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The Twisted Hookup

by AB 12 months ago in erotic

A hookup with a twist

The Twisted Hookup
Photo by Chris Bulilan on Unsplash

I look down at my watch it is 7 o clock on the dot. My date should be here any minute. This was my first date in 3 months. It seems I don’t have time for anything lately except work and definitely not sex. I need a toe-curling orgasm and I hope my date will be exactly what I need to get back on track. Finally, he approaches the bar and comes to sit next to me. He orders us both bourbons on the rocks. We sit and make small talk for a few minutes. After a few minutes goes by I begin to look at his physique his tall, slender build and golden blonde hair, and facial hair. I see his eyes slowly dart down to the slint of the best black dress I own showing my long legs. We look up at each other and we both know what time it is. He goes to pay the bill and gets up from the bar I hurry behind him. He follows me back to my place and in 15 minutes we’re there. I approach the front door open it while he follows behind then we both hurry up the stairs. I get to my bedroom door and open it. We both walk into the room and begin kissing passionately the best kiss I had in a little time. We walk toward the bed and I begin to unbuckle his belt then I rip open his white buttoned-down shirt I see a lion tattoo on the lower part of his abs and I look up at him and smirk. He pulls the straps of my dress off my shoulders and the dress falls to the ground and now I am standing completely naked in front of him. He pushes me onto the bed while I’m laying on the bed he stands in front of me and I see him pull something from his back pocket a pair of handcuffs. He holds the handcuffs up to me and climbs on top of me in the bed. I hold my hands up in front of me he places one of the handcuffs on me and attaches it to the bedpost. I am starting to get excited I haven’t have done this before, but I’ve wanted to try it for a while. The handcuffs are tight against my wrist but it feels good against my skin. He is completely in control of me and my body and I’m happy with it. 2 hours later I wake up and I’m in pure bliss I can still feel the effects of the toe-curling orgasm that I needed. He licked and kissed every inch of my body when he made love to me it felt like ecstasy. He worshiped my body like I was the last woman on earth. I yearned for more and didn’t want him to stop at all. I looked over at him and smiled then cuddled back into my spot. 10 minutes later I hear a loud voice yelling sounds like it’s coming toward my bedroom. I’m trying to get him up but he’s not moving I try to get up from the bed but it’s too late. I heard the voice right outside the door and before I can say anything the door is opened the voice belongs to a small child. The small child begins to jump on the bed and ask “mommy why is daddy still sleeping he is going to make me breakfast?” I smile and look up at her and say “we both had a long night” and smirk.



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