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The Other Woman

by Carol Townend 12 months ago in lgbtq
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Sometimes our sexual desires must be fulfilled in secret...

The Other Woman
Photo by V T on Unsplash

I'm staring out of the window of a moving train, my eyes taking in the lush view of velvet green fields blanketed in a beautiful vibrant rainbow of different flowers and animals feeding on green pastures. I am bored out of my skull! My husband is sat beside me with his head in a book, he has been reading this book for almost an hour and a half of our journey. We are heading to Scarborough, North Yorkshire, from Bournemouth in Dorset. The journey is going to take at least seven hours, and the silence is doing my head in. After many long hours of traveling in total silence, the train stops at a station to pick up other travelers, and that was when I saw her.

She steps on the train and my eyes catch her like a magnet. She has long velvet chocolate dark hair and beautiful hazel eyes that sparkle like diamonds when the light catches them. She is only 5ft and 4 inches tall and she is wearing a silky floral cami-top with a pair of boot-leg jeans that really flatter her gorgeous curvy figure. I can feel my blood running through my veins like having warm salted caramel dark chocolate running through me. I picture her naked, lying on my bed while I cover her in the same chocolate and lick it off her, that picture in my mind just makes me feel more heated and I want her right now, though I must refrain, I am married and she doesn't know me. My husband has fallen asleep; he doesn't notice that I am mesmerized by this woman, maybe that's a good thing, some secrets are not for telling. In fact, I had no idea that I could be tempted to want sex with a woman so badly until now. I wonder who she is? I refrain from asking.

She suddenly gets up, and for a moment I think she is about to move seats. However, she only wants to go to the toilet. I watch her move, and to my embarrassment, she catches my eye and smiles at me. I lower my lashes so that she can't see the embarrassment in my eyes, though I can feel my cheeks flush like the hot sun, so I know she has seen me. She spends about ten minutes in the toilet and I'm already imagining her naked in there. I am tempted to masturbate, but I must remember I am on a train! My blood is flowing like warm red wine through my body and I can feel my pulse down there. I am sexually frustrated now. My clitoris feels tight, and I can feel my vagina pulsing. I know I want her! I feel like I am going to explode like the sun.

My husband stirs, but only for a brief second.

"Are we there yet?" He asks.

"What?" I ask. I am paying no attention because my mind is completely focused on the other woman. I feel drunk like I have been on wine every day for a month; that's okay I am a writer and I spend half of my nights stuck in a glass of merlot and a pen that flows like black blood on paper anyway. I start to sketch the fantasy of a sex story with the other woman inside my head, only turning myself on even more.

I finally wake up from my dream, and reply,

"We have at least four hours to go."

My husband mumbles something under his breath and goes back to sleep, for the entire journey.

I think to myself, 'so this is how it's going to be then? Him sleeping for the rest of our holiday as always!

This is the story of our 5-year marriage. We stay in, he sleeps. We go out, he comes home and sleeps. We watch a film, he sleeps. I spend more days and nights alone nowadays, usually stuck in reading or writing. Being alone reading or writing is something that I don't mind since that is my main career and something I love spending hours doing. However marriage is also about company, and my marriage is completely void of that! I can't even remember the last time we had sex! Maybe two years ago? Who knows! I do know that even though I am married, I have always had a deep connection to women, though this is the first time I have ever felt so sexually attracted to another woman. Maybe it's real or maybe it's the fact my husband is a boring old git. I just do not know! All I know is this woman is food to me and I'm starving for her. I only ate two minutes ago, so I'm sure I'm not hungry for food. I'm hungry for sex, though this time not with a man.

We finally arrive at Scarborough train station, and she finally stops to say hello. My husband seems to get some amusement from this.

"Hi, my name is Kate. Are you here on holiday?" She asks us. I'm melting like ice cream in extremely hot weather.

"Um...yes. We are here for a week. It's nice to meet you, Kate. My name is Caroline, and the man is my husband, Steve." I reply.

Kate looks disappointed. I am kicking myself like a football, but she does need to know the truth. I could have hidden the truth, Steve is so ignorant of me, he wouldn't even know, and besides, it would be nice to have some actual company, instead of the sleepy lazy assed night owl all the time. Our entire marriage is based on sleep, and it gets boring!

