The Teacher - Part One

by Nina Lopez 2 years ago in fiction / erotic

A student and her teacher

The Teacher - Part One

Being in high school is never easy, especially when you have a thing for your teacher and he has a thing for you. Mr. Daniels was a new teacher at our school, he was somewhere in his 20's, had blonde hair, and blue eyes. He was absolutely perfect, whenever he spoke German it made my heart flutter. I had just turned 18 so that wasn't an issue, the problem was that he was a) my teacher, and b) married. I know you should never mess around with a married guy, but being young and "in love" I didn't think about the consequences.

His wife wasn't the best looking, she had personality though. Mr. Daniels confided in me one that the only reason he was even with her was by default. They'd been together all throughout high school and college, he'd planned to move on during college but he never found the right girl. So, feeling as if he had no other choice, he married her. He never expected that he'd feel such a connection with a high school student, so he didn't know he'd meet someone there. At least, that's what he told me.

How does one go from being just a student to something more? Well, it started off small. I'd do little doodles on my assignments and he'd write me notes back or color them in. It was innocent things like that. Soon it went from the small things to see each other in between classes for "study halls". I'd even make up excuses to see him.

One night after school when we were alone in his room, he'd pushed me up against the wall, holding my face in his hand.

"Can I kiss you?" He'd asked, his face just inches from mine. At first, I didn't look at him, I was too nervous. What if someone had walked in and saw us like that? After a moments thought, I looked into his clear, blue eyes.

"Yes." Was the only thing I could say before I felt his lips pressed against mine. They were soft, but the slight stubble he had tickled me. His hand went to my hips, toying with my belt loops. I tangled my hands in his short hair, as the kiss grew more aggressive. One of his hands trailed up my body, as he began groping my chest. It all seemed so teenager-ish. Being groped in a classroom, but at the same time, his age made it all feel so much more mature.

Maybe that's why I was drawn to him, his status. Being my teacher made him my superior, it also made him seem wiser. That's what was the last thing I was thinking of as he kissed along my jawline while moving his leg in between my thighs. He was taller than me, meaning his leg was pushed up perfectly against my core. I wanted him, and he knew that. That's why our first encounter ended there. He knew that if he made me wait long enough, he could have whatever he wanted from me.

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