The Tycoon’s Harem

by Tamiko Red about a year ago in fiction

Part I

The Tycoon’s Harem

I was the fruit of a peculiar upbringing. One of those fortunate ones born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Cliche? I know. But it was no less the truth.

And until this day, no one knew of the bones, we the great Castellan’s, hid in our pretty closets.

People until this day, had not figured out our generational secret. The truth, that behind our perfect smiles and pristine image, we kept a deep, dirty, and delicious secret.

Decadent. Yes, I was a self-indulgent mother fucker. And I had no qualms about it. You know why? Because I could afford it.

And most importantly, they were free to leave. Well, all but my queen. She was the only one I would never let go of. But we will get to her some time later.

But the reality was that none of them had been coerced into staying with me, not even her. They stayed willingly.

And they continued being mine in every sense of the way. Even when they knew I would never be entirely theirs. But yet each and every one of them stayed by my side.

You may be wondering what I was talking about? Perhaps your good virtuous minds had not caught on yet.

Well I was a businessman, a father, a husband.

But I was also a dominant, a master, a bull.

A lover who had the desire to bed many women. That was my fetish. I was never meant to be a monogamist. Just like my father. And his father before him. And just like them, I pretended to be what I was not.

The Castellan men, behind their neutral family and moral persona, each had had a, a different woman for a different time and occasion.

I was the envy of many men. In more ways than just the obvious. In ways that they would never know.

And the secret was that I had my own harem of beautiful women. I was a man who had multiple lovers.

But unlike my father or grandfather, I didn’t like having random affairs. Too messy and problematic, especially in this day and age. I may slip with a stranger occasionally, here and there. But it was rare for that to happen. Unless, she was somehow involved.

But in the long run, I already had a group of beautiful, trustworthy lovers. Five of them to be exact. And it was fortunate that I was able to keep up with them.

Or perhaps, it was far more fortunate that they didn’t ask for too much from me, not even the one whom I cared for.

Yet I could not do without having each one of them in my bed, on a different night.

And every one of my girls knew about each other. And had at times even “shared” me at the same time. Well, except for my latest addition to the fold. She was still a little bit wet behind the ears. Soon, though. Even she would get curious.

In short, I was a very fortunate man with my own swarm of delectable, beautiful women.

All of whom, who chose to stay by my side. Because only I could give them what each and every one of them needed.

Melanie, she was my firecracker of a man-hating secretary. But unfortunately for her, she was also straight. And the best way for her to destress was sex. She always kept me on my toes. And all she wanted was my dick, and her paycheck, easy enough.

Felicia, my powerful, independent ex-fiancée. She was such a surprise, that one. A dominatrix hiding behind her prim facade. She was the kind of woman who was a different experience for someone as dominant as myself. But I was glad she’d figured out her fetishes before we’d gotten married. Because all she now wanted from me was her own husband’s cuckolding.

Then there was Lily, my mistress. But she was also my love. I hadn’t expected her. But I was so glad to have found her. The only one who stayed with me without expecting any gain. She was truly the willing submissive cuckquean to my dominant bull. A woman who asked for nothing but my emotions. As much as I was capable of it.

Arabella, my wife. The perfect choice for a Castellan wife. And unlike Felicia, she was who she said she was. A convenient wife, trained to be that way since the day she was born. She was too proper when it came to intimacy. But I did enjoy peeling her layers. And well, all we wanted from each other was money and an heir. Until then, I was most certainly enjoying the ride.

And last but not the least, was Christine. So unlike was my sister-in-law from the meaning of her given name. So different from her calm and poised sister. It most certainly made for some exciting bed play. I was still discovering how or where she would fit in, into my life. Ah but the journey to that discovery was erotically splendid indeed.

You may not believe me. But women with a cuckquean fetish did exist. Women who are truly turned on by seeing their male lovers with other women.

I couldn’t speak for all. But as my Lily once told me, it wasn’t because she was insecure. It was only that the sight and the entire dynamic of it turned her on quite a bit. The fact that her lover was an alpha animal both made her feel aroused and appreciative.

You may not understand it. And you do not have to. But please do accept that it is a mutual agreement. And take our word for it, when I and my lovers say, that our mutual pleasure is most guaranteed.

Tamiko  Red
Tamiko Red
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