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The secret life of a Call Girl….

My tell all, this blog is about my life as a call girl and the situations I find myself in and the messages and calls I get.. welcome to an inside look into the private underworld and secret society associated with being an escort, you will be amazed at how dumb men can be and astonished at the stupid stiff they say…

By Nicole PostonPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

I’m Nikki Sixxx and I’m an escort in the United States. I have been in this life for over 20 years and I must say I have came across some of the most deranged, ignorant, rude, funny, angry, pathetic and not so pathetic men. Characters are probably a better term. I sometimes wonder what goes through these guys heads as they scroll the adult classified ads looking for a girl to come satisfy their loins. For the life of me I will never understand some of the shit that ponders it’s way out of these horny minds and lands in my cell phone either via voice call or text message. There is also never a shortage of dick pics… short, long, fat, slim, crooked, curved, flaccid, erect, black, tan, white… I mean, do these guys have no shame? I hate to get the first text and it’s a dick pic, or a bbbj (bare back blow job), like, HELLO!! You’re calling a sex worker and asking for a bare screw… haven’t you heard of AIDS, Gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia? Then the following comments usually fall in the form of how much and what am I going to get… I swear some of these dummies' Must either forget or fail to realize that they are in the midst of committing a crime, Punishable at least as a misdemeanor.

My life is chaotic and entertaining, demanding, comical and sometimes scary. It can be fun and can be draining, but the money is the obvious attraction.

The “game” has changed quite a bit over the years and I must say it’s at its worst in 2022. The scams, dangers, the scandals; they happen on both sides of the fence. But, hey America, it’s an era of technology where there’s an app for everything… including ordering a chick straight to your door… The scammers, thieves and blackmailers are in full force, armed and ready to take your pockets, bank accounts, and lives away in the blink of an eye. No one is safe, but some are undoubtedly satisfied with taking a chance to either get their rocks off or make a quick buck. Ahhhh, The stories I have to tell…..

Welcome to a window into the life of a new age call girl. I have so many stories to tell about calls, texts and emails I receive and also the appointments I take and the bizarre situations I seem to find myself in at 3 AM… I deal with all kinds of people and my interactions, though brief, are never short of a modern day adventure. This blog is about my life, my stories and my day-to-day routines necessary to make an income in an industry that’s completely broken. At the end of the day, My cohorts and I are people. We are ladies, we are somebody’s mother, sister, daughter, aunt, and hell some are even grandmas… Yes, we may sell our time and some may sell their bodies but we have feelings and face horrible scrutinization for our lifestyle. The dangers are imminent, but unfortunately, most of us are students, single mothers, drug addicts Or just plain nympho’s and in this day and age life is expensive and Thanks to COVID’s presence over the last few years, a lot of us are financially insecure. What attracts us to this life, the “game” is vastly different amongst us all but we share one common denominator… And that’s that MEN SAY THE STUPIDEST SHIT!!!

I have screenshots of these interactions and pictures of these “Romeos” and although I disguise their personal information and phone numbers, they lack no luster of complete and utter stupidity… stay tuned for an exhilarating and entertaining View into my crazy, undeniably insane world… I promise what I have to tell and show you will leave you craving more of the “circus” that I call life.


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Nicole Poston

Hello! I’m from North Carolina and writing is a passion and life long dream of mine. I write many different genres and styles. Please like, comment and share. It helps give me the confidence to share. Oh and please subscribe!!

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  • Rusya kirijaabout a year ago

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