The Night (Part Two)

by Fiona Morgan 2 years ago in fiction

Life begins.

The Night (Part Two)

I can't believe the audacity of the man sitting watching me from across the table in the Red Sky hotel. There was no way I was taking him back to my house so I asked the taxi driver to take us to the hotel near it.

"So are you going to tell me why, as of tonight, you are nobodies to touch?" The vision of my fiancé and my work mate flashes into my head and again I feel no anger, why did I feel no anger? I felt stupid for not seeing it, or did I? I could only think that I was numb with everything that I had seen, but I certainly didn't feel numb when I looked at the gorgeous man in front of me. I felt desire and a need to feel him inside me. I shouldn't be feeling like this so quickly after supposedly having my heart broken so I take a deep breath.

"I found out tonight my fiancé has been having an affair, so as of tonight I'm single, so nobody's touching me!" Something akin to anger, quickly followed by desire and maybe determination flashes through his piercing eyes.

"The idiot was cheating on you?" His tone is that of astonishment but I detected pleasure in the undercurrent of his timber. I nod my head, my mouth too busy wanting to do other things. "And that is why you were waiting for a taxi on your own? And your anger? You're not angry?" I take a second to look inside myself, trying to find the emotions I should be feeling. Nothing.

"No...t... No. I was a bit shocked when I first seen them kissing, then I confronted them and told him to go home with her, but since then nothing. I'm guessing it's a delayed reaction thing. Or..."

"Or you're actually quite glad it happened as now you have the chance to feel something... exciting, erotic, passionate, real?" His words hit home, have I been drifting along? Did Rick excite me any more? Was our sex life erotic or passionate? How long had I been bored?

"Yes." The word came out my mouth without my permission, but I'm not feeling regret at the answer being out there, if anything I'm feeling hope. Hope that the gorgeous specimen of a man would show me all of those things.

"Do you want to feel excitement, erotic and passion? Do you want me to worship your body?" A bolt of desire zapped through me starting at my breasts and travelling down through my stomach to the bundle of nerves between my legs leaving them pulsing with need. "Going by your body's reaction I think that answer is a yes." My face heats along with the rest of my body.

"Yes." That one some word sends another bolt of desire through me, and I see that desire burning back at me from my gorgeous stranger's eyes.

"Wait here." I nod my head and track his movements to the hotel reception. Within minutes he is back at my side. He sits and levels me with a stare full of desire and predatory want. "I have booked a room for tonight. I want to take you there and love your body until you're screaming my name and begging me for release. I am going to make you feel things you've never felt before and take you to heights you never thought possible. Is that what you want?" I stare wide eyed at him and look inside myself again. Is this what I want? Hell yes. Is it wrong to want another man with such desire and passion hours after breaking up with the man I thought I would spend the rest of my life with? Probably but fuck it, I've been bored for too long and too frightened to do anything about it. Rick made his choice and thankfully it wasn't me.

"Yes." That one word again has the power to make my head spin.

He takes my hand and urges me to my feet. We are walking through the lobby to the lifts, his hand on the small of my back. I'd always wondered what it felt like to be desired and with the heat pressing through my dress I knew I was going to feel just that.

We get through the door into the bedroom and he closes the door with a finality. This is it. He steps towards me and sheds his suit jacket.

"This is your chance to walk away if you're unsure, if you say yes to me just now I will be in charge of your pleasure and you won't believe the heights of pleasure I will take you too."

"What if it's too much?"

"If you need a breather say amber, if you want to stop completely say red. I will stop immediately."

"Safe words?" He gives a nod as he starts to stalk towards me. "Are we doing kinky stuff?" He shakes his head and my disappointment astounds me.

"Not this time." The possibilities take flight in my head making the pulse between my legs increase in tempo. I nod my head.

"Yes." That one word, again, is all it took and he had me in his arms, taking my mouth with his, demanding to let his tongue in. I open up and feel him explore my mouth, twining our tongues together in an erotic dance. He pulls back and grins. He slowly unbuttons my black chiffon shirt and pushes it from my shoulders letting it pool behind us, then he pushes my pencil skirt down, holding my hands so I can step from it. I'm stepped backwards until I'm at the edge of the bed and my underwear is no longer on me. I'm on my back with my legs spread wide, my gorgeous stranger is kissing up the inside of thighs until his mouth is there, there at my wet core, there at the one place my idiot fiancé refused to place his mouth. I tense and my gorgeous stranger feels it.

"The dickhead didn't like eating you?" I shake my head in answer, shame showing on my face. "Well, you're in for a treat then. I don't want you to think about anything, all I want you to do is relax and feel, do you understand?" I can only nod as his tongue descends on me and electricity shoots up my spine. He licks and nibbles and penetrates me with his tongue and fingers until I fall apart, screaming and wanting more like the wanton woman I seem to have become.

He climbs over me, pining my body under his with his weight.

"You are beautiful and mine, at least for tonight." I'm panting from the excitement of my orgasm as I manage to squeak out another yes. He stands, strips and sheaf’s himself in latex and is back hovering over me, knocking my thighs wider with his knees. "I'm going to take you now, do you need time?" his kindness floors me for a second, I couldn't remember the last time Rick stopped to ensure I was enjoying our love making. I push away the thoughts and regret of my ex and concentrate on the stranger gazing into my eyes, his only intent is my pleasure at his hands.

"Yes." The world is breathless. A gasp leaves my lips as he thrust in to his hilt and pleasure washes over me with every roll of his hips. On and on he thrust lifting me higher and higher until I feel like I'm too high. He lifts my hips up to go deeper and it's all it takes as intense pleasure grips me and I cry out. Wave after wave crash over me until I don't know my own name. I feel him thrust one last time and groan through his own release.

He kisses me soundly to help bring me back to reality.

"You are amazing. Do not allow anyone to make you feel anything but that, do you understand?" His voice is soft, tender, loving, and I can only nod, tears at his kindness again choking me. He pulls away, breaking our connection, but not for long. He comes back and re-arranges us to sleep, my back to his chest. "Rest, there's more where that came from before we leave in the morning." I fall asleep feeling sated and safe.

Before we leave at check out time the next morning, we have had sex another twice, with one being rough, verging on kinky and mind blowing and the last being sweet and tender and sensual and could almost be described as love making.

We walk from the hotel, me doing the walk of shame in the same clothes as the night before, but I'm not caring, I'm a different woman from when I walked in there. I no longer will accept coasting along in my life, instead I am going to live it to the full and accept nothing less, especially in the bedroom. I may have lost my fiancé the night before, but I found excitement and life.

As we say our goodbyes and I wave a taxi down, I wonder if I'll ever see my gorgeous stranger again, but I don't feel the need to worry about it. If we met up again so be it.

"Remember what I said, you are amazing and must be treated like that. Never settle for less again, do you understand?"

"Yes." I say the word with conviction as I climb into my taxi, alone and head home to start the rest of my happily ever after life.

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