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by Flower Power 2 years ago in erotic
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I come in from the other room and see you. You look exhausted and I ask you, “What’s wrong?” You say that you’re just extra worn out. I say “Ok, sit down and relax, I’ll be right back and then I’ll fix you right up.” I go into the bathroom and start running a bath for you. I add some scented oil and some bubbles to help you relax. Then I put on some soft music and lightl some candles. I even threw in some rose petals to make you smile. I come back out into the other room and take your hand and tell you to come with me. I help you stand, and we walk into the bathroom. I slowly start to undress you and tell you how beautiful you are, Kissing you softly as I take your clothes off. you. Once you’re naked, I step back and just admire your beautiful body. I help you into the tub and tell you to sit and relax and to let the water take some of the stress away. I say, “I’ll be right back, you just relax.” I go into the bedroom and turn on soft music and light more candles. I put some rose petals on the bed and get out my massage oils. After I have everything ready, I walk back into the bathroom and walk over to the tub. I kneel down beside the tub, wrap my arm around you, and pull you in close to me for a deep passionate kiss. I ask you if the bath is helping any and you say yes. I say, “That’s good.” as I take the washcloth and soap and build up a lather. I start to gently and slowly wash your neck and shoulders, then working my way down your back to your waist. As I’m moving down, I hear soft moans coming from you. Once I reach your waist I have you lean back and start on the front, back at your neck and shoulders. I move down very slowly and wash your pert breasts. Watching as your nipples get hard, I lean in and blow on them, watching them harden even more. I glance over at you and see you smile. I continue working down to your waist again. I then take a cup and pour water down your back, rinsing the soap from your back. I then pour it down your front, watching as the water drips off your hard nipples. I help you to stand up and slowly start to wash from your ankles up to your sexy ass spending a little extra time there teasing your rosebud asshole. I move back down, and have you lift your feet one at a time so I can wash them. I slowly move back up to your beautiful pussy and take my time washing it, spreading your lips and getting my fingers in deep. I tease your clit for a short time before I take the cup and pour water down the back of your legs and then the front. I help you step out of the tub and into a waiting towel as I slowly start to dry you off, .Kissing you again and pulling your body in close to mine. I pick you up and carry you into the bedroom to the bed and gently lay you down. I tell you to lie on your belly and you do. I get my scented oil, pouring some in my hand and move down to your feet. I slowly start to massage your feet, making sure to get between each toe. I move up your leg, kissing it as I move up. I get up to the back of your knee and slowly run my tongue there, watching you try and keep from bending your leg from the pleasure. I repeat the process on the other leg. I can see that it is starting to get to you by the way you’re moving and moaning. I now move up from your knees, slowly moving up your thighs, teasing them, bending down and nibbling on them. I continue to move up, getting closer and closer to your pussy, but avoiding it as much as possible right now, doing first one leg and then the other, watching as you wiggle trying to make me touch you. Next, I move onto your back and shoulders, slowly working my way down towards your ass. You’re almost to the point of begging me now, so I tell you I still have to do your front side yet. I hear you sigh in frustration, but I tell you that it will be worth the wait. I finally get down to your ass, and I can see that you think you’re finally going to get some pleasure, but I move up and start to work on your hands and arms. I gently kiss each finger and the palm of your hand and slowly move up and down your arm. You let out a big sigh as I move around to the other side and do the same thing to your other hand and arm. I pour some more oil in my hands and rub them together as I look down to your beautiful little ass, I slowly start at the top of your ass and gently massage one cheek at a time. Without warning, I slide one finger from the bottom of your ass up in the crack of your ass. I stop and toy at that little rosebud, running my finger in circles around it. I hear you let out a loud moan of pleasure. “I never knew I could get such pleasure there.” you say.” I smile and say, “Sweets, you can get pleasure in many places.” You tell me you’re finding that out slowly, but enjoying every minute of it. I bend down and kiss your sweet lips and then tell you to turn over onto your back. Once you do and are comfortable again, I move back down to your feet again, lifting each foot up as I gently kiss the bottom of your feet and slowly run my tongue around each toe before taking them into my mouth and sucking on them. You giggle and moan at the same time, and I just smile. I slowly continue my journey up each of your legs to your knees. You look at me and say, “You can’t bite me there.” I smile at you. I pour a small amount of oil on each of your upper legs and slowly rub it in. As I get closer to your pussy, I see your legs part slightly. My hands work in between your legs and I notice you have closed your eyes, so I bend down and gently nibble on your inner thigh. You moan loudly. I move my hand upward getting closer and closer to your glistening pussy. I can feel the heat from it. I massage right up until I get right to your pussy lips, just barely touching them, and then I stop. You look at me and beg for me to touch you. I say “All in time, sweets, all in time.” I whisper with a sly grin. I move up to your neck and slowly work my way downward, Getting your shoulders and your stomach. I bend down and gently flick my tongue into your belly button making you giggle again. I then move up to your breasts, slowly massaging them, watching as your nipples get harder. I lean down and gently kiss each of your nipples, feeling them harden even more. You moan loudly. I take your nipple and flick it with my tongue and then suck on them. I take some of the warm oil and pour it down the lips of your sweet hot pussy, watching it mix with your juices. I insert two of my fingers into your burning hot pussy and start to finger-fuck you. My thumb is rubbing against your hard clit. I curl my fingers up and find your g-spot and start to rub it fast and hard. Hearing your moaning getting louder and watching you buck up and down on the bed tells me you’re about to cum, so I bend down and start flicking your clit with my tongue. That does it, and your pussy explodes sending your sweet juices gushing everywhere, My fingers continue to thrust in and out of you, keeping your juices flowing. Finally, you start to calm down and I begin to lick up your sweet hot liquid. You look at me and say, “OH MY GOD that was so good. I don’t think I’ve ever cum so hard or so much.” I just smile at you. You look and me and say, “What?” I say “I’m just only getting started.” You look over at me puzzled and say, “What do you mean you’re just only getting started?” I say, “Usually after a massage like that I will use my tongue and go over every inch of skin my hands touched.” “Are you kidding me? I don’t know if I could handle that or not.” You say. I “Well, sweets, it’s up to you. I will just wait for your reply.”


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