Steve finally speaks. It's the first time he has spoken in about five solid hours.

"Do you two know each other?" he asks.

"Um...we met on the train," I explain quickly.

Kate senses the hesitation in my voice. From the look she is giving me, It is pretty obvious to me that she has already picked up on our less than exciting marriage. She justs nods and agrees with me. I'm grateful for this because it means I won't have to put up with the million-pound questions I would have got from Steve later.

Steve sits on a bench, leaving me to haul out the luggage by myself. I roll my eyes. It's the same bloody thing every time! I always end up being his packhorse whether at home or not! I struggle with the last bag...Steves bag! Kate notices and helps me with it, while at the same time shooting a dirty look at Steve. We decide to go and grab coffee together before I have to set off on my not not-so-old routine of unpacking everything. Steve decides not to come with us because as usual, he is 'too tired,' or so he says!

I and Kate find a tea-room called Molly's. She refuses to let me pay! I'm not used to that because Steve usually makes me pay for everything. She stands at the counter, and I take advantage of being alone with her, taking in her gorgeous curves and oh so lush, slender legs. Katy Perry's song 'I kissed a girl,' is blasting over the radio, sending a million thoughts through my mind. I suddenly want to kiss her, but yet again, I must refrain, I am married. I know he would never think I'd go off with a female, but I've never been unfaithful, and I never thought of myself as capable of it. However, the more I stare at her, the stronger the urge. I panic and look away, as she catches my eyes and looks deep into them. Those luscious hazel eyes definitely do something to me.

Kate and I sit down at our table, smiling at me she hands me a coffee complete with cream then she sits opposite me, and says.

"He doesn't help you much does he."

I reply, "What do you mean?"

She answers, "He could have helped you with those bags. He is your husband, he is supposed to help you with things like that."

I know she is right, but I'm not sure how to answer her. What the hell! She has already picked up on my marriage problems, and we have only just started talking.

I reply, "He's just a lazy git. He sleeps all the time unless football is on the television."

I then blurt out, "I can't remember the last time we had sex! We rarely go anywhere together. Welcome to the life of single marriage-dom."

Kate can see the tears welling up in my eyes. She puts her arm around me to comfort me. I don't normally cry, but she hit the spot by being the first to call Steve out on his behavior towards me.

I wonder why I stay in this boring marriage. I do have some feelings for him, but not like I used to. When Steve first started dating me, he used to take me on dates, help me clean, go clubbing and talk about writing. We then married, and things changed. Over the last 5 years, I have done literally everything by myself while he sleeps, drinks, and watches football, In fact, the only time he is awake is when there is a match on. We have no kids, so he has no excuse and the only thing I can think of is that I must be a very boring wife. However, that does not sum up my personality at all! I'm normally friendly, caring, and very outgoing. I have lots of friends, though they don't believe that I and Steve are still married because they never see us together. I find myself getting angrier, the more we talk about this. Kate notices and changes the subject.

"Look, it sounds like you need a break and some good company. I'm planning on going to the seafront later, we could have some good fun together. Do you want to come with me? I'll be alone too, I'm single and holidaying by myself anyway."

I think about this, though I know Steve will be annoyed. To hell with what he thinks! this girl is bloody beautiful, and she seems much more fun than my husband. I smile and take the offer anyway.

We finally make it to the hotel, where I am left to unpack the luggage by myself. I am meeting Kate at South-bay at 6 p.m, and at this rate, I won't make it. Steve is in a mood with me because he knows I'm going out. He argued 'there is a 'footie match on later, and he wasn't going to miss it.' I asked him what we were doing after that, as usual, he complained and said he was knackered so he was going to bed. I decided it was time to call him out.

"Steve, is that all our marriage is built on then? Am I worth anything to you?" I shouted at him. I was angry, and I was fed up with feeling single. Everywhere I went, people thought I was single.

Steve looked at me, amused. He had never heard me shout before and he didn't seem to care.

"Caroline you know I love football and I have to sleep. I need my energy and these matches don't finish until late."

"I'm not your fucking mug or doormat." I slam at him. I then decide to leave him to fester before he can say anything else.

