the three on them continued. He said they both got an amazing hand job, they played with her pussy together. Neither had sex, or even said another word. And they slept like babies.

What a great story, and knowing this guy I have no doubt that it was one hundred percent true.

My wife went next. She and an ex-boyfriend were on a city bus, coming home quite late at night. They had been working and had had a couple of beers after their shift so were a little drunk, and quite horny. They put his coat over both of their laps, and she pulled out his cock and started to stroke it under the coat.

She said, in all honesty, she wasn’t even super aware of the fact there were others on the bus. For her, it was more about being so turned on in the moment that she had to take out his cock. She also said, in retrospect, she was a little sulky that he had not tried to pleasure her too. He was happy to sit and get his hand job lol.

She remembers being about halfway home and deciding they couldn’t handle it anymore. They got off at the next stop — kind of in the middle of nowhere and ran into the bushes to have sex. She said it’s funny — she has no idea how they ended up getting home. They were miles from either of their places at this point.

We didn’t get a chance to share the last two stories. We decided to save those for next time. But, all in all, what a fun walk down memory lane on a Thursday night.


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  • Petro Wolmarans10 months ago

    Love reading and writing about sex. This is a good one not finding out what is going on from under hey.

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