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The Onsen...a prequel...

by Kit Kitsune 2 years ago in erotic
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Part 6 - Sari & Noor

The Onsen...a prequel...
Photo by Greta Schölderle Møller on Unsplash

When Sari steps through the doors, the warmth feels very soothing and even starts to percolate tiny sweat beads on her skin. The white light is actually the diffusion of sunlight in the heavy steam that surrounds her.

Her feet walk upon soft wooden planks, and when she appears in the open area, the sites of many baths both private and public greet her eyes. All appear as ponds of warm, hot and cool water that seem to be naturally placed within the room. Towards the back of the room, is the masterpiece of the Onsen.

Three stone islands hover high overhead and water cascades all three in a chain flowing waterfall into an Olympic-swimming pool.

Noor appears beside her, "What do you think?"

As her eyes adjust to the light within, she is amazed at what she sees. Normally uncomfortable in such warmth, she feels quite content and...cozy...The baths fascinate her, as she loves water and can stay in it all day. Her jaw drops as she gazes at the stone islands, the waterfall, and the pool...The place is a veritable nirvana for her...

Turning towards Noor, smiling brightly, her eyes glittering with excitement, "I love it!!!" She hugs him tightly and returns her gaze to the baths..."So beautiful..."

Overjoyed that Sari approves so visibly, he hugs her back. "So, anything in particular you want to try out? I may not be good at full body spa treatments, but you know I can do a good massage."

Smiling at the memory, "Yes, indeed. You give a wonderful massage." Looking about as though she was a kid in the proverbial candy store, she points to a semi-secluded bath that she hopes has warm water. "How about we go to that one? It looks nice & quiet. Hopefully, it's got warm water. I cannot bear hot water for very long." She looks up at Noor, smiling, gently tugging on his hand in a "let's go" motion.

They both go off to the bath that Sari pointed to and find the water temperature is indeed 'just right'. Whew! That's good to know. Noor strips off his clothing and slides into the water. "Hahhahh... I guess I've needed this too. I don’t remember the last time I've had a real bath, all showers for a long time." He holds his hand out for Sari to help her into the water.

She quickly drops her little blue wrap, kicking it aside. Taking his hand, she slowly lowers herself into the water, sighing deeply. "Mmmm...yes, normally it's all showers for me as well. Although, being a girl, well...A shower massager can be a girl's best friend." She blushes slightly at the admission but laughs it off. Moving close to him, not sure how close she should get, she smiles & leans back while closing her eyes lightly. "This water feels so good!"

Beaming all the more from his employer, He brings her in close and wraps his arms around her. Noor inhales deeply of her scent and is almost intoxicated by it. He gently massages her lats while holding her, more playing than relaxation. "Should we skip to the fun stuff or do you want to clean up first?"

Her eyes remain closed as he pulls her close, shivering lightly as his arms come around her. Feeling his breath on her, she shivers a bit more, a small sound escaping her lips unknowingly. Feeling his hands move over her sides, her head moves forward in relaxation. Almost surprised when she hears his voice again, "um...I can assure you I'm quite clean, but it's up to you, dear. I don't know how much time you have." She looks back and smiles, "it's nice to not have to be the boss all the time, you know?"

"I have all the time in the world for you, Mis-, err, Sari-chan," it felt like a barrier was removed between the two. And the feeling of just man and woman was pleasant. Pulling her to the center of the pond, they were both allowed to stand in the neutral buoyancy of the warm water. Noor ran kisses up and down Sari's neck and lightly, and very playfully, nipped her earlobe. He began moving his hands in a slow concentric circular fashion while his fingers probed for any tightness in the small of her back.

"Mmmmm...I like the sound of that. But just 'Sari' is fine, dear." Relinquishing her title of boss, it was lovely to be able to relax as just a woman for a change. Enjoying it as he takes the lead and moving to the center of the pond. She sighs as he kisses her neck; moaning and shivering the closer he gets to her sensitive ears. Her hands encircle his waist, running up his back, scratching lightly, all while she nuzzles at his neck.

Sari's stomach presses against Noor' as they both pull the others into their own. A tremor of anticipation runs through Noor as he feels all of Sari's body against his. "Hahha, eheh, sorry." His hands wander downwards from Sari's back to her cheeks. A little full-bottomed, but for Sari, it felt just right. He brought her legs up to entwine him as he stood, then slowly traced her spine out to her tail. Noor breaks from kissing her neck, "They're both so soft," to begin kissing her upon the lips. His tongue flits along her closed mouth, looking for a partner.

Feeling Noor' body pressed against hers, every nerve inside of her felt suddenly alive. Her body quivering against his, she almost felt lightheaded. Moaning lightly as his hands find her bottom, she gladly wraps her legs around him. "It...It's been awhile, you know," shyly ducking her head down a little. He can feel her excitement however as her body presses against him, her hips grinding lightly. Kissing him back lightly, as she feels his tongue flicker against her lips, she opens them slightly, inviting him in with her own tongue on his.

