The Siren King

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(boy/boy smut)

The Siren King




King Vezimir lay on the other side of these doors, and Henri couldn't be any more nervous. He had to remind himself why he was doing this in the first place. Henri needed to get his family out of the trenches. His whole life he dreamed of living the lavish life that comes with being an Honorary Siren. He spent many months training to lure in humans to feed his society. He couldn't be any closer to working on the front lines, there was just one last test he had to pass: seduce the siren king. This is, without a doubt, the hardest test to pass. King Vezimir has seen it all, so he won't just fall to his knees at the bat of a pretty pair of eyes. It doesn't help that the king changes his personality for each test so no one can cheat their way through. Besides, a true Honorary Siren can seduce human after human no matter how widely different their personalities are. The logic is reasonable, but not easy on the siren's end.

No, Henri mustn't overthink now. He couldn't afford to have a heart attack less than 10 feet away from his goal. Social cues are everything. Here goes...

The tall marble door creaked open to reveal a head of spiky green hair, chiseled abs and a killer glare. The King casually lay in a large circular bed eating coral chips. His only reaction to someone entering his room was a chilling moment of eye contact. Henri didn't dare show his nerves. Instead, he used his webbed feet to propel forward and prepared to put on a show.

"Hello, handsome" Henri brought forth a stern voice with a face to match. The door slammed and Henri swam above the king. "Oh boy, is that really how you're going to come in?" The king's voice was raspy and deep."Guards! Come escort this guest! He's boring me." The trainee recognized a brat when he saw it. He could easily beg the siren king to give him a chance to re-enter, but that wasn't the right thing to do here.

Henri Quickly grabbed King Vezimir's wrist with one hand and throat with the other, forcing the king to look him in the eye. "Tell your guards to back the fuck off right now."

"Or what?" King Vezimir couldn't help but smirk. Henri's mind went wild. This man was definitely hotter up close.

"Or you're going to have to be punished," Henri tightened his grip, "little man."

King Vez cackled. Revealing his sharp canines shot Henri's heart rate through the roof. He didn't dare show the arousal - at least, not his face...

“Who the hell do you think you are, coming into my territory and telling me what to do?”

Henri loosened his grip ever so slightly. "I don't see you resisting."

The King quickly slipped from his hold and pushed his guest onto his back. King Vezimir held Henri's forearms apart and straddled his waist. "What was that, sir?”

Henri's groin throbbed as he scanned his King's outstanding figure. He lifted his head as high as he could while being restrained.

“If you’re trying to convince me you don’t like this, you’re failing.” Henri blushed to the point his face felt like fire. King Vez inched closer and closer to the eager lips below him until they could practically feel each other. Then, in a flash, the king was across the room facing the door.

“Tch. I don’t even know your name. I don’t have to take this shit from you.”

“My name is Henri,” he said as he swam up behind his ruler. “And you know you want to.” Henri caressed one hand over the king’s chest and the other over his lower belly. “Just stop denying it already,” he whispered in the king’s ear. The warmth of his breath sent chills down King Vezimir’s spine. He stiffened to look unphased, but the well-trained recruit wasn’t falling for it.

“I don’t know what you’re getting at here, but-”

Henri quickly groped the king’s groin. “Quit playing dumb. You’re not fooling anyone here.” The king’s breath heightened and he began to stutter. Henri chuckled with satisfaction. “Ha! I knew you would crack under pressure.” He quickly swam around and slowly licked up King Vezimir’s inner thigh. “You know you’re beautiful when you blush.” The king shuddered as his guest pulled his zipper down with only his teeth. Henri stuck his tongue in the opening and teased through King Vez’s underwear. The ruler ran his fingers through his guest’s fluffy brown hair.

