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The Seductive Barber

by Vicki C 4 years ago in erotic
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Part 3

Callie was relaxed, naked, and leaned back in the reclined barber chair. Ricardo stood over her now, feeling satisfied and wanting her to experience an orgasm that would surpass her wildest expectations. He knew instinctively, from months of careful observation: she was intrigued with the barbershop. Maybe, he thought, she had a fetish for this place, the world of barbering and haircutting.

Callie's long hair was messy after their passionate indulgence. She nervously gathered her locks, pushing them to one side. Ricardo continued to watch her.

"We made a bit of a mess, I see," he taunted. She smiled and bit her lip.

" you have a brush?" She asked, knowing full well he did.

"I do, of course, but let's talk about your hair, shall we?" Callie's eyes widened at his careful yet deliberate response.

" hair?"

"Yes. We both know that's a big part of the reason you're here, right?" Callie realized for certain now that he knew. Ricardo was aware of her secret fetish. An itch to experience the act of submitting to a shearing. To have him, now that they were together, take a dominant role in doing whatever he wanted to her hair and body. She wanted that feeling, that sense of release.

"You have lovely hair," he pulled up the long tresses as he spoke. "..thick, shiny, and natural...but it appears as though I made a mess in it." He clenched her locks in his fist. "We must do something about that..."

Pacing around the chair, Callie felt her pulse quicken. Ricardo held on to her tightly as he reached the barbering tools just in front of her. At the mirror, he positioned her head to view.

"I want you to watch, very closely." Callie's reflection made her feel vulnerable. She was already naked and without a cape. Her hair was pulled up over her head, like a ball of silky fabric. Ricardo slowly reached for the brush, then stopped.

"A brush, you say? I think we are beyond that now." He swiftly moved towards the scissors, lifting them gently out of their container, opening the blades and positioning them around her hair. In full view. In the mirror. Callie gasped. Her body tensed.

The metal shears sliced through her thick, messy hair, leaving shortened locks falling into her eyes, around her face. Her mouth dropped open in shock. She had never cut her hair this much before, and yet here a stranger was doing this as she watched. When the blades finished severing off her hair, he held them up high like a trophy.

"See this?" He was enjoying the extreme of it, experiencing a rush from having this control over her. Callie froze.

"Yes...I do...It's a lot!" The remaining hair resembled a disheveled bob. Ricardo placed the pile of removed hair on the table of the station next to them. Concentrating on Callie, he fingered through what was left.

"Well now...we can't let this stay all messy now can we?" He reached for the scissors to trim and shape the bob to a much shorter style. A vintage, classic bob with a short fringe. Ricardo took his time to ensure the cut was lined up evenly. Then he reached for the clippers.

Callie had thought he was done. The mere sight of clippers made her nervous. Gently, firmly, Ricardo pushed her head down until her chin touched her chest. The clippers switched on...

"Remain still...," he ordered, holding her head in place with his hand on the crown. The teeth of the clippers began at the bottom of her hairline, shaving up to the short bob, and slightly underneath the bob, creating a little undercut. Callie remained silent, submitting to the process. She closed her eyes to relish the experience, growing more aroused and wet as she did. When he was finished, Ricardo dusted off the stray hairs with a brush and positioned her head to view the new look in the mirror. With both hands.

Callie barely recognized herself, and the intensity of the shock delayed her response. Ricardo knew instinctively that she was ready and excited. He reached for her breasts, fondling them as she ran her fingers through the short layers of hair, feeling the buzzed nape. Ricardo's hands massaged her skin, caressing slowly and sliding down in between her thighs. She was soaked and aroused, moaning as he fingered her clitoris while whispering in her ear.

"Spread your legs babe, I'm going to make you cum..."


About the author

Vicki C

I began writing erotic fantasy short stories in 2011, which feature BDSM and fetishes. When I'm not writing, I work a regular job, enjoy cycling, travelling, rock concerts and reading.

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