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The Price of Her Happiness

What price will a young man pay to keep her happy? Whatever price was required!

By Jason Ray Morton Published 3 months ago 4 min read
By J.Morton using Bing Image Creator

Some things just were what they were. It was a lesson J.T. learned quickly. In a sexually competitive world, to keep an assertive, aggressive, and kinky woman like Susanne happy meant paying a price. In her case, the price might as well have been his soul.

J.T. was young. He was barely 25 when the two met. His days were busy with work and his free time was busy chasing a dream. There was something about Susanne that he couldn't get her out of his mind.

Susanne wasn't shy about her attraction to J.T. She didn't believe a young one like him could handle her needs. She knew that he was attracted to her, and why wouldn't he be? Susanne was in great shape for 48, kept her hair dyed blonde and tanned, and worked out regularly. She easily was the most attractive woman in the office, especially with her hauntingly blue eyes.

Their torrid affair started like others, but when it carried past just a weekend fling, she had the talk with her new trophy.

"If we're to be together, you're going to have to be willing to submit to me."

She explained to JT that it meant what she said goes. If she wanted it, he had to do it. JT was now, when not at work or reasonably busy, under her control.

He agreed, and without hesitation. J.T. was so enamored with her that he was like a sailor under the spell of a siren, and nothing would break her spell.

One night, sitting at home, J.T. got a text message from Susanne. It was a surprise. He read the message:

I miss you, baby. I want to see you. Come to my place and text me when you're outside.

J.T. put on a pair of running shoes and excitedly sped across town. When he pulled up to the front of her brownstone, he sent her a text alerting her that he was there.

Moments later, he could see Susanne walk out onto her porch. She was wearing one of his favorite tanks he lifted weights in, and a thong swimsuit bottom. Her white tennis shoes caught the light.

Susanne skipped down to JTs Challenger. She hopped in and kissed him deeply.

"You're so crazy," he told her, impressed by the public bravado.

"You like seeing me take risks like this, don't you?" she asked, biting her lower lip.

There was no denying that he loved it.

"I'm glad you like it so much," she told him, sitting back and pulling the loose-fitting tank top between her breasts.

Susanne pulled JT to her, pushing his face into one of her boobs. As JT tongued her hardening nipples, she let out a soft moan. When his hand found her slit and his thumb rubbed her the right way, she moaned even louder.

"Now," she told him, "It's your turn."

"My turn to what?"

"Strip, take everything off, and throw it in the back seat," she told him with a wicked grin.

Seriously, he thought as she waited. It was after dark, and he did have tint on the windows. But he'd never been in such a risky position. Finally relenting, J.T. took everything off except his shoes.

Susanne purred as she let her hand run over his formed chest, down his defined abs, and to his inner thigh as she made sure to graze his jewels. J.T. twitched with excitement she could feel oozing off him.

Slowly, Susanne began to stroke his cock up and down, mesmerizing him with her method. Looking him deep in the eyes, she smiled as she dropped her head, opened her mouth, and took half of him before wrapping her lips tightly around him. She bobbed her head up and down, taking him right to the edge.

"I want you to finish while I watch," she told him.

J.T. took his cock in his hand and slowly glided it up and down his length, his breathing becoming more and more labored as he got worked up. Susanne was whispering in his ear how hot it made her to watch him, to see his hand pumping his cock that way.

"Cum for me, J.T. I want to see it," she told him.

Faster and faster he began to pump himself as Susanne leaned into him, running her hands over his body. As she teased him relentlessly, neither of them noticing the cars driving by, or the people occasionally passing on foot, J.T. began to moan louder.

Finally, he erupted all over himself.

"Mmm, that was hot," cooed Susanne, rubbing his jizz into his still half-hard prick. She took her finger and licked it as he watched.

"I'm glad you approve," said J.T, still panting.

"Well, I'm going to catch some sleep," said Susanne, pulling the tank top over her head and throwing it to him.

As Susanne calmly walked back to her porch, stopping to blow him a kiss, J.T. was in one of those moments where he realized, this was the price of being with someone as demanding as Susanne.

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Jason Ray Morton

I have always enjoyed writing and exploring new ideas, new beliefs, and the dreams that rattle around inside my head. I have enjoyed the current state of science, human progress, fantasy and existence and write about them when I can.

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  • Randy Wayne Jellison-Knock3 months ago

    I have to admit, that was not quite what I expected. I figured someone who needed to be in such control of a relationship would have had him give her the keys, then walk on home (getting to keep his shoes on, of course).

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