I wash my hair and choose my clothes. I am excited because I haven't been on a girly night out in years. I choose my leather mini skirt and my silk v neck top. I can hear Steve slamming about, complaining about everything as I get ready. I ignore him and continue to carefully do my hair and my makeup. I look amazing! I smile at the beautiful girl looking back at myself in the mirror, and I blow her a kiss. I then go through my shoes. I would have worn heels, but I can't really walk in them so I settle for my dark red plimsols instead. They go amazingly well with my entire outfit. Without as much as saying goodbye to Steve, I check I have my phone and my keys and head out of the door before he can come up with any bullshit to stop me.

I walk the entire walk from North Bay to South Bay, the walk is by the sea and the air is refreshing. The weather is still warm and mixed with the cool sea breeze, it cools my senses as it caresses my skin. I realize that I enjoy this peace and tranquility away from Steve. I have no guilt in meeting Kate, I'm just happy that I finally get to do what I want for a change. I take in the scenic view of the sea, watching the huge waves lap the beach and enjoy the soft colorful lights that make the seafront look inviting. I listen to all the arcade sounds and enjoy the buzz of hearing the fairground play its music. I enjoy the mixed smell of burgers, seafood, and fish and chips from the various takeaways, cafes, and restaurants. I am already enjoying myself.

I finally reach Kate. She is sat on a bench opposite K.C's nightclub looking more beautiful than ever. She has let her lovely thick main of velvet hair down, and it almost comes to her knees. She wears a v neck all-in-one top which accentuates her curves and the shape of her gorgeous breasts, and a pair of tight jeans that bring out every single part of her body. My body goes into overload with need and I just want to touch her breasts now, though I refrain as not to scare her. I take her in, letting my eyes wander over every single feature she has, and I stare into her eyes deeply for at least 5 minutes. I am lost for conversation, and I am melting into a pool of thick creamy chocolate just looking at her.

Kate breaks the ice.

"You look very beautiful tonight." She says smiling at me. She has the most beautiful smile, and tonight it is accentuated by a gorgeous sheen of velvet red lipstick. By god, I just want to fucking kiss her. I thank her with a wide smile.

Kate slowly checks me out, looking up and down. I can see she is indulging in feasting her eyes on me in the same way I am indulging in her. The heat between us is electric. She grabs hold of my hand and kisses it gently. I feel a little blush rise on my cheeks. She then turns to me and asks.

"Shall we grab food first?" I nod because I'm starving. Steve had argued with me for at least 2 hours at the hotel, leaving me no time to eat or have a drink before I set off to meet Kate. I hadn't eaten on the train either, because he had all the bags stored in the holder under the train.

We head to Ivy House for fish and chips. Ivy House is a beautiful quaint tea-room/restaurant right on the seafront. It is very light in decor and the antique furniture really offsets the creamy ivory walls. We choose a table by a window as we wanted to watch the sea as we ate. Yet again, Kate insists on paying, leaving me feeling guilty, so I offer to buy the drinks instead.

The food tastes so good here. I eat slowly, taking in every single bite as it has been so long since I tasted good food. I clear my plate before Kate, and I lavish the nutty blood taste of the merlot that came with it. I smile and thank her for the meal. Kate eats slowly, in-between chatting to me. She is a brilliant conversationist and I really enjoy her company tonight. While we are sat at the table, a man comes over to us.

"Can I buy you girl's a drink?" He asks.

"No, but you can pay for our food instead!" Kate replies.

The man agrees to do that, and Kate rolls her eyes.

"Men! She says. The nosy fuckers. Always wanting a piece of the pie."

I laugh at her and then say

"I'm not sure which piece of the pie Steve thinks he has got. He spends so much time in bed, the pie would be moldy by the time he got it."

Kate shoots me a concerned look. I love her when she does this, it adds a very sexy smolder to her eyes which are already giving me that 'I want you look.' She turns to me and says,

"Why do you stay? You could be with someone who would give a million just to be with you. He just wants someone to baby him while he watches football. You have color and he has none."

"I don't know.' We didn't sleep with each other last night, because he argued over me wanting coffee before packing. He decided football was more important than our holiday, and I spent the long journey here with no one to talk to. Maybe I'm just with him because I'm used to it." I reply.

"Caroline, how long has it been like this?" Kate asks me, in a genuine feeling tone.

"Over 5 years. It wasn't like this before we got married, he used to be fun and do things with me. After we got married and moved in, he decided football, sleep and drink were more important."