Sari feels him stiffen below her, trying to fight against it as long as he could, so he wouldn’t appear like some horn-dog teenager. Noor does not enter her yet and savors the feeling of being entwined by the beautiful Sari. Another bout of anticipation catches him, and they dip a bit into the water before he regains composure. "Sa... same here," Noor closes his eyes and dances his tongue with Sari's. He chuckles at the though of Tongue Tango and tells Sari such.

Noor moves his hands to support her so she doesn’t have to cling so tightly with her legs to keep from slipping down.

Feeling Noor' obvious arousal as well, she blushes slightly. Pulling away from the kiss to look into his eyes, smiling her little smile, she touches his face lightly. "It will be all the more satisfying for both of us then." She moves in to continue the kiss, chuckling lightly at the mention of Tongue Tango. Relaxing her grip a little, she whispers, "Maybe we should move to the edge again?"

Willing himself to calm down, "Sure, we can go back to the edge." He was glad he didn’t stutter this time. He walked with her around him still to another part of the bath pond. Where they entered was the shallow end, but there where 'natural' rock chairs built throughout the ring of the pond and he kept them closer to the deep end, not wanting to catch a relative chill from the steamy air.

Setting her in place in the chair, he remained standing. Slightly cool and textured stone greeted her back and rump. The stone had a... washed feel to it, like river stone. It didn’t feel rough at all. Noor placed himself above Sari this time and enveloped her in another embrace and tongue dance. She felt his member pulse against her mound for the duration.

When he released their embrace, he scooped up her legs, pressing her a bit against the chair, and waited near her entrance. "Are you ready?"

She holds tight to his neck as he brings them over to the seating on the other side. Marveling at the design of the place, knowing someone (other than herself) put a bit of thought into it. She wriggles against the smooth stones appreciatively, enjoying the feel of them against her.

Kissing him passionately, she sucks at his tongue lightly, stroking it with hers. Feeling him pressing against her, nice and hard, only made her more anxious. So, when he pulled back and lifted her legs, she nodded quite eagerly. Her eyes looking at him lustfully, her smile quite wicked, indeed. "Yes, more than ready..."

He slid in gently at the same time he said, "Ohhh, excceellennt!" They were joined together deeply. Euphoria washed over him. She was incredibly hot, both in looks and inside of her. He marveled at the feeling of just being with and in her. "You feel... soo, GREAT!" He exclaimed around kissing her. He waited just a little longer than he should have to build the anticipation. Then, he began moving...

She places her hands at his shoulders to steady herself. She gasps sharply as he enters her, having been so long since the last time she did this. Her nails dig slightly into his shoulders, her eyes closed halfway in pleasure, moaning as he presses into her all the way. Loving the way he feels inside of her, under her hands, she is unable to keep her hands from wandering over his body. Blushing at his compliment, she murmurs, "you feel pretty damn good yourself, hun." Kissing him deeply, she wriggles her hips slightly, urging him on....

Tiny pricks in his shoulders cause him to shudder slightly. He begins rocking back and forth at a slow pace, savoring every ridge of her as he pulls out almost to the tip, then moves back in, feeling her tighten as he returns deep within her. The water aided him when he entered her, but he knew better than to go quicker before Sari was ready. He removed one arm from under her leg and began playing with her breast for the first time. As he moved within her, his fingers brushed the underside of her left breast from armpit to where it touched the other and back again.

When he felt her wetness more than the water, he began to move at an easier pace.

She hadn't thought it could feel this good again, but she was happy she went through that door with Noor. She whines slightly as he pulls away from her slowly, only to groan as he pushes back in. Her mind is nearly free of thought as he moves slowly within her, rocking back and forth. Just that it feels so damn good. She moans quietly with each thrust inside of her. Moaning louder as he starts to play with her breasts; her body feels so hot, so hungry for him. She places her arms around his neck again, pulling him into a deep kiss as he starts to thrust a bit easier, deeper than before.

Encouraged to move onward, Noor starts to pump in rhythmic fashion. Pleasure sparks within him from the feel of Sari. She seemed insatiable for him and he was glad to rise to the occasion. Every so often, Noor would graze the tip of her nipple has he played with her boob.

He broke their kiss, saliva bridging their lips, and looked upon his foxy lady. Presumptuous maybe, but for the moment, she was his. She was moving in rhythm to his own, trying to please him as he was to her. Pressure began to build within him. "This is incredibly good, Sa... Sari~"

Sari's moans get louder and louder the more he thrusts in and out of her. Her desire builds for him, wanting to please him, to give him as much pleasure as he was giving her. She lightly squeezes her muscles around his cock as he pulls away, matching Noor' rhythm. Arching her back whenever he would brush against her nipple, she felt like he was teasing her, and it felt so damned good.

