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The Painting

A appointment for a portrait

By Forest GreenPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
The Painting
Photo by David Pisnoy on Unsplash

Ben is a painter with his own temporary art studio which is in a basement in an apartment building. What he does is mostly nude paintings. He recently did a reaction to the Birth of Venus and is set to make a new painting. He had scheduled an appointment with Amanda, one of his classmates from art class. She approached him on being the model for his next painting and he agreed. So they arranged to do the painting on a Saturday afternoon. Then comes the Saturday afternoon where he is preparing to do the painting. He brings out the canvas, two paintbrushes and some paint. Then he hears a knock on the door and goes to open it. It is Amanda in the doorway and she is wearing a white dress and a brown jacket. She is greeted by Ben and asks him where she can change for the painting. She goes to the bathroom to change and a red robe is in there for her. Ben waits in the next two minutes for her to change. She then comes out of the bathroom wearing the red robe. Ben notices her and quickly grabs a paintbrush to begin painting. She then proceeds to take the robe off showing off her shapely body. She puts the robe down and sits on a chair putting her hair in a ponytail as Ben begins to paint. He starts off with quickly sketching her on the paper. He had to concentrate on drawing her right without messing up. While doing so he starts to feel an erection through his trousers. While facing straight at the wall she quickly turns to him and sees that he is getting hard. She then turns back to the window pretending that she had not seen anything. After the sketch was done Ben moved on to the paint. As he begins putting on the paper, she starts playing with her big tits which he starts to notice. He almost drops his paintbrush and his erection just got harder. She quickly sees him nearly dropping it and chuckles. Once he finishes putting the paint on the portrait he shows her the finished project. She smiles upon seeing the finished painting and hugs him to thank him for making a perfect portrait of her. They both look at each other for a few seconds and they then kiss while still hugging each other. He always admired how beautiful her curvy naked body looked even while painting her portrait. Even while not a movement she felt her thick buttocks jigging and huge tits bouncing. Ben then removes his pants and Amanda sees his hard cock and she jerks on it making it more stiff. She slowly rubs on it, feeling him throb all because of the excitement of painting her portrait. He then gently inserts it inside of her clean shaven box. He thrusts inside while they are both standing up. She leans more towards him and grinds on his dick fast. He then caresses her big titties as she is holding onto him. As he is thrusting very quickly, they are both moaning very loudly. He then quickly pulls out and inserts his still hard erection and jerks on it fast as he feels that he is about to cum. Amanda sees how much he is throbbing and about to cum. She then jerks it herself quickly and he then cums all over her face and chest while he groans. He grabs a couple of paper towels for him and Amanda to clean themselves. After she cleans herself, she goes back to the bathroom to get dressed. Ben then tells her he will send her a copy of her portrait in a couple of days.


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Forest Green

Hi. I am a writer with some years of experiences, although I am still working out the progress in my work. I make different types of stories that I hope many will enjoy. I also appreciate tips, and would like my stories should be noticed.

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