Kate saw tears welling in my eyes. She really hated seeing me cry, and she changed the subject fast.

"Would you like to try K.C's?" she asks me.

I love dancing, but I'm not sure I remember how to. I decide to go along, it has been years since I went to a nightclub and I just want some good crazy fun back in my life. Kate pays up and we leave, heading for K.C's.

K.C's is a fantastic nightclub. It is a round yellow building that is multi-colored inside. The walls are decorated with colorful hearts and diamonds, and there are many pictures of famous DJs all around the top of the walls. The lights blast their shiny disco lasers to the beat of the music. They are playing my favorite song 'Don't let me down', by the Chainsmokers. I sing along and before I have time to think, I lead Kate to the dancefloor. Kate makes a song request, and suddenly we are dancing to another favorite song of mine, 'Something Just Like This,' by Cold-Play. We twist, shake, shimmy, hold each other forever! Finally, after almost an hour, we stop for a drink. Kate still refusing to let me pay, but this time I manage to at least get her to agree to halve the payment with me. We both order Baileys, and one sip reminds me of how much I want to kiss those cherry sweet lips.

It is late by the time we leave KC's, and we decide to walk home. We are both acting like two giddy little girls. A couple walks by and gives Kate the eye, so she grabs a lamp-post and does a pole dance impression while singing 'Like a Virgin' by Madonna. I am laughing hard now, I can't resist and I join her. I shimmy down the lamp-post and she catches me, She spins around it, then bends over my knee, causing my tummy to do a million turns as I catch a peek of her see-through black bra and her breasts. We then switch and I swoop down onto her, my skirt rising slightly and she puts her hands on my thighs, almost causing me to stumble with dizzyness. After this episode we both sit down, giggling like girls in a playground. Kate suddenly pulls me close to her, she then looks straight into my eyes and kisses me. Her kisses are so warm and tender, I don't want her to stop. I'm not even thinking of Steve tonight, I'm just savoring the moment. She climbs on me and starts gently stroking my breasts and my thighs. She gently lifts away my tights so that she can feel my thigh's skin, being mindful not to reveal too much because we are in public. After this touching which has me sizzling like sausages in a pan, I really do not want to go home to Steve. I want this to last all night, I have been craving this for a very long time. However, I feel that it would be rude to stay with her because we haven't known each other long, and I have never slept with a woman before, even though I really am tempted to sleep with her.

"Do you want to stay with me tonight?" Kate suddenly asks me, arousing me from the deep sea of thoughts in my mind. I look at her stunned.

"I...I don't know Kate, we have only just met and I am married," I reply.

"Screw him, Caroline! He won't even notice. He's probably sleeping off the drink now. Wouldn't you rather have some fun with me? You deserve some excitement in your life, and you might enjoy it."

I hesitate for a moment, but Kate is right. I have had more fun with her tonight than I have ever had, and I feel single anyway. That fuckwit husband of mine wouldn't even notice, he never notices my feelings anyway, and for the first time in years, I have had a really good night. I decide to do it and put that arsehole in his place. One can only take so much loneliness in Marriage and being with Kate is much more fun.

"It will be our little secret. He won't know." Kate adds.

I decide to go with her and stay the night. It doesn't mean we'll end up having sex, does it? I can always take the couch, though that's what I am worried about, spinning out of control. After all, we nearly did that tonight.

Kates place was cosey, but small. She was a very tidy girl who enjoyed using soft pink-colored lighting to accentuate the white walls of her holiday flat. Her bed was covered in pink silk with purple and lilac pillows. It was tempting just to have her, right there on that bed. I feel a little awkward being her, especially knowing how I feel. Just being here alone with her in the privacy of her flat made the sexual urges stronger. Kate changes right in front of me. I take her naked body in, like I do when I see cakes with strawberry jam and cream in the shop window. I forget Steve altogether.

Kate gets into the bed and says, "Come on, join me, it's big enough for two."

She has no clothes on at all, and there is a pink blush to her skin which is just screaming to be taken. This time, I don't fight it, I go with my feelings and jump into bed with her.