Her body giving her those sharp shockwaves of pleasure as he takes her, she knows she is growing close already. As he pulls from her kiss, she looks into Noor' eyes, wanting to be completely and utterly his, if only for just this sweet moment in time. Glancing down to see him entering her, her body starts to hit the first peak. As he speaks her name, she gives over to it, closing her eyes and shivering lightly. "Noor!" her voice rising, then quickly falling on the last note, coming out sounding like something between a squeal and a grunt.

He felt her tighten around him when he pulled away, then a contraction as she grunted his name. The wave of Euphoria rolled over him again and he wanted to succumb to his woman... but not yet. He fought the urge within him to burst within her. "Sari, babe!" He quickened again to piston within Sari. Not a mindless rutt like animals, but a deliberate pumping to ensure she was sent higher than Cloud 9. "Almost there, SARIUU~!" He grunted back, the will to keep from releasing within her, becoming harder to resist. Not yet! Only with her! NOT YET!

Feeling him very close, but not wanting him to spill just yet either, she tries to control the clenching inside of her. But as Noor begins to thrust deeper and harder than before, she gives over to the lust inside of her. Sliding her hands lower on his back, she pulls him to her roughly. Her hips buck against him, matching the intensity of his piston-like motion, wanting him to go deeper than ever. Calling out his name over and over, she cries out with each thrust. As he finds that magical spot within her, she can't stop from muttering over and over, "Yes, Noor! That's it! Right there! Don't stop!!" She can feel her body building up to the most intense orgasm ever...if only she could hold it 'til he was ready...

Sheer will keeps only so long against a woman screaming your name with joy. Each time she screamed his, he echoed hers. The pleasure built between them becoming excruciating but want still more like greedy kids. Looking into her sex addled eyes, he knew he must have a similar expression on his own face. He stopped playing with her breast and grabbed her hip and to keep leverage and better pump his kitsune. It hurt so much and felt so good at the same to thrust just a couple more times, then with a guttural roar, "SAARRRIIIII~~~!!!"

Pleasure erupted from Noor' very core to shoot deep within the voluptuous Sari and echo with fury within him.

She could sense he was holding back, and she didn't want to pressure him, but it felt so damn good she couldn't focus on anything but the pleasure anymore. As he grabs her hip & pushes into her even deeper, her body starts to spasm. Clutching to him tightly, her eyes closed, one less sense to deal with, she starts to groan. Her groans turn into a loud moan; her moan turns into a loud cry. She goes over the edge as he roars her name. Calling out his name yet again, not tired of the sound of it on her lips at all, "Nooooooooorrrr!!" Her insides milking him for all he's worth as he starts to spill inside of her. Wanting every drop he has to give, wanting him to fill her completely.

Pressed so tightly together, Noor almost felt Enlightened, if such was allowed. His girl was trembling from a wracking orgasm and drained him of all he was worth. He felt the Euphoria wash and almost pull him under again, but for her pleasure, he stamped it down again.

When they finally slackened from each other's tight embrace, Noor began to move in her again. He knew she was sensitive from their shared experience and he wanted to push her orgasm as far as it could go. Between tongue probing kisses, and massaging her stomach, he told her, "You’re amazing, Sari."

Her body still trembles slightly as she clings to him. She tries to relax her grip but finds that she enjoys being this close to him. She whimpers lightly in pleasure as Noor starts to move inside of her again. Holding tight to him again, loving the feel of him under her fingers, she looks up into his eyes wondering why this hadn't happened before.

"Mmmm...I think YOU are the amazing one, Noor," she replies as she surrenders to her body's desires. Moving slowly against him, kissing him again and again, and loving the taste of him in her mouth.

"Why thank you very much." Slowing down his rhythm, Noor picked Sari up and held her in 'stand and deliver', but he didn’t push for a second round. Instead, he just held her while still inside of her and kissed up and down her neck, just as he had started. "I take it, the Onsen has your approval?" He couldn’t help but smile.

"Mmm...You are quite welcome, love." She smiles as he slows a bit, holding her again, loving the feeling of being held. Tilting her head back as he kisses her neck, her eyes shut, relaxing completely with him now. Chuckling lightly, "Does it have my approval? Oh my, yes!! A thousand times, yes..." Tracing his lips lightly with one finger as he smiles, she leans in to kiss him one more time...

Kissing back again, Noor let her down near where they entered the bath pond and held her momentarily making sure she was steady. "Well, we may have been clean beforehand," He reached over to the shampoo and soap kit, "but another bath wouldn’t hurt."

Returning to the ground slightly unsteady, feeling as though she has baby deer legs. She is very grateful as he holds her until she's steady again. Laughing lightly, "no, another bath wouldn't hurt. I think I might even risk a hot water one." She winks & smiles lightly, looking up into Noor' eyes. Blushing a bit as thoughts of what just transpired fill her head, she looks down again. "I really enjoyed that." She smiles, gesturing to the lovely new area, "and I love this's...perfect." Leaning up on tip toe to kiss him lightly once more, she settles back down, still smiling. "I hope we can do this again sometime..." She rises up out of the bath & moves to seek out a hot pool, looking back at him shyly, yet longingly...


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