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The Rebound

by Amanda U about a year ago in fiction

Part 2

At the end of part one Amber has learned that her husband of 15 years Aaron has had an affair. She had been a dutiful and loving wife but looking back she saw the signs particularly his lack of intimacy. Amber is feeling unattractive unloved and unwanted when her best friends Ann and Mike decide to hook Amber up with Mike’s friend Dan for a night she’ll never forget.....

Dan escorted me to the passenger door of his car opened it and ensured I was tucked safely inside. He climbed in the drivers seat and leaned over toward me. He got right by my ear and in a barely audible voice that was almost a growl said “I’m really glad you’re with me tonight” my stomach tightened. Oh my goodness Aaron never caused this feeling in me. Dan and I chit chatted on the way out of

town and he pulled up to the most adorable Italian restaurant I’ve ever seen. The walls were brick except one which had a lovely mural. The wall sconces were dimmed low but twinkle lights were strung up everywhere. The booths were all rounded u’s to seat multiples and tables sere scattered through the dining room. Each had a candle burning on it.

Dan slid to the middle of a booth and tapped the seat for me to sit right next to him. Once there he took my chin and turned my face to his. “You have the most beautiful green eyes I’ve ever seen” he said and kissed my forehead. My stomach clenched. How quickly can we get through dinner was all I could think.

Dan ordered for both and got me chicken parm. “oh my goodness that’s my favorite!” I exclaimed.

“I know” he said “you told me at Mike and Ann’s summer party last year.”

“You remembered?”

“Of course. I also remember what a tool that husband of yours was, arguing with Mike like he knew everything about food and Mike wasn’t fit to flip burgers.” I remembered this all too well and stared down at the table “but” dan said lifting my chin up “that’s not why we’re here” and with that he kissed me in the middle of a booth in an empty dining room. The kiss was ever so soft but I could tell he wanted more. He was afraid to push more thinking he wouldn’t hold back. He looked at me like he would eat me instead of food “I can’t wait to get you home”

I decided to be a bit daring. I discreetly reached under my skirt and slid off those lacy panties Ann picked out I slid them in Dan’s pocket. As I did my hand brushed by how excited he was and the size I felt said it was going to be a good night. Dan reached in his pocket felt my panties and smirked “oh someone’s playful already” he said as he reached under the table. His fingers made a torturous journey up and down my thigh before reaching my inner thigh. My legs parted slightly and his fingers found their center target. He got very close to my ear and growled “so wet for me already” he bit my earlobe and sat up straight as food arrived. I could barely hold my breathe from what he had just done.

We chatted and laughed like old friends all through dinner. The waitress asked if we wanted dessert. I was so full and declined. After she walked away to prepare the bill Dan got close to my ear and said “I’ll be making dessert out of you at home” Dan paid the bill and we left.

Just when we get to the parking lot who do we run into but Aaron and his little blond friend. Upon seeing Dan and I he dropped the blond’s hand and marched over. I grabbed onto Dan’s arm for comfort. Dan put his hand up and said “we’re not doing this here Aaron”

“No one asked you” Aaron snapped. “What the fuck Amber?

“Good bye Aaron” I said walking away with Dan.

“Come on babe you’re gonna leave me for him?”

I turned around “first of all your ‘babe’ is over there sulking at the ground second you chose to make knocky boots with her so that dissolved our marriage not this. This is me moving on.”

I turned to walk away just as Aaron spouted off “hey dan yo dude enjoy my sloppy seconds” before I realized what happened Dan was over there in a flash and punched Aaron square in the jaw. Aaron hit the ground.

“I will enjoy and treasure every bit of this fine lady this evening. Enjoy your dinner”

Dan held the car door open for me I got in and cried. Dan slid in the drivers seat. He grabbed a cloth from his cup holder and wiped my eyes. “Don’t listen to that jerk” he said. “You are a treasure.” The crying subsided and I apologized. Dan didn’t deserve this. “Come on. Come over, spend the night and let me hold you. We don’t have to do anything else."

I nodded he was being so incredibly sweet and looked so hot doing it. Come over? Yes I will. Cuddle? Absolutely. Just cuddle? Not a chance.

Stay tuned to find out how this date ends.

Amanda U
Amanda U
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