The Taste of Blue

by Nastija Solovjova about a year ago in lgbtq

Part 1

The Taste of Blue

Jean never thought she would be doing something like this. She had never even kissed a girl before. And now here she was, being pulled along by her hand, to this girl's apartment. And she had only known her from random conversations at the coffee shop that they both frequented.

She had blue hair, so blue. It was pretty. And the offer, she was curious. She found her attractive, but that was normal, right? To recognize that other girls were pretty... Or was it? Did straight girls do that?

As Cait turned the key, the deadbolt clicking made Jean's heart pound. There was nothing specifically said that would cause her to have this reaction. She just knew what was about to happen and she couldn't stop herself.

She was pulled inside, Caitlin still holding her hand. The room was dark, and the rainy day didn't let any much light in through the closed curtains.

It happened so suddenly. The door was shut with a bang, leaving them both in darkness. Cait pushed her up against the wall so suddenly that she almost lost her balance so she put out a hand to brace herself, knocking over something made of glass in the process. It hit the ground with a shattering crash.

Her heart was pounding—she never did things like this. Not with guys and especially not with another girl.

She didn't know what to do. She felt Cait's hands tighten around her wrists as they were pinned to the wall. She felt herself beginning to panic. Was she really going to let this happen? No...

She was straight. She needed to go, now.

"I'm sorry... I—"

But she was cut off. She was too slow. Cait's mouth was on hers, her lips pressing against Jean's. She could taste her chapstick... Mangos. Her hair smelled tropical... Coconuts.

She tried to resist. She struggled against her hands but her effort was half-hearted. She could barely breathe now. Each shaky inhale of air just filled her nose with the scent of the other girl and made her heart beat faster. She smelled good, too good.

Cait kept her arms pinned against the wall through her pitiful struggles. Jean gasped for air. She felt like she couldn't breath. But that may have been a mistake. When she opened her mouth ever so slightly, Cait took the opportunity to slip her tongue through Jeans lips.

She opened her eyes wide but she couldn't see anything but dim light filtering through the curtain drawn Windows. She let out a small sound of surprise which only spurred Cait on. Jean couldn't help herself. She accepted Cait's tongue into her mouth. It felt nice. She taste good... Coffee... Ice cream.

Cait let go of her wrists finally when she stopped trying to get away from her advances and put her hands on Jean's hips. She could feel her fingers sliding into the waist line of her pants, her thumbs digging into her belly.

Jean was kissing her back now. Her lips were soft. Her tongue was delightfully tormenting as it played against her lips and pushed its way in and out of her mouth. She wanted more.

As if Cait could read her thoughts, her hands began to slide under Jean's shirt, up her belly and along her ribs. Jean let out a whimpering gasp of excitement. Both of Cait's hands were now over her bra, squeezing her tits, and she pushed her back hard against the wall. Jean finally noticed the light switch digging into her back. She tried to reposition herself, which caused the lights to flicker on.

Jean's eyes were still wide, but now they were filled with the sight of Cait's green eyes, and her oh so blue hair.

Jean's heart began to race again. She was making out with a girl... She was straight. She had to stop this. It was wrong to lead Cait on. Wasn't it?

Jean grabbed Cait's arms and pulled them out from under her shirt. Cait's fingers caught on her bra and Jean gasped as one of her breasts was pulled free. Jean forced her head to the side, gasping for air. Cait was persistent with her mouth. Her teeth were on Jean's neck, her tongue again.... Felt so... No! She had to leave!

Jean pushed Cait as hard as she could, freeing herself as she scrambled for the door handle. She jerked the door open as quickly as she could and darted out into the hall.

"Wait! I'm sorry... Don't go." Cait spoke for the first time since they entered the building.

Jean was several steps down the hall when she turned back to look at Cait. To her surprise, she looked crushed, destroyed even. Jean should not have let this happen... But...

"I'm sorry, I have to go," Jean said weakly. Her words hung in the air unanswered as an awkward silence expanded between them before finally she turned away, unable to look at the other girl any longer.

Jean began to walk, her arms wrapped around her sides. She was confused now more than ever.

As the elevator doors opened to take her downstairs, she looked back down the hall. Cait was still there, staring at her.

Jean wasn't sure what to do, what to say.

But at last Cait spoke, calling down the hall to her. "See you tomorrow, Jeanie?" There was a note of desperation in her voice.

The elevator doors began to shut. Jean took a step forward to get inside. She has to tell her no. This could never happen again.


It just came out. She wasn't sure why she agreed... but she did. And the elevator doors shut. She was left staring at herself in the shiny metal doors. Her hair was a mess. Her face was a mess. Her thoughts were a mess. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and caught the taste of something sweet. Mangoes...

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