“Oh, sir Henri,” the king breathed as he clutched the back of his partner’s head. “I’m going to have a lot of fun with you.” King Vezimir began unbuckling his pants. Seeing this young student uphold his footing despite all the pressure drove him mad. Not only was this the most important test to become an Honorary Siren, but the king chose to play the stubborn tough guy role - one of the hardest ones to bypass. Confidence made the king weaker than a glory hole after a solid week.

“You say that like you’re the one in charge here.” Henri rose and forcefully pushed the king onto the bed. “Because that, your highness, is far from the truth.” By this point, Henri could easily pass the test without going all the way. All he had to do was bite the back of his prey’s head and mimic a kill. This guy made it obvious he wants more. He’s willing to go way above and beyond what’s necessary to pass. Most people (especially males) only go as far as they need to get by in this test. Seeing the lust in Henri’s eyes made him throb until it was a;most painful. If he kept this up, he’d surely become one of King Vezimir’s many lovers.

Henri swam right above his king. The young student could see the man beneath him struggle to hide his heavy breathing. Henri smirked with delight. “I’ll be the one having fun with you, King Vezimir.” The king gasped when Henri clutched his crotch. The king hadn’t been treated like a bitch in such a long time. He missed it more than he thought.

“Prove it.”

“Fuck is that supposed to mean? You think I won’t do you into your own grave?”

“Maybe not. I’ve been fucking students like you for years.”

“Guess you leave me no choice.” He leaned closer to whisper in King Vez’s ear. “I’ll have to show you who’s really king around here.” Henri kissed him before he could respond. The king’s lips were the perfect balance between soft and firm. The men were hungrily tongue wrestling before long. Henri pulled off his king’s pants and boxers to reveal a pulsating third leg. “You really tried to act like you weren’t enjoying this? You’ve got a whole seven inches proving otherwise.”

“Whatever, pipsqueak. You don’t have room to say shit with your pants tightening up the way they are.”

Henri quickly removed his own trousers to reveal a thicker, longer erection than the competition.

“Be careful who you call pipsqueak, bitch.” Henri gently rubbed one nipple with his thumb and grabbed his upper thigh with the other hand. “You’re gonna do what I say from now on, got that?”

“What if I don’t?”

Henri slightly twisted the nipple and grabbed his balls tightly. “Guess I’ll have to punish you. Do I make myself clear?”

King Vezimir’s body began to sting from Henri’s ever-going wrath. “But, I-” he tried to pull the student’s hands away. That was a mistake.

“I’m sorry, what was that?” Henri twisted and clutched harder.

“Y-Yes sir.”

“That’s more like it.” Henri loosened his grip. “I may be nice enough to let you choose your punishment once or twice…”

The king’s heart was struck with a combination of fear and arousal. Henri led a trail of soft kisses down the king’s neck, chest and abs. Once his face was less than an inch from the king’s cock, he stopped to make a request. “Suck on my fingers so I can stretch you out.” He forced three of his fingers into the king’s mouth.

“But, but,” King Vez stuttered as he reached for his own penis.

Henri slapped the hand away. “I didn’t say you could touch your fucking dick, did I? How can I prove I’m the best if you please yourself?!” The king whimpered desperately. “Now slob on these fingers until they’re soaked, or I’ll never get you off.” King Vez only responded by drooling like a mad man. He twitched his hips to stop from thrusting upward. “Ugh, fine you little whore.” Henri began stroking the king’s cock. King Vezimir sighed with relief and closed his eyes. Henri took his wet fingers out and slowly slid them inside the king. “I won’t be so merciful next time, though. So don’t get used to it,” he said before putting the king’s dick head into his mouth.

King Vezimir moaned with satisfaction. Henri stroked the scrotum, sucked the head and penetrated his asshole. “I hope you know you can’t cum until I say so.”

King Vez furrowed his brows. “What? But it’s too hard to control! S-Sir-”

“Shut-up, bitch.” The student grabbed the king’s balls. “I didn’t ask for back-talk. Don’t make me have to punish you already.”

