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The King Of The 90s

by Victor Robinson II 5 months ago in fact or fiction
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The Decade that defines an era

The King Of The 90s
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The King Of The 90s


Victor Robinson II

Act I: The Biography Of The King Of The 90s

This is a story about a man named Danny Conman who was the biggest movie star on the planet in the 1980s. He was a child actor/extra who was on shows like Full House, Married With Children, Punky Brewster, Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, and Who’s The Boss and roses to fame by playing a 13-year suicidal teen named Billy Webber whose girlfriend Maggie overdoses on drugs at a party and he goes after the drug dealer named Remy played by an up and coming to actor James Spader the 1989 movie was called Fall Down. Danny won an award for this movie which got an opportunity to audition for The role of John Connor in Terminator 2 which it was promised to him by his agent Parker Raines but Danny had party hard the night before his audition with his teen idols friends in his mansion which consists of Soleil Moon Frye, Alyssa Milano, Drew Barrymore, Stephen Dorff, Matt Leblanc, Christian Slater, a young Mila Jovovich who he was dating at the time.

Anybody who was anybody was there. Danny had overslept and forgotten about the Audition and was pissed because he thought that he had it in the bag anyway.

James Cameron did like Danny’s Performance in Fall Down which he won a Golden Globes for the made for Tv movie and wanted him for the role of John Connor but he had missed the audition which was a slap in the face and he cast a young no named actor Edward Furlong who becomes very famous after the role. Danny has always regretted missing out on the audition which even haunts him to this day. Danny’s agent got him a job as an extra on T2. Danny wasn't happy with himself but he was glad just to be part of the movie but his scenes were cut out of the film which pissed him off. Danny really hated Edward Furlong for taking his role and they would become rivals in all the movies Danny would want to audition for like Pet Sematary Two and Brainscan he would get. Danny did a lot of movies as an extra throughout the 90s like Clerks, Halloween 6 Scream, I know what you did last summer, Fear, What Eating Gilbert Grape but the only movies he would get a starring role in would be independent films which were his bread and butter.

Danny almost got the role of Tommy Doyle but they could tell he was high at the time so they gave it to Paul Rudd but he got a role as an extra which led him to do a movie called Uncensored which became his breakout role in 1995 which was being made at the same time as Halloween 6. Uncensored which had used the same movie set as Embrace The Vampire which had almost the same actors was about a 19-year-old college student named Wade Bannister who has to work his way through college after losing his scholarship due to having sex with the Dean’s hot daughter which played by Alyssa Milano who he dated back in 1992 but remained good friends.

Wade becomes a porn star and starts filming sex with his co-eds on camera but the Dean finds out and expels him out of college but Wade lashes back at the Dean after he finds out he is sleeping with one of his students and he blackmails him and then the movie takes a dark turn when the Dean kills Wade then himself. Danny was nominated as the most breakout role of the year. A year later he would start in a movie called Ridiculous Thoughts which was made by the director of Embrace the Vampire and Poison Ivy Two who had seen the work that he did on Uncensored and decided to cast him and her new movie which was completely inspired by The Cranberries’ music another movie which Danny playing a college student named Mark who is sleeping with his professor Alex Summers played by Jennifer Tilly but things get crazy when he starts dating an Italian foreign student named Vanessa played by Asia Argento who gets him to become more wild and reckless and he forgets about all his studies.

Mark starts treating his friends wrong and the relationship with Vanessa was a sexual awakening and he neglects Alex who has fallen in love with him and had decided to leave her husband Kenny (played by Tim Roth) for him. Kenny decides to go to Mark's dorm and they have a massive fight which beats Mark half to death until Vanessa stabs Kenny in the neck with a metal ruler and continues to stab over and over. She had flashbacks of what her father did to her as a little girl and it all came rushing back.

