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by Isaiah Ketcham about a month ago in erotic
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Venomous Memoirs from a Divorcee

The Limbo Motel is a strange place

Located halfway down the interstate between Heaven’s Palace and Hell’s Dungeon

Empty bottles of sorrow lay across the floor’s rugged landscape

Mountains of clothes stretched over plains of cheap rugged carpet

Floating above the terrain are grey clouds of smoke

Escaping the industrial chimney which is my mouth, as showers of ashes sprinkle across the land below

They gather together in circular rotation

Collecting themselves into a formidable sinister formation

They glide above my head, collecting my ascending thoughts rising like spirits from the graveyard which is my body

Flashing lights dance at random across the dimmed walls of this frozen time capsule

My night eyes stare into the black hole portal to the other realm

A spectator in the stands of this virtual colosseum

I watch these fictitious gladiators fight their battles, as my real battle wages in the backdrop of my unconscious mind

When random impulse visits me, I claw my way out of this vortex of time

I rise and climb out of my predacious den, time for a hunt

The Limbo Motel boasts a dimly lit mini bar at the edge of space

This somber water-hole attracts all the local night creatures that have learned to adopt the darkness, and escape the light

At a distant table, a couple of middle-aged hyenas laugh over a scavenged meal brought to them by a prisoner of the Motel

The bartender offers me a glass from the fountain of youth

She flirts, spins her web of sweet nothings, pulling me closer to her bar

She’s the closest thing I’ve had to a shrink since this whole saga

She teases the lion’s hunger, she already knows, as do I, a substantial meal is not on the menu

Thus, I find myself in the familiar spectrum of ambiguity

Knowing not if I am to hunt, or scavenge on this evening

One of the ladies of Hades invites me to the shark pool

She hands me a lance

We place bets on who will win this game of physics and chance

Like gods moving planets across the edges of a galaxy, we send them, one after the other, to their deaths, down the shadowed wormhole

This is my residence now

The bridge between worlds

This is the place where I will have my day of reckoning


I should of known something was wrong in our marriage the moment I started envying her treatment of our dog over her treatment of me


I guess, when all is said and done

I should be grateful we only shared a dog

We almost made a baby


She told me the new dog I adopted was hindering our intimacy

I made her promise me that if I gave the dog up for adoption, we would restore our relationship

A few months later, she attacked me in a drunken rage

She filed for divorce the next week


Of course, the dog we did keep was the dog I bought her, for her birthday

She got a dog when she turned 31, I got a divorce


My wife made me choose between her and my dog

I chose her

I chose wrong….


She’d have the best one-liners

Some which were both romantic and terrifying to me

I used to watch the morning sun beams stain across her pieces of skin breaking through our mangled sheets

The moments caught in between consciousness rising, with the awakening of the Earth were the happiest of my life

Sometimes, the first image to appear, as I awoke from sleep, was her resting face, eyes closed, in her dreams

I couldn't explain how it happened, but it’s as if a demon had made its way into Heaven’s bedroom

Our love making had become something of a game of Russian roulette

I would never know which one of her I would get till the moment our scorched skins would ignite the brush feeding the furnace of passion

In one breath I would see the eye of God

In the next slide of the tongue, I would get the kiss of the Empress of the underworld


A song within the genre of erotica would sing to the rhythm of her body

A tempo resounding through the walls of our temple marches to the beat of her war drums

In the heat of the sweat, it is unclear if I am being sacrificed to this goddess of chaos, being consumed by her aura

Or, if she is offering her body as tribute for my love


The fragrance of her hair was second only to the sweet sound of her clothes gently hitting the floor like pedals off a flower, exposing her stem

Undressing herself naked came easily to her, and it happened often

Undressing herself emotionally, that happened fewer times than I can remember


A shot of tequila running down her throat, and a cigarette half smoked meant a frisky storm would soon hit

She liked me scared, she liked me bound

A hunted prey, for her to pound

Nikki Minaj in her ear, she slowly inhaled my fear

I, unable to move, unable to speak

She felt strongest when I was weak

Thrust in her hips, a ball between my lips,

Muted sounds coming out my trap

She bangs away to the groove of her trash rap

An ass to match her sass

A whip at the hip

A bomb of a Domme

A c!nt so blunt


You launched a siege on my temple

You mounted by stone walls

And you broke into the chambers of my sanctuary

You treated my resistance as an open traitorous act of rebellion against your dictatorship

You would say to me “Together we will slay dragons”

Little did I know, I was speaking to one

You push people away until they leave,

After which you feel abandoned

I don’t believe you actually loved me the way you thought you did

I think you preferred being miserable in my company over being miserable in your own


Your spineless cowardice was the final arrow that was needed to land into the heart, and kill the old man I used to be

A man who needed to die

Keep your pillow and blanket close, lover

It’s going to be a long, long night

I should of just let your demons have their way with you when I had the chance

That’s a mistake I won’t be making twice

I told you from the day we first decided to give this a shot

I told you that, one day, it would be a yes, or a no

I thought you would answer this question with your lips

Instead, your cruelty did the talking for you


I don’t mate with cowards

I don’t pick fights with cowards

I end fights with cowards


Your silence spoke volumes

Your absence yielded a strong presence

You used to punish me with your silence

Now, you bless me with it


I have to hand it to you

You really have a special talent for breaking people you love down to their worst version of themselves

It all begun in a coffee shop

And it ended, on a piece of paper, delivered to me by a stranger


I bent the rules for you

I bent myself until I broke for you


You wanted to break this stallion so you could ride him

He would of let you ride him himself, had you left him wild


Good sex can keep two people stuck in a partnership well past its expiration date

There is a world of difference between a lone wolf, and a lonely wolf

If you base your entire survival on one single tree’s ability to bear fruit…you will go hungry


My life no longer hangs in the balance of this modern-day western standoff

I know not what lies on the other side of this bridge

Only that I’ve waited my whole life to cross it


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Isaiah Ketcham

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