The Ritual

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An Intense Experience

The Ritual

"Are you ready?" the thin older butler asked, with his hand on the door. He nodded stiffly and the latch swung open. A long aisle lined with small sculptures of nymphs made of ebony colored wood leads to an ornate alter decorated with more limbs tangled and intertwined of the same dark material. Atop the piece was a stretch of crimson silk that billowed down the side. Extended candelabras were ablaze with black candles that illuminated the room. Off to the left was another door that suddenly opened and shed more light into the room. It was time.

There she was, the love of his life, led into the room with another woman guiding her; she was naked, blindfolded, and her hands were softly bound in front of her. Her bare feet shuffled across the floor as she approached the altar. Her breathing became audible when the guide left, closing the door behind her. In the candlelight, she was gorgeous, her white creamy skin looked luminescent and her black hair tumbled over her breasts, which were now heaving with anticipation. He wanted to crush her to him, kiss her madly and give her all the pleasure she needed now, but he held back. They had waited the endless eternity it took to get here, to finally be able to perform with their bodies what their souls had done long before. The Binding Ritual.

He was draped in a forest green robe with the Order of the Stone insignia embroidered in black, a large hood framed his face. His dark eyes were all over her as if he had never seen her before. A small chime rang and he stepped to the red soaked alter, turned to the matching small chest of drawers and opened it. The gleaming of the instruments shined like sunlight in the frozen dark. A small thin but lethally sharp dagger, a metal wire rope wrapped in fabric and two pieces of finger armor with menacing looking blades. Kneeling down to the chest, he removed his hood before the second chime rang.

She stepped forward, only one step as this is how it began.

"Straight, four steps," he commanded. She obeyed.

"Left two steps," was his next order. She obeyed.

"Straight two steps," his voice began to shake due to her nearness. She obeyed. He took a deep breath, focused on her beautiful face, and spoke:

"Lie down, my mate, and be unblind. For what now proceeds takes more than the mind.

Look at me now and see what's true,

Give over self and surrender you. With this union with life's only key, I bind you to me eternally." His erect need was painful beneath his robe, but he did not falter. Nor did she as he unbound her wrists and she removed her own blindfold to return his gaze with a look of pure love.

"I see thee now, as you have wished.

And that life's key will endure my kiss.

For as I drink your sacrifice in,

Our eternal world shall begin."

With this, he took the two silver finger pieces and slid them onto each of her forefingers. Designed to look like a silver snake wrapped around the finger down to the top knuckle and the tail extending to a deadly looking fingernail; he always knew how she loved her finger armor. This was for her. He then took the tiny blade into his hand and looked deeply at her. They both drew a serious breath, and a small tear rolled down her cheek. He looked to the black candles, almost out. He wasn't allowed to speak but incantation, but he had until the flame flickered out before he was in violation. With that, he leaned forward and licked the tear off her face and kissed her passionately. Pulling back just in time, the last candle extinguished, and the bright light of the moon came through the now open skylight. As soon as her flesh reflected the silver of the sky, he slit her perfect breast three inches above the nipple. The sting made her moan. Beautiful scarlet rubies dripped down her white skin leaving trails of lush pink in their wake. One on each side and she was soon panting with need.

"Gods of the Stone, let our vow be accepted, " he moaned before bending down to lick blood from her chest. She stroked his back and trailed her hands up and down before digging hard with her armor. A roar of real pain ripped through him and the warmth of his blood touched her fingers. She drew them to her mouth and tasted.

"Gods of the Stone, let our vow be accepted," she repeated. He took the wire rope and bound his right wrist, leaving enough in the end for her to do the same. Once connected, he stays there, hovered over her, member throbbing, her every breath taunting him. Both had blood around their lips, both were trembling, yet so still they could have been statues. They never left each other's eyes. A lifetime later, the third chime rang and he came down on top of her. Mouth to mouth, blood to blood, he took her. One handed and mad with want they both clawed pulled and all but climbed into one another until they erupted together. Breathless, they repeated in unison,

"Gods of the Stone, let our vow be accepted."

And at that moment, their lives were never the same.

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