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The Temptress

by Baby Girl 8 days ago in erotic
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Part One

The Temptress of My Dreams

Meg and Damon’s romance had hit a rough patch, they hadn’t been together in weeks. Meg felt like Damon was distancing himself, and Damon had never been the long term type aside from once in his life, with Kathryn, he’d rather live and roam free without being tied down, so he had flipped his switch. He was no longer interested in only Meg, he wanted more, and was messing around behind her back with other women. When Meg found out, she was also about to flip her switch, she knew his past and that it eventually would be over. Meg started acting crazy after discovering Damon’s other romances, her heart couldn’t handling not knowing if she was the only one and Damon was tired of her constant need of reassurance, so he ended things with her while he was in a different city because he knew had he done it near her he wouldn’t be able to keep himself distanced. Although losing her is what had reversed his switch. It was a pain he couldn’t handle, a human feeling. Meg had been so torn up over the loss as well, her switch was also slowly reversed. She wanted to stay strong so she fought to not feel as many human feelings. She had reached out to an old friend, Dean, to confide in, and he took it upon himself to get them back together. Dean knew their love hadn’t faded they had only forgotten that they loved each other, he then spoke with Damon and told him how to get her back, he told him to set up a romantic evening to set the mood and then let her remind him of everything he’s felt with her.

Meg got to Damon’s cabin, and as she walked in her long time girl crush, Maya, was there. Meg had always been envious of Maya but also so attracted to her, she didn’t know what to do at this moment. So she got herself together and simply walked up to her, they talked a few minutes and Meg slipped up and said “You have no idea how bad I want to kiss you right now”. Flattered by Meg’s directness, Maya leaned in and kissed her, which quickly lead to an intense make out. Meg’s arms slid down Maya’s hips and onto her ass, Maya’s hands slid from Meg’s waist to her boobs. The tension got so high, they made their way to floor beside the bed and Maya climbed on top of Meg never breaking their kiss, they were both wearing short tight dresses. Meg slid her hand up Maya’s thigh, made her way under her dress and she started playing with her clit. Maya already wet with excitement, Meg laid her back and inserted two fingers in her. Maya moans fuck under her breath, and gasps when Meg hit the spot, Meg pulled out her fingers and kissed from her neck onto her chest, and down her stomach, Maya exhaled with each kiss. Meg took her kisses below Maya’s waist and immediately started licking Maya’s clit, Maya moaned and Meg licked quicker, she then took her tongue and inserted it inside Maya’s pussy. Meg thrusted her tongue in and out of her, licking back up to her clit until she released. Maya pushed Meg onto her back, and played with her clit until she was soaking wet. Maya climbed on top of Meg, pussy to pussy and started rubbing, the feeling of the lips spreading their wetness dripping on one another, tensions grew higher, soon their clits were touching, they continued rubbing chills going up their spines, heat swarming between their legs as they both release. They both scream out in pleasure, they get off of one another as their moment has passed. Meg climbs into Damon’s bed and Maya goes to the pool.


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