The Therapy Appointment, Part 2

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Continued Meeting with Dr. Plaisir

The Therapy Appointment, Part 2

She walked over to him and stared at him with a dominating glare. Standing over him, she firmly stated, “Now we need to address some other issues such as the lateness of your appointment last month and the couch and dick conversation, shall we? Follow me.”

This walk was second nature to him; he could walk it with his eyes closed. It was only 18 steps from the couch to the door. He counted each time, and each time his breath hitched with anticipation with every step. It was the walk to begin the second part of his therapy session.


She opened the door, and bright sunlight flooded the room through one strategically placed window.

This therapy room matched the leather of her chair. Everything was black leather. She had whips, flogs, cat-o-nine tails, paddles, various restraint tools, gags, handcuffs, ropes, strap-ons, riding crops, electrode penis pads, and an arsenal of other items that he had come to know so well. Unlit melted candles in candelabras gathered in each corner signifying that they had once provided light to this seemingly dark place. However, the room smelled of lavender, and amid a world of intense sexual energy lived a table for two dressed in white linen with exquisite white tulips in a glass vase.

She turned to address him before he crossed the threshold. Her tone went from therapeutic to firm. “You know the drill. Undress, and stand before my throne for inspection.”

He knew that when he entered, she was no longer Dr. Plaisir; she was the Empress. What he didn’t know was how he was going to be disciplined for missing his appointment last month.

As he undressed behind the dressing screen, he felt his dick rapidly becoming aroused. “NOT NOW!” He silently yelled. “This will give her more reason to discipline me!” But his dick wasn’t listening. It was something about the Empress that turned him on completely. If she saw that his dick was hard and not because of her own doing, he was surely due for some sort of punishment.

He came from behind the dressing screen and walked toward her throne. He saw her in the same black leather Queen Anne winged-back chair from her outer office. This time, her legs were wide open with one leg draped over the right armrest exposing her naked pussy. She had removed the black lace panties but was still wearing the garter belt and stockings. She kept on her tiny black skirt and her semi-sheer white blouse; however, she had unbuttoned the blouse just right under her breast. Now, her breast were begging to be freed; with each slight movement she made they almost spilled into her lap.

His dick was now saluting her. He couldn’t control it.

As stood in front of her, she could see his firmly erect dick.

Using her staff tip, she poked his stiff dick to emphasize each word. “That. Needs. To. Be. Addressed. I told you that you cannot control the actions of others; just your own. And since you are still learning how to control your actions,” she poked his stiff dick once again, “I will control them for you. On your knees.” He slowly made his way to his knees on the floor. His breath still panting at the thought of what she was going to do, what was going to happen next.

He glanced up at her for his next set of instructions. “Your lesson today is about letting go of your need to be in control because you’re used to controlling those around you to get what you want. You need to learn…”

She got up from her chair and bent close to his ear. She was so close that he could feel her breast on his shoulder, her lips on his ear, and smell her perfume on her skin.

“…That it’s not all about you.” She whispered. She reached down between his legs to gently rub his rock-hard dick. He let out a soft moan.

“That was just for now; to allow you a little relief. But you must have your lesson before I can allow you to be fully satisfied.”

“Yes, Empress.”

She placed a blindfold over his eyes so that he couldn’t see her and so that his sense of touch was heightened. She delicately massaged his dick again. He reached for her hands but before he could touch her, she had already moved them away.

“YOU ARE NOT TO TOUCH ME!” She shrieked. He felt the air move around him as she moved away. His breath panted faster as he was unsure as to how he would be punished for that slight infraction.

He placed his hands in his lap, unsure of what was about to come. The electrifying tension between them heightening his senses.

“Bend over,” she demanded.

He felt the cold, smooth touch of a paddle circling his backside. In an instant, the touch was gone, but it was quickly followed by a biting sting making forceful contact. He slightly jumped from the intense tingle.

“You will receive five swats for that transgression,” she stated dryly. “That was the first one.”

