The Skull Man: Part 2

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Darkside Seduction Series

The Skull Man: Part 2


"Who's that woman in the white dress?" Trevor Lee, Dante Jones' defense lawyer asked the question as he chowed down the burger from the driver's seat of his BMW. Dante noticed Trevor trying to advert his eyes from the petite woman waiting for him on his front steps and it only made him smirk. Normally he would keep things short and simple with Trevor, or anyone else who he came across. It was better that way. But today, he felt extremely grateful for everything Trevor had done to gain his freedom, and he decided to actually have a conversation with him this time to repay him.

"Lena Samuels. I hired her to handle the estate while I was in prison." Dante responded as he grabbed the door handle and exited the car before Lena opened the door for him. She seemed nervous, with good reason of course. He did just get out of a maximum security prison. The word dangerous must've been plastered all over his face.

"Mr. Jones. It's nice to finally meet you in person." Lena greeted him with a trembling handshake and he cleared his throat, stepping aside to introduce her to Trevor.

"Lena, this is my lawyer, Trevor Lee." Dante introduced them and left them to make small talk while he entered his childhood home. Closing his eyes, he could practically smell his mother's expensive perfume as she hugged him, and the smoke of his father's favorite Cuban cigars lingering in the air. They had passed away waiting on his return last year, and the sense of guilt would've consumed him had he not had more important things to focus on.

Like how he was going to avoid being the town pariah once he decided to return to the life that was taken from him by The Skull Man.

Dante knew he wasn't going to achieve his end game by getting angry. No. He had to think things through this time, bring more precision into his methods instead of brute force and intimidation. In order to beat him and find the truth once and for all, he had to think like him. And there was only one person who could help him get into the mind of that psychopath. Too bad he hated her just as much as he detested the serial killer responsible for sadistically killing all of those people ten years ago.

"Mr. Jones? I've ordered some take-out, since I don't really know what you like to eat or—" Lena started her nervous stuttering and it ticked at his patience so he simply nodded in appreciation and glanced over at Trevor.

"That's fine, Mrs. Samuels. Mind giving us a minute?" Dante asked politely as he scratched at the scruff on his chin and waited for the timid woman to leave.

"Sure. No problem. Nice to meet you Mr. Lee." Lena excused herself and headed back into the house, her heels clicking on the marble floor of his estate as she made her way towards the kitchen.

"Black belt in Martial Arts and a PhD in Forensics. A woman after my own heart." Trevor expressed as he sighed after Lena and Dante couldn't help but glare at the man. Did they all have to think with their dicks all the time? He knew he should be the last one talking. It had been a while since he'd gotten any kind of sexual release. Ten fucking years of nothing but his hand to look forward to at night to be exact. That was a long time to be a way from the outside world and the warmth a woman held between her legs.

"All of my accounts are settled?" Dante asked, and Trevor began his ramblings about his parent's will, who to contact to access his family's fortune in town. They stood by him from the moment they arrested him the night everything went to shit, all the way to the moment someone had turned in some new evidence anonymously and Trevor had contacted them six months ago to let them know he'd be free to go soon. Trevor had been the only one to inform him of their deaths, letting him know it had been a freak accident out by the main highway near the edge of town. According to the coroner's report, his father Jeremiah Jones had no choice but to swerve on some black ice in the middle of the road, hitting the tree that ultimately killed him and his mother Kim Jones.

Dante would've believed it if the report didn't also state they were decapitated instantly. No car accident would've caused that. Not with the clean cut decapitation described in the forensic report.

It was part of the Skull Man's signature and Dante took the hint. He was back, ready to slaughter more innocent people.

Getting the truth was the only thing keeping him sane the last few months in prison and he would stop at nothing until he found out if his suspicions about the Skull Man's identity were true.

"Hey, do me a favor and stay away from Hazel Nash, okay? It wont do you any favors being seen with her." Trevor advised, and he could already feel his skin burning at the sound of her name. Both out of pure rage and uncontrollable lust. It was his body's typical response to Hazel and apparently that hadn't changed even after all this time.

"You won't have to worry about that. Thanks again for everything, Trevor."

"It's what I do. Let me know if you decide to go on another murder spree though," he joked, flashing his million dollar smile as he walked towards his car then drove away shortly after.

Harry's Bar and Grill had been a favorite of Dante's since he was a kid. His father always took him there after school when his mother had been too preoccupied with her nursing duties at St. Cloud's Hospital and they always ordered the same thing, Philly cheesesteak with fries and a root beer to finish it off. He could practically taste the melted cheese combined with the juices of the steak and onions mixed together. His stomach growled impatiently as he entered the dingy bar and the sounds of old metal music playing filled his ears. It brought him back to a simpler time, where all he had to worry about were his grades in school and trying to get a date for the spring formal. Not that he hadn't been popular with the girls back then. It was his own fault for only focusing on one in particular. The same one who managed to destroy him and ultimately what he used to feel for her when she betrayed him.

It didn't help that he got hard just thinking about running into her, and yet she was everywhere, in his mind and everywhere he looked as he walked around town on his way here in a hoodie, a cap and his sunglasses. No one recognized who he was yet but he was certain his disguise wouldn't last too long. Making the best of the time he had left in anonymity, he took a seat at the bar and gave his order to the attractive redhead named Roxy who looked to be the only one working the evening shift.

"You don't look like a root beer kind of man." Roxy mentioned as she eyed him suspiciously. He looked around, checking out his surroundings out of pure habit then returned to his observant waitress.

