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The Surprise Ending

by Zeddicus Zane about a month ago in erotic
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A Tale of Magic and Erotica

The Surprise Ending
Photo by Mia Harvey on Unsplash

In a galaxy far far away

A great mage did stay

Through his magic ball

He found himself a doll

A beauty if I might say

The more he watched her

Lustful thoughts did stir

With all his magical energy

He brought in some synergy

And to him, summoned her

A portal was needed to connect

So that their paths could intersect

But once he pulled her through

There was nothing she could do

Her master she'll have to respect

Bound to him by cuffs and collar

She wasn't even allowed to Holler

But eventually she came to accept

And soon became his chief adept

The sex magic made her a squaller

One of the best sessions was intense

Fueled by incantations and incense

Her body went into a limber trance

She quite slowly slid down his pants

Horny as fuck with all the frankincense

With his chestnuts in her one hand

His magic stick makes a valiant stand

Just in time for her sweet juicy lips

She bottoms out squeezing his hips

The fat cock was bigger than planned

As her throat reflexes begin to gag

She looks up at her mighty stag

He smiles at the tears in her eyes

She deserves that good girl prize

Even in pain she doesn't even nag

Having earned her sexual turn

He lies her down next to an urn

And starts to nibble on her tits

Then kissing his way down in bits

Before lighting candles to burn

He casts a spell to alter perception

Slowing time but not sensation

Making all her pleasure perpetuate

Non stop orgasms on penetrate

Her tight wet pussy his appreciation

Orgasmic screams of ecstasy screamed

As her insides become very creamed

Orgasms lasting a thousand lifetimes

Perpetuating like bad karmic crimes

Her collapse was imminent it seemed

But the great wizard wasn't nearly done

Like the burning of a giant orange sun

He radiates with the glow of split atom

So he picks her up from the bottom

Now is the time for all of his real fun

Now with face down and back to the sky

On her, he compresses every tender thigh

And pounds her pussy while squatting

She screams "yes!", and he's not stopping

The time for him to spray his seed is nigh

As he cums, he pull out at the minute last

And coats the crack of her pulsating ass

His tongue scoops cum as hair is pulled

Seeing the one by which she was bulled

She let's out her an exasperated lil gasp

For all the incantations that were called

This moment is why all time was stalled

He forcefully pulls her head to him close

Their lips touch and that's when she knows

That like the early Earth, she got snowballed


About the author

Zeddicus Zane

I am an engineer and reiki master. I write stories and poems across various genres.

IG: @zeddicuszane

Twitter: @ZeddicusZane

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