He braced himself for the upcoming swats, anxiously waiting to hear the swing of the paddle in the air. And then, once again, he felt the paddle bite his skin and the warm rush of blood race to the punished area. He quietly received the additional swats while trying to hide his arousal. Even though he was used to being disciplined, he couldn’t help being sexually aroused by her; he couldn’t control his body’s physical reaction.

“Now… since you have been a self-centered person for some time, I see this constant need to be in control as something you need to continue to work on.” He could hear her heels clicking as she walked around him. “I have been listening to you drone on and on about how people are not meeting your needs and how you need this and that, and blah, blah, blah.”

Her tone was soft but firm. He liked that about this part of his therapy sessions with her; the way she scolded him but still exuded this sexual motherly energy.

“Again, you will learn that it’s not all about you. In order to learn, you must submit. Therefore, you will continue to submit to me as I see fit. Do you understand?”

He paused before responding trying to imagine what she was going to have him do to please her. Suddenly, he felt what seemed like a thousand lashes on his back.

“Do you understand?” This time she asked more forcefully.

“Yes, Empress.”

“Very good,” her tone was that of someone who was pleased. He could hear heels walking away and her rummaging around behind him. The soft clang of metal hitting each other made the hair on his body stand at attention for what was about to come.

He then heard her heels coming towards him, and then her hands gently caressing his throat. That single touch… He knew what was about to come next. With his breath held in anticipation, he felt the smooth leather wrap around his neck and felt her hand gently caress him as she buckled the collar and attached the leash. She tugged on it to make sure it was secure. Naked, blindfolded, and collared, he was totally at the Empress’s mercy.

“Get on all fours,” she gently stated. He slowly moved to his hands and knees and awaited further instructions. He caught a slight waft of the sweet and musky scent of her pussy and silently pleaded with his dick to go soft, but it had a mind of his own; one that was going to get him further punished and he knew it. Being blindfolded, his spatial ability was completely gone as he couldn’t remember where the objects were placed in the room. Suddenly, he felt an object was near him, near his mouth.

“I want you to lick this object that’s near your mouth. Even though you don’t know what it is, the lesson is about you learning how to provide pleasure to others. Therefore, do as I say,” she said sternly. She held the leash tightly so that his head could not move away from the object that was directly in front of his face, right in front of his mouth.

“Now lick.” Her right knee-high black leather stiletto boot was near his mouth.

Unassured, he stuck out his tongue and began to lick the object. He could feel that it was smooth but lacked taste. There seemed to be so much of it as she instructed him to lick it everywhere. Up and down, left and right, there seemed to be an endless amount of this object. He was hoping that she was pleased because he was doing everything in his power to learn today’s lesson… and to control his arousal which did not seem to be working. As he continued licking, he came to a point on the object and immediately realized that she had him lick her boot. Thousands of thoughts swirled through his head:

“I can’t believe she has me licking her fucking boot!”

“This is not what I signed up for!”

“Well… if it helps me…”

“She HAS been helping me…”

“I have been rock-hard since this has started…”

“I REALLY need to please her so I can release…”

Giving slack on the leash, she stated, “Stand.” While he was thankful for the reprieve from licking her boot, he wondered why she stopped him.

“Was I not pleasing her?” He thought silently.

As his body became erect, he immediately felt her closely in front of him, so close that he could feel her soft breast on his chest and her breathing on his face. She whispered, “I know you have figured out that we're licking my boot. Honestly, I really don’t care about what you were thinking or how you felt about it. You belong to me, and as of this moment, your only job is to do as you're told.”

He bowed his head in silence.

“How are you to respond to me?” She asked sensually.

With his dick starting to join the session once again, he responded softly, “Yes, Empress.”

“Very good. Now, on to the next part of our session or better yet, your lesson.” She laughed manically. She always laughed like that when she was going to do something intense to him. He felt his body tense. She felt it too.

“Don’t worry my little Pop Tart. I’m not gonna hurt you, but you will learn,” she said with a syrupy sweet voice as she grabbed his leash...

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