The Night (Part One)

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The Betrayal

The Night (Part One)

I am in so much shock I am vibrating with it! I am physically shaking from the top of my head to the tips of my toes, which could be quite a precarious position to be in as I'm wearing five-inch heels and have had a beer or three.

The sight accosting me is that of my fiancé and my co-worker stealing kisses from each other after finishing one of the most sensual kisses known to man paired with his hands down her trousers and inside her core. I'm pretty sure I just witnessed her orgasm and they are now gazing into each other's eyes, foreheads pressed together as if sharing thoughts and dreams. I know immediately that the scene in front of me isn't a drink fueled mistake; no, this is a full blown affair, probably going on for months, maybe even years.

I see the couple getting closer to me and I can't work out how that is happening until I realize that I am walking towards them. I stop beside them, the bass of the thumping music thrumming through me making my shock bounce in time with the beat. I see my hand touch my cheating fiancé's shoulder and come back into the here and now.

"Ah, now what do have we here?" The couple jumps apart, guilt passing over their faces, quickly followed by embarrassment.

"It's not what it looks like!" my fiancé, Rick, spits out as his "girlfriend," Jules, glowers at him.

"Really?" I smirk, sarcasm lacing my words.

"So... were you checking her teeth for cavities?" Rick's eyes lower and I turn to Jules. "So all the 'how's your relationship going?' conversations were just to see if you were getting him all to yourself were they?" A blush travels up Jules' neck and face at being caught out in her interrogations.


"Save it! I will leave you two to it... and Rick can go home with you." I level him with a stare as an eerie calm comes over me, quickly followed by a feeling of freedom.

"Because you sure as hell not coming back to ours... sorry, mine!" I turn my back on the outed couple, thankful I don't teeter on my heels. I need all the dignity I can muster at this moment in time, and stride out of the pub into the biting cold fresh air of the frosty October night.

I pull my mobile out to phone for a taxi and send a text to my best friend with a quick rundown of the events of the night. I stand and wait for my taxi near the bouncers for some semblance of conversation. A shiver runs through my body and a deep timbered voice follows it.

"You shouldn't be out here alone without a-" I spin round again. I really need to stop doing that, it's not good for my stomach or my head.

"You say without a man and I will drop you here and now!" I swear there is almost a growl coming from my throat. I look up the stranger whose voice shouldn't have an effect on me but does, which annoys me, but thrills me at the same time. So much so I can feel myself getting wet which isn't really what I want. All I want is to feel anger and hatred at the betrayal I've just witnessed, but there's nothing only blatant lust.

"I wouldn't dare." He gives me sensual grin.

"I was going to say coat. Would you like to borrow mine?" I take another look at the man trying to be my knight in shining armour and take in, what I hope, is an inaudible gasp. He is gorgeous. Tall, dark, perfectly styled hair, and piercing blue eyes I can see even in the dull light coming from the pub windows and is perfectly dressed in a suit that was made to fit his every muscle.

"No, thank you, my taxi won't be long and I'm sure my anger will keep me warm, if it ever gets here." I add the ending under my breath. The gorgeous man quirks an eyebrow at me.

"The taxi or your anger?" Shit, he heard!

"Both." I turn my side to him, hoping he would take the hint that I'm in no mood to talk, but also in an attempt to reign in the lust coursing through my body that has no right being there, considering.

He doesn't take the hint, he places his hand on my shoulder and starts to talk. I move, fast, and have his arm up his back, and his thumb pulled back so he is at my mercy and control. I see the bouncers coming over to intervene at the same time as my taxi pulls up. I bring the gorgeous man to his knees to whisper in his ear.

"I'm not yours to touch. In fact, as of tonight, I'm not anybody's to touch and I seem to be okay with that." I pull his thumb back one last time to ram home my point, or to maybe try and feel something other than lust and desire, I'm not sure, then I drop my hold on him and step into the taxi, watching the gorgeous man stare after me with something bordering between awe and dominance shimmering in his eyes.

Before the taxi door shuts, he is in beside me.

"What do you think you're doing?" Shock and desire lace my words.

"Making sure you get home safely and finding out why as of tonight you are nobody's to touch." My mind boggles at the possibilities.

Fiona Morgan
Fiona Morgan
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