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The New Queen

by Jezebel Rose about a month ago in erotic

An Erotic Breeding Story

A hiver den? Undetected? Impossible, Karissa. Even for you.

Karissa smirked as she remembered Brillia's words.

She crawled silently along the ceiling of the hive's tunnels, her enhanced body making the task as easy as could be. She navigated the dark passages purely from memory, without once needing to think about her path.

She stopped to let a worker go past underneath and then continued along her way. Her suit's active camouflage hid from the hivers' eyes, but that didn't mean she could get careless. The camouflage only worked fully when she kept still, and the hivers could hear her besides.

And if the hivers heard her, they'd capture her and bring her before their queen, who would restrain her and fuck her and fill her full of eggs. Brillia had warned Karissa of exactly those things.

The queen was Karissa's target, and to reach that target undetected was her goal. She'd told Brillia she could do it - and now, she would prove it.

Karissa continued to crawl, her thoughts wandering back to earlier times with the queen. She thought of tentacles growing out from the floor of the queen's chamber and thought of those tentacles restraining her limbs. She thought of being fucked raw by the queen's ovipositor, utterly helpless in the tentacles' grip.

She thought of kneeling before the queen, her mind slow and heavy under the queen's thrall. She thought of birthing yet another clutch of the hive's eggs, of the sheer overwhelming pleasure those eggs had made her feel.

She closed her eyes, shook her head, and blinked the memories away.

She wasn't just a passive breeder for the hivers now. She wasn't just another receptacle for the queen's eggs. She was Karissa, the bounty hunter without peer.

And today, she was going to show the queen exactly that fact.

She rounded a corner, scuttling along the roof like a four-legged insect. She crawled faster, knowing her destination was close, knowing the end was in sight. Just a few more tunnels and she'd be in the queen's chamber. Just a few more tunnels and victory would be hers.

That was when Karissa nearly faltered.

A solitary warrior stopped right below her, forcing Karissa to freeze in place. She'd been crawling too fast, she realized. She'd been moving too eagerly, too noisily - and now, this warrior surely knew that something was nearby.

Karissa's heart began to thump lightly in her chest. Slowly yet steady, she twisted her head around, risking a look at the creature below.

The warrior's chitinous body gleamed in the light of the fluorescent fungi coating the walls, granting the creature a peculiar beauty. Its head turned from side to side, its mandibles snapping at empty air. More than once, it started forwards on its six legs, only to immediately double back. Could it smell her, perhaps? If so, she had to get away from here, and fast.

Karissa held her breath as memories of warriors like this one filled her mind. She thought of being slimed securely to a wall, of writhing and moaning in her restraints, of being fucked hard by a warrior's rigid cock.

She shook her head slightly, willing the memory to clear. She was close now - so close. She just had to concentrate a little while more.

The warrior moved again, its six legs carrying it silently forwards. Karissa dropped down silently behind it and hurriedly sped away, not even daring to look back. She rounded a final pair of corners, her improved eyes letting her see easily in the faint light. She stopped and took a deep breath, knowing the queen would be just beyond.

She thought of being pleasured all over by the queen's tentacles. She thought of the queen watching her struggle and squirm and moan, the ovipositor out and ready to fill her anew.

Karissa drew her energy pistol.

She entered the chamber slowly; the fleshy floor was soft against her boots. She advanced in careful, steady movements, her eyes scanning all around. But there was nothing waiting to pounce on her and nothing immediately hidden from her sight. All she saw was more fungi, bathing the chamber in their gentle blue-green light - and at the center of the large space, the queen of the hive herself.

The creature stood tall on her six legs, oblivious to Karissa's presence, her mandibles open lazily. Karissa couldn't help but admire how the light reflected off her armored exterior, just as she'd admired the warrior before. She stood and stared for several seconds, gazing at the queen's armored carapace and gleaming compound eyes.

Karissa wondered to herself just how long she could do this before the queen noticed. And then she wondered how long she could do it without her suit's camouflage to protect her. She deactivated her camouflage with that very thought in mind and grinned when the queen again failed to respond. Obviously, the queen was observing the wider workings of her hive, too occupied to even vaguely notice her surroundings.

Typical, Karissa thought, as she aimed her pistol at the queen's head. She lined up her target and fingered the trigger. She'd done it - she'd actually done it! She waited just a moment longer and then pulled the trigger down.


The queen flinched and stiffened, aware of her surroundings at last.

Karissa grinned, raising her suit's visor with a mental command. 'Bang,' she said. 'You're dead.'

The pistol wasn't charged. Its safety switch was still on, besides. Karissa calmly returned it to her holster. She took off her headgear and tossed it aside.

'Told you I could do it,' Karissa said.

Brillia, queen of the hive, trilled softly. You did, Brillia said. She hunkered herself low and then crawled towards Karissa on her six thick legs. And I told you I could catch you, did I not?

Karissa looked back, just in time to watch as the chamber's exit sealed itself shut.

And now you are caught. Just like I said.

Karissa couldn't have heard the amusement in Brillia's voice.

'I guess I am,' Karissa said, smiling all the while.

Karissa had experienced this so many times before, and she was ready now to experience it again. She had come to this hive on many occasions, been restrained and fucked by the queen and her hivers both - and always with Karissa's total consent. She almost always visited the hive between missions, knowing she would always be welcome.

Usually, she simply announced her presence when she arrived. But just for once, Karissa had wanted to see if she could sneak in, to see if she could catch the hivers unaware. She'd told Brillia as such on her previous visit, and Brillia had told her exactly what would happen if she tried.

Karissa could hardly wait for it to start.

Now, let me see you without your artificial skin, Brillia said. Show me your true self.

Karissa complied without hesitation. She sent a mental command to her suit and then stepped out of it, the individual pieces falling down around her. She unzipped the tight undersuit she wore beneath and then allowed that too to fall away. Karissa was naked now, save for the chitinous plates adorning her legs and arms - one of several enhancements to her body that Brillia had gifted her with.

You're as beautiful as always, Brillia said.

Karissa swallowed, smiling as she took in the queen's form.

So are you, Karissa said.

She went to her knees and then laid herself back, her legs open and inviting, her mind completely at peace.

I have eggs in me, Brillia said. Unfertilized. I must release them.

All of which was music to Karissa's ears.

Would you like them? Brillia asked.

Karissa focused her mind then, tapping into the abilities that all hivers possessed.

You know I do, Karissa said.

Tentacles began to form out from the fleshy floor.

Karissa looked around her, lazily watching the tentacles and keeping still as they approached. Brillia controlled them, Karissa knew. Brillia could control nearly the whole hive if she wished to - both the individual hivers within it and far more besides.

Two of the tentacles wrapped around her arms, pulling them wide and holding them down. Two more tentacles began to snake up her legs, teasing them apart. Karissa made a show of fighting them, kicking and bucking and twisting as she was secured in place, knowing that her struggles would be futile.

She knew Brillia liked it when she struggled.

More and more tentacles formed, rising out from the floor and making right for Karissa's bound form. A couple went for her breasts, brushing over then in lazy circles, while another went straight for her clit. She writhed as her clit was rubbed slowly and lovingly, in exactly the right way.

Karissa laid back, groaning quietly. This was what she'd been waiting for; this was why she was here. A tentacle flicked at the bud of her breast, making Karissa gasp and twist as others began to tease the edges of her pussy's folds.

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