As soon as I am lying next to her, she strokes my hair playfully while smiling and looking into my eyes. I trail my finger up and down her body, making her sigh sweetly. She wants to get on top of me, but I'm not done yet, so I make her hold off. I move my fingers teasingly down her stomach, over her curves, and back up again. I then finger her nipples and massage her breasts. Kate can barely hold out, I can see that sparkle in her smoldering eyes which are now beautifully darker. I move down to her hips and feel every curve and smooth tight skin. I turn her on just so she loses a little control, then I move down and masturbate her with my finger. Kate is moaning sweetly, begging me to let her on top.

"Aaah! Please!" She pleads with me as I tip her over the edge of coming and then I stop.

"Not yet," I say.

I then leave her there frustrated and wanting. I come back with a can of squirty cream and a tube of chocolate sauce. I then blindfold her so that she can't see what I am doing. Kate laughs sweetly, the more I do in secret, the more I turn her on. My body is tingling deliciously with the wanting of this beautiful 23-year-old. I squirt both the cream and the chocolate onto her breasts and gently lick it off. I then proceed down to her sweet vagina, covering it and licking it. I lick her clit, and I lick in and out, then I stop teasingly.

"Aaah please, I want to come." Kate pleads with me. I shake my head, raising a brow and putting a finger to my lips.

Kate is soaking wet now, but I want to taste every inch of her before I make her come. I might only get to do this once, so I don't want to waste this chance.

I plant tender kisses all over her, and then, I find a sweet spot of her neck and nibble it. I then proceed back down to her vagina, and I bite, lick and masturbate her all in one go.

"OOOH!" Kate moans loudly but sweet. She comes and comes. Hearing the sweet ecstasy of her release sends little shivers down my spine. She kisses me long and hard, her eyes are beaming.

"Thank you," she says. I smile. I should be thanking her, I've had the best night ever. I really want to stay, but I have to go back to Steve. Kate takes my number as she wants to see me again.

The next day I wake up smiling. Kate repeats last night with me one last time before I head back. She kisses me hard as I leave.

"Call me and visit often. Do not let that fucker of a husband drag you down." She makes me promise.

I really don't want to leave, I want to be with Kate. I realize this as I leave her stood there. She comes after me as she notices a tear fall down my cheek. She gives me a really big hug and says.

"I'm not leaving you like this. Go get your stuff, then come back here. You can move in with me."

I look at her shocked.

"A...are you sure?" I ask her.

"Yes." She replies, followed by, "I can look after you better than that lazy fucker you're with. You need a new life, Caroline, you deserve to be treated with all the love and respect in the world. Leave him, move in with me and you'll be living the rest of your life in happiness."

I agree to do it. She picks me up, spins me around, and kisses me so hard I lose my balance.

Tomorrow I and Steve return home. Well, it isn't home really, I've never been able to call it home. He never bothers to ask where I was last night, and I decide not to tell him.

The next day we head home. The journey seems quicker, but that's because I can't wait to pack. After the long journey in silence, I leave my things packed and quietly pack my other things. I had already arranged transport back to Scarborough in the morning. Steve does his usual and heads straight to bed, I sleep alone, on the couch, and he doesn't suspect anything. I already know he doesn't care, so I vow to just go the next day.

The next day comes faster. I'm all packed and waiting for transport to take me to Scarborough. I found out that Kate lives in Scarborough anyway, but likes to get away from home by staying in holiday flats every now and then. I am both sad and excited. I'm saying goodbye to 5 years of marriage that made me feel like I have wasted my youth by being a mug to someone who does not give two shits about me. A tear falls down my cheek, but I just wipe it away and proceed to have coffee before my cab. My cab finally arrives, and Steve has no idea I'm leaving. He is still in bed, and I decide not to tell him yet anyway. He can suffer, not that he will! He won't even wonder where I have gone.

The last time I saw Steve was before we went on holiday. I have been living with my girlfriend Kate for 6 months now, and Steve has never bothered to call me. My life with Kate is amazing, we do things together both around the home and out. We are both studying psychology at University and we really love each other. Our sex life is steaming, and last night we even tied each other up. I am happier than I have ever been.

That one secret sexual desire has given me the dream life I always wanted, and to this day, my ex-husband doesn't know... though he will, when our divorce is finalized.

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I write about many issues, including mental health. I also write fiction including sexual fiction for the filthy community. I don't believe in sticking to one niche!

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