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The Sailor's Wife (Pt. 1)

by Alix Nicole 2 years ago in fiction

Part 1

*Just want to stress that this is purely fiction and using creative license and freedom purely for writing and entertainment purposes. And no, it is not based on me, I am not that type of girl.*

She sat next to him on the couch. She couldn't help but stare at him as he watched TV, not knowing that she had looked in his direction multiple times. They had known each other since she had visited her husband for their anniversary. At that point, this guy meant nothing to her, just another one of her husband's friends. But as she got to know him over the last few weeks, she realized that she liked him. But that was impossible. She was happily married to the love of her life who was on deployment and knew in her heart that she could never cheat on her husband. She loved him and couldn't wait until he got back from deployment. She had met her husband's friends in the past and she never thought anything of them.

But something about this one was different. She couldn't help but feel these urges towards him. She didn't know why she was feeling this way. The only person who made her feel this way up until now was her husband. He hadn't touched her and for some reason she just kept getting these urges to just go over to his side of the couch, straddle him and just make out with him. She was confused as to why she wanted to do this. She had never wanted to do this with another man but her husband. But then again her husband had been dropping the ball for the past four years, and she married him praying to God that it would somehow change. But it didn't change. He chose to be the same guy who would only touch her when he wanted sex, when he wanted something, or if he needed money. He would complain when they spent time together and was always on his phone. Hell, if she stood in front of the TV naked he wouldn't notice unless it was on his phone.

One night, when she had a little too much to drink, she decided she didn't care anymore. She looked at him on the couch and decided she wasn't going to lie to herself anymore. She wanted this man. She wanted to have him, even if it was only for one night. With her wine glass in her hand, she carefully went over to his side of the couch and sat very close to him. He looked at her and had a confused look on his face as to what was going on. All she could look at was his lips and how much she wanted to kiss them and feel them on her lips. She inched in closer and closer until she finally pressed her lips to his. She could feel him fighting, but she didn't care. He pulled away from her, knowing it was wrong. But at the same time, he couldn't help but want to reciprocate. But it was wrong and he knew it. But at the same time, he kind of wanted it and he definitely knew now she wanted it too. Instead of completely pushing her away, he wrapped her arms around her and cuddled her on the couch. He started caressing her face with his hand and she was gladly receiving it. She felt a warmth down her spine, something she hadn't felt since before she met her husband. She planted a small kiss at the nape of his neck.

He chuckled, "Behave yourself."

She chuckled back, "I will if you will."


Alix Nicole

24 year old doggy mommy to an an adorable 2 year old Shiba Inu named Lucy. Loves history, loves to write and relax while enjoying a nice cup of coffee.

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Alix Nicole
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