"It's my poison," Dante alleged as he shifted in his seat and felt the sudden rush of blood go straight to his groin at catching the sight of the woman who just finished entering the bar. His mind had a slower processing rate but from what he could put together, the woman who had his dick throbbing for a quick fuck was the one and only Hazel Nash.

She looked the same, with her thick and long raven-colored hair, dark hazel, almond-shaped eyes that were evenly spaced apart below well-groomed eyebrows and the snarky smile she wore proudly on her full pink lips. The freckles that had been so sporadically scattered over her round face were long gone but her tan-colored skin still glowed somehow from the florescent lighting in this joint.

He tried to ignore how good she looked in those hip hugging jeans that stuck to her thicker thighs and focused on the man standing beside her instead. His anger hiked up another notch when he saw him kissing her hand, allowing him to notice the flashy ring on her finger. Putting a claim on her he supposed. He didn't blame him. Hazel was the type to bring out the unexpected in people. She'd been the one to bring him out of the shell he wore when they were kids, pushing him to the absolute limit just for kicks. He had to wonder if that was the reason she managed to be the only one to escape The Skull Man or if there was another reason behind it all together.

"Here's your order. Pay by the counter when you're finished." Roxy's fruity voice brought him back to his surroundings and to the heavenly dish before him, waiting to be devoured by his insatiable appetite, then she turned to tend to the other customers waiting in line. Dante squeezed past a few people before heading towards a quiet booth in the back, where he knew he wouldn't be bothered by nosy people and began to eat his meal. Once he finished off the fries and the rest of his root beer, he got up towards the men's room to wash his hands. So far, he was enjoying the solitude being unrecognizable brought to him. No one pestered him about his time in jail, if he really did kill all those people back then, how he kept himself together after being sent to prison for crimes he didn't commit. The truth was, he didn't know what to feel other than anger. And he sure as hell wasn't going to admit that to anyone. Especially not in this town where the truth didn't matter.

It had always mattered to him. As well as the old Hazel he used to love more than life itself.

Exiting the men's room, he stumbled upon the very spicy waitress named Roxy and watched how her eyes widened as his sunglasses fell to the ground.

"You''re Dante Jones," she stammered in fear and while that wasn't the response he wanted from people now that he was exonerated from being a serial killer, he'd seen that same look of trepidation in people's eyes since the day they locked him in that hellhole and told him he was going to rot there until the end of time.

"Keep this between us?" Dante suggested, slipping a twenty dollar bill into her pocket, to pay for his meal and an extra twenty to keep her quiet. He didn't want to disturb the place with his unpopular presence.

"Is any of it true?" she asked him, making his heart palpitate rapidly at the question. He wasn't sure what really happened the night he became the scapegoat for The Skull Man, but the truth would come to light soon enough. Dante was going to make sure of it.

"Would it turn you on if it was?" Dante continued, noticing how her tongue licked her lips before she answered, giving him the answer he needed.

"No," she lied and it made him snicker with amusement. His cock was still hard from seeing Hazel after ten years and what better way to get rid of his thoughts about her than to make this woman's fantasy come true?

"So if you were to touch yourself right now, slide those fingers right in between those pussy lips, you're telling me you wouldn't be wet for me?" He teased, holding her gaze as she rested her back against the door and crossed her legs.

"I have a thing for the extremely disturbed," she confessed in a whisper against his ear, and although the sickening admission should've made him back away in disgust, it wasn't the first time he'd heard someone confess their darkest of secrets to him.

"Enough to finger-fuck yourself until you came in your pretty little hand?"

"Oh, god, yes."

"Open your legs, Hazel," he ordered, feeling himself growing painfully harder by the second, seeing Hazel's face glued onto this woman's body. Would he ever be able to erase her from his thoughts?

"It's Roxy, remember?" She reminded him and he cursed underneath his breath at the fact that Hazel even had control over how he made another woman climax. His lust for her was blinding him again but he was certain after he jerked off a few times tonight, in the privacy of his own bedroom, he would regain his common sense and focus on the task at hand.

"Slip your fingers deep inside and rub your clit for me," he demanded, keeping a safe distance away from her, just in case she decided to let her fear take over again, and he watched her rub herself underneath her apron. She was wearing a jean skirt, which gave her quick and easy access as she continued to stroke herself. He was officially in full penetration mode but he intended on saving that for someone worthy.

Someone like Hazel.

No. Not her. Definitely not her. Fuck.

"You're not doing it fast enough, Roxy," he growled into her ear, and snatched her hand away, replacing it with his own. Once his fingers drowned in her river of juices, he used it to stimulate her clitoris, quickening his pace, making her gasp out of desperation. She was close to coming. He could feel her walls tighten and contract around his fingers and he keep thrusting them deep inside of her.

"Going for the home run, Roxy. You ready?" He warned with adrenaline pumping in his veins as she looked up at him and he covered her mouth with his hand and piped two fingers in and out of her furiously. Roxy came within seconds, her body shaking violently as her moans of pleasure were muffled by his hand, while he continued to drive into her until she came a second time.

The floodgates of unbridled lust had opened thanks to Roxy and he felt himself grow desperate for his own release. Roxy took notice of the bulge straining against the front of his jeans and grinned with pride at her accomplishment.

"I can take care of that for you, if you want," she offered, as she began to undo his belt, but the sound of Hazel's scream kept him from making another mistake.

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