“Yes, sir He-Hen- Oh God!” The ruler arched his back as Henri began flicking his tongue over the head’s opening and curving the fingers inside him into a hook. King Vez twitched with pleasure from his partner’s increasing speed.

“That’s right! Tell me how much you like it!”

King Vezimir moaned louder, practically gasping for air. “I love it! You’re so good!”

Henri spit on the cock before him until even the balls were soaked and stroked it faster than before. “Good. Think you’re ready for all of me yet?”

“I need you, S-Sir Henri!” King Vez whined.

“You sure? If you think you can’t handle it, I can always stop…” Henri started to wind down, and the king couldn’t take it.

“You better fuck me or so help me I’ll stick my dick so far up your ass you’ll taste my nut for weeks.”

“Jeez man, you kiss your mother with that mouth?”

“I kiss everyone with this mouth.” The king proceeded to kiss Henri’s mouth as demonstration.

Henri cupped the side of King Vez’s face. “I love your slutty little ass.” The men kissed again. Henri pulled the king’s legs apart and made entry. King Vez’s jaw dropped at the sudden aching pleasure. He clutched Henri’s shoulders to brace the entirety of the enormous cock entering. Henri kissed his partner passionately to help calm him long enough to fully enter. Feeling the king’s insides suffocate his dick made him shudder with joy. “You feel s-so perfect, my king.”

“As do you, Sir Henri,” he panted.

Henri grabbed the king’s thighs even tighter and started thrusting at a slow pace.

“You’re stretching me out so much, Sir Henri,” the king moaned softly. “Please be careful.”

“Where’s the fun in that?” Henri asked before biting King Vezimir’s neck.

“But I can’t handle such a big-”

“Did I ask for your input?” He sped up his thrusting and put his fingers around one of the king’s nipples, prepared to twist.”

“Okay, okay! I’m sorry. Just please, please!”

“Please what? You better not be trying to demand anything out of me.”

“Oh, no! I’m not!”

Henri started twisting the swollen nipple. “You’re not what?”

“I’m not demanding you! Do whatever you want with me!”

“Good boy.” Henri smacked his ass hard and penetrated faster.

King Vezimir dug his nails into his top’s back. The bed frame creaked loudly. Sweat soaked the sheets. Moans escaped the room and flooded the halls. Head, neck and shoulders were licked, sucked and bitten. Hair was pulled. Faces blushed like there was no tomorrow.

Henri gently licked and sucked a nipple just to watch the man tremble with pleasure. He sat the king up in his lap and stroked his cock while continuing to thrust. A few bed springs may have popped, but King Vez could care less. Henri’s back bled from the deep scratches, but he didn’t care. If anything, they saw the damages as an accomplishment.

Pre-cum drizzled from Henri as he reached orgasm. “No, no, no. Remember what I said. No jizzing until I say so.”

“But you feel too damn good, I fear I may pass out.”

Henri gave his face a gentle smack. “You better not pass out on me, King Vezimir.”

“Fine, I’ll just have to get you to finish so you can give me mercy.” He immediately clenched his asshole as tight as he could. The student whined “yes!” in sudden pleasure he didn’t think was possible. “That’s what I needed!” He threw his head back and moved his hips with everything he’s got.

“Can I cum yet, sir?”

“Soon as I fill you up, you can go for it,” Henri panted.

King Vezimir bit his lower lip as he struggled to hold back. He clenched harder and harder to stop the cum from escaping, and it only brought King Vez closer to his edge.

Before they knew it, buttloads of cum filled the handsome king. The warmth of the juices felt so amazing, King Vez had to ask himself if this was a dream. Cum shot up into the air like confetti, decorating the king’s chest. Henri pulled out, cuddling with the sweaty body beneath him as his vision went black. Creamy white liquid oozed from King Vezimir’s asshole as he squirmed into a suitable cuddling position.

“Dude…” the king said between breaths. “I can’t fucking see. My ears are ringing. What the hell?”

Henri chuckled. “You’re welcome.”


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