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The snake and the hare

by Angelina F. Thomas about a month ago in fiction
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The snake is very hungry, he is a python breed, colorful but hungry.

The snake and the hare
Photo by Zach Savinar on Unsplash

The hare was hopping jolly as hell looking for bugs and flowers and roughage to eat. He skipped and jumped over the hills and through the woods, praying he does not get eaten by a huge python, much to small of an animal for a anaconda to eat so he is worried about the python. The python would squeeze the poor rabbit until he can digest it in one gulp, poor animals and what they go through being at the bottom of the food chain. This one time the python named belch-like-a-hog tried to confuse the rabbit with a rainbow and pot of gold, the bunny was not going for it though. He was like, what you bastard that is hilarious, I know there is no such thing as this. The python Belch-like-a-hog wanted to eat this precious bunny so bad because he thought that the bunny named Rainbows-and-Unicorns would give Belch-Like-A-Hog magical powers. The anaconda named son-of-a-belch kept trying to warn the python, and said "If you keep busting on my turf I will eat you! You will be dead as a door nail you hear me?" All Belch-Like-A-Hog wanted to do is eat Rainbows-And-Unicorns to possess Rainbows-And-Unicorns alleged magical powers to therefore cloak himself as another animal so he can eat like a pig, oink oink, Laugh out loud. The python wanted to cloak himself as other animals, like a bunny or a turtle, or a snapping turtle so when he snatches up his pray he really scares them to death right before wrapping himself around the poor animal then squeezing the life out of them breaking and cracking their bones and making them scream in pain before he has them ready to comfortably fit in his jaws to be digested, nasty rotten snake, ugh. Bet them snakes love it when they get snatched up by a bird like a falcon or eagle or something ready for some snake meat. The python named Belch-Like-A-Hog went after small birds, big birds, deer, elk, anything he could eat, but he still has not been able to snatch up Unicorns-And-Rainbows which is really beginning to grind Belch-Like-A-Hog's gears big time. Belch-Like-A-Hog is so mad he began to cry out and scream, he said, "Hot damn it that rabbit if it's the last thing I do I will eat that bastard." He just gets angrier and angrier trying to get a bite of that bunny Unicorns-And-Rainbows is being like "Hell nah that son of a bitch is not gonna get me, catch me if you can Belch-Like-A-Hog!"

Belch-Like-A-Hog just barely escaped the grip of an anaconda then shot bananas out of his snake buttocks to slam the anaconda in the face, Belch-Like-A-Hog said "aha you still have failed to get me and got the sting of bananas hitting you in your snake like face." "ha ha." the anaconda said, "You are lucky I just ate, but I will get you next time." Laugh out loud the python is still trying to get the bunny for food, but fails each and every time, growing more pissed by the minute. Laugh out loud it is so funny, Belch-Like-A-Hog ran straight into a huge oak tree while attempting to get a hold of and eat Unicorns-And-Rainbows, like bow, he bled for a week after that. So salty he could not eat Unicorns-And-Rainbows still. And Unicorns-And-Rainbows has really been getting to Belch-Like-A-Hog just pissing his hungry ass off like a motherfucker. Laugh out loud he is still failing to snatch up Unicorns-And-Rainbows! Belch-Like-A-Hog was like, "Damn it where did that stupid bunny bitch go, I am starving, and want to cloak myself therefore I can fool and stump other animals before scaring and squeezing the life out of them. The end. Laugh out loud.


About the author

Angelina F. Thomas

I am a very beautiful mother of mixed daughters with expensive taste. I hope and pray to my Abba father that my wishful thinking and my ability to dream huge truly pays off. So be it. Amen.

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