The Campus Police pull Vanessa off of a dead Kenny and Mark is unconscious and wakes up in the hospital and he wakes in the hospital to see his roommate/friend Joel played by Paul Rudd who tells him that Vanessa has been released and has been deported back to Italy but she left him a note and its reads Dear Mark I have enjoyed our few weeks together I have sensed a change in you and I didn’t like it and I know it my fault because I am toxic to u due to my issues with my father who abused me and my brothers and that's why I came to your dorm last night to break up with you but I ended up saving you from that guy. I hope you get well. Goodbye Vanessa.

A week later He goes to see Alex at her house and he sees her from the distance and She looks at him and he realizes that she was the only one that really loves him and he had lost her who is feeling guilty about the loss of her husband the father of her kids and he didn't know that she had kids and they get in the car and drives off and he is left standing there in the middle of the street and the credits start rolling and the song Ridiculous Thoughts by The Cranberries starts playing. The movie was a smash hit. Danny had secretly dated both Asia and Jennifer during the filming of this movie and Asia and he remain friends to this day. But he and Jennifer stayed an item for a few months. Danny ended up signing a contract with Miramax for a three-picture deal Danny was an extra in Scream and also stood in to wear the Ghostface costume which he would also do in Scream 2, 3, and Scary Movie.

He had a lot of work as an extra which extra made him stand out in films like most of all the Kevin Smith due to knowing the entire cast, Phantoms, Reindeer Games, Saving Private Ryan mostly the big-budget movies he was an extra, in the Indies films he was the prince and he starred in 22 feature films as a star some of the low budget horror movies which gave him a new fan base especially movies like Full Moon which made was in 1998 where he plays Jack Taylor a former marine who is trapped in a bar with a sexy bartender named Lucy played by Jennifer Tilly and few other people and must fight until morning against werewolves.

The movie had issues that it looked like a remake of From Dusk Till Dawn but it did well mostly on Pay Per View. Danny and Jennifer would break up after the movie was released. Danny would star in a few softcore shows like Passion Cove, Hotel Erotica, and Red Shoe Diaries. Danny would be a playgirl centerfold of 1999 dub the King of the 90s who was 25 years old. He was also on the front page of Entertainment Weekly as the Miramax Prince because been involved in almost all the movies produced by Miramax. Every Independent Film he did was Miramax. The Weinstein Brothers loved Danny. Danny would also become a student in Mixed Martial arts wanted to become the next Stallone or JCVD so he started training hard and became a quick study and started to get a fighting manager to get him some fights on the amateur circuit and he was very fucking good at hurting people his fights would last only mins he had 22 exhibition fights and won all of them some were more bloody than others and he made a nickname for himself by combined to 2 words that defined him Tough because he is a tough fighter in and outside the ring and Made because in this point in his life he had got everything made he formed his life into something he is proud of and he is a made guy in Hollywood because right now because of these fights it revamped his career to be a bonafide action star now. So his Fighter name is Tough Made Guy. During this time Danny would have many flings with actresses like Rose Mcgowan, Charlize Theron, Winona Ryder, and Courtney Love

The Jobs for action movies came in hot for him he was offered roles in The Matrix which was not leading or supporting but was a job, some JCVD films, Steven Seagal Movies mostly direct to video movies.

Danny started to Write and Direct his own action movies From The Top To The Bottom made in 2000 Danny plays a cop Travis Walker whose wife was killed by a gang of serial killers and goes cross country hunting them down its had a soundtrack made by Linkin Park but it cost him a lot of money to get them to let him use their music for the movie.

It did very well on Pay Per View but not in theatres the second action Movie he did was Bad Luck, Danny played a ex-con named Blake Winchester who finds a duffel bag full of money at a bus station which was intended for pay off not knowing there is a tracking device in the bag and They send assassins after him and He kills everyone they send after him but the corrupt FBI agents the money it was intended for are after him as well. It didn't make much at the box office but it soared over Pay per view and at Blockbusters worldwide. Danny was upset that he isn't becoming the biggest superstar he thought he was going to be. He started getting involved in charity fights against former U.F.C fighters and other celebrities and winning. Danny would always be known in Hollywood for the indies movies he did. Danny would be a Champion in Hollywood with being in 123 movies and tv as an extra and at his 22 feature films and his television guest appearances would rack up over 300 on IMDb page which Danny Trejo beats him by 400.

In the last movie, Danny would direct himself in a Badass Horror Movie called Extreme Defense which was made in 2003 Danny plays Danny Morgan an MMA fighter who moves with his wife Anna and their two kids Megan 9 years old and Liam 6 years old into a house that had just been rebuilt on a mass grave that a serial killer left buried after he was burnt to death the house by a survivor. The dead serial killer named John Castle aka J.C played by Edward Furlong ‘’Danny’s old rival” is awakened by the presence of the Morgan family, the ghost of the dead family tries to warn the family.

Danny is on the road fighting underground fights while Anna and the kids are terrified by some horror. Danny returns home to find the house in terrible condition. Anna has bruises and markings on her body and she tells him she has been raped several times and the children are so pale due to being frightened. Danny found out quickly that ghosts are real when he sees J.C in the mirror staring at him as he consoles her. He ended up getting help from his sister Sara who is a Wiccan and her Wiccan coven but the ended J.C was not afraid of the Wiccan he started to take control and Danny did a split-second decision and he had Sara project his soul out of his body so he can fight J.C and to send him to Hell. The movie was a box office smash in 2003 he won multiple MTV movie awards for the movie.

At the MTV Movie Awards after-party, Danny would meet a new love of his life Michelle Hannigan; she was from Limerick, Ireland. First Irish Playboy Centerfold, former pornstar, now she is a singer in a female rock band called Sexx Rebels and she just had auditioned for She Spies but was turned down so she started doing small tv roles like Spin City, Nash Bridges, Baywatch, and few others. Michelle was a big fan of the movie Ridiculous Thoughts and she went to an all-girls school called Laurel Hill Colaiste where she went to school with Dolores O'Riordan. Danny and Michelle had so much in common and they got along so well.

A few months later they moved in together while Danny was working as an extra on the Batman Begins as a member of the League of Shadows. Danny started to do a lot of stunt work in movies, he still would do the occasional action or horror movie direct to video but mostly focused on his relationship with Michelle and enjoying seeing the world and Danny has decided to marry Michelle. On October 23, 2004, they got married in Hawaii surrounded by friends and family. Danny decides to start writing screenplays and sell them to movie studios and tries to pitch himself and they didn't pick him, he would get depressed and start drinking and doing cocaine. Michelle’s career has been going great; she is no longer a part of the rock group Sexx Rebels; she is now a tv host on the game show network. Danny is Happy for her and she wants to try for a baby and they are successful. In 2006 they gave birth to their little girl Dolores Hannah Conman. Danny devoted his time to his daughter, nothing else mattered, not even his own career. Danny didn't get another job until The Dark Knight as one of the henchmen of the Joker.

Michelle has blossomed to become a household name has gotten acting in big-budget films like a stripper in Rob Zombie Halloween, 30 Days of Night as a vampire, Iron Man as a reporter, guest-starring roles on ER, Californication, and a recurring role in The L Word, she was blowing up in Hollywood. Danny starts getting depressed and starts drinking more and more and the world looks at him as he has been.

After the release of The Dark Knight, Danny was pissed they cut his speaking lines out of the movie and went drop off Michelle and Dolores and tuck little Dolores in her bed and walks out the front door and never came back home again That's was on July 20, 2008, and he disappeared off the first of the earth. No one knew what happened to him. A lot of his former colleagues were shocked by his disappearance, even his former girlfriends. Michelle has declared him dead after 7 years. Michelle had remarried a business tycoon named Wayne Stahl in 2015 after declaring him dead who she had been dating since 2010 but she misses Danny who was the love of her life. Michelle had gone to college and got her business degree during the time of 2009 to get her something to focus on and now she is ahead of a major studio D.C Studios which was named after her husband and she turned all his screenplays into movies that turned out to be successful. All those 22 feature films that Danