The Reality Part One

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The Reality Part One

Somehow, free sex had become our reality. No one remembered when or how the transition had occurred, but it had definitely occurred. The remnants of an old, outdated morality had been swept away and replaced with an anything goes ideology. Curiously enough, men and women alike had opted out of practicing criminal activity in favor of pursuing more sensual delights. Sex ceased to be a taboo topic and with that abolition came a sexually liberated adult population.

One would imagine more sexual assaults would occur, but that was also not the case. People just seemed to be completely comfortable with sex. It became normal to visit formerly taboo sites such as nude beaches and elaborate sex clubs. Sporting events and movie theaters became obsolete. Even filmed pornography was less popular in favor of the new dynamic and voyeurism grew too. Friends would ask their friends if they could watch and many exhibitionist couples readily complied.

This was one of my favorite things to do. Live action porn had always been my thing and I had a number of friends who were none to shy. It was quite a turn on to watch others fuck while I sat just a few feet away. Bodies slapping together, hard dicks disappearing into soaking wet pussies, breasts bouncing. It was a voyeur’s playground.

Rather than working, I was fantasizing about just such a thing in my office cubicle when my boss walked up. She glanced down and licked her lips seductively as she beheld my hand closed around my erect dick. It jumped in my hand as she did so. I stroked it slowly as I met her gaze.

“Yes Jessica?”

“When you’re done playing with yourself, I need that report you promised me.”

“Will do Boss Lady,” I promised as I spun away from her, still stroking.

A few moments passed as I pleasured myself with one hand and pecked at my keyboard with the other. Peripherally, I saw Jessica walk up beside me. Her long white legs were a stark contrast to her black mini dress. They were also quite shapely and I loved watching her walk. She looked good coming and going.

“Was there something else?”

She didn’t say a word as she lifted one leg up to place it on my desk. She hiked her skirt up over her hips and turned my chair towards her. . Placing her hand on the back of my head, she pulled me forward towards her waiting pussy until my face was buried. I inhaled the scent of her and my dick jumped again. My tongue reached for her of its own accord and I slowly licked her valley until I encountered her clit. I rested my tongue against it and felt it throbbing. With my free hand (you know, the one that was typing?) I grabbed one of her ass cheeks and pulled her closer to my hungry mouth.

She moaned throatily and undulated her hips as she rode my tongue. Her gasps came faster and faster and she tightened her grasp on my head. She came powerfully, her pussy juice running over my lips, down my chin.

She righted herself and straightened her dress. I wiped my face as best I could.

“I’ll have that report for you soon Jessica.”

“See that you do,” she smirked.

Later as I walked home, I considered stopping by to see my friends Toni and Jackie. I was feeling like a threesome and they were always game. I sidestepped a man who was pounding his dick into a woman doggystyle against a mailbox and considered joining them instead. She did have a fantastic ass. It bounced deliciously every time his thrusts met her body Instead,I briefly cupped her breast, gave the guy a high five and kept moving.

My cellphone buzzed in my pocket. I fished it out and peered at the screen. It was Toni.

Thirty minutes later, she was riding my face while Jackie reverse cowgirled the hell out of my thick manhood. The moans and whimpers of their combined passion made me horny as fuck and I grabbed Toni’s ass cheeks in both hands and guided her as my tongue reminded her of why we even had sex. Jackie was a master at fucking. I was enjoying the steady rhythmic slapping as her ass met my groin again and again. Her hips moved like a precision piston as she reached for her third climax. I was happy to give it to her.

Of the three of us, Toni came first, her soaking wet pussy painted my lips feverishly as her clit throbbed and her body convulsed. She clutched the headboard and rotated her hips against my mouth to gain the maximum orgasmic experience.

Jackie was next. Her ass bounced violently on me as she all but screamed out my name. When she exploded, the tremors from her body shook the bed. I smiled as best I could beneath Toni’s pussy. Then it was my turn. Jackie’s throbbing pussy sent me over the edge and I pushed Toni aside, she took the hint quickly and shoved at Jackie’s back, who also took the hint. By the time my cum erupted from my thick hardened pole, both of them were there to catch every drop. Two sets of juicy lips sucked hungrily at me and took their fill of hot cum.

Afterwards we lay intertwined, I was half watching TV. Toni had one of her thighs thrown across my lap, smoking a cigarette and Jackie was snoring softly and contentedly on my right. Toni blew out a ring of smoke and glanced at me.

“Hey Mandingo,” she smiled. Why so quiet?”

She’d given me the nickname the first time we’d fucked and she’d seen my dick. I thought I was average, but she contended that I was ginormous.

“I was just thinking,” I replied.


“A world without all of this sex.”

She laughed out loud at that and took another drag on the cigarette before responding. “Who would want to live in such a world?”

“I’m serious. What if the world were more prudish and less horny? What would that be like?”

“I’d imagine it would be boring as hell,” she replied. She turned slightly towards me.

“What brought on this brainstorm?”

“A sore dick for one. These women out here don’t care how many times I’ve cum today. I wouldn’t mind a break sometimes.”

She shrugged. “Lock your door and take a nap.”

“I tried that,” I replied. “My Landlady has a spare key.”

Her eyebrow raised slightly.

“I’m serious.” I said.

She giggled softly as she moved to extinguish her cigarette.

“Well you could always invent something to cover your dick up in your down time. Something with a lock and key.”

“I’m being serious. Besides, who would wear something so stupid?”

“Other than you? I’m guessing nobody on the planet. Maybe you should do what Jacks and I do.”

“Which is?”

“We carry ice packs everywhere we go.”

Tim Ellerbe II
Tim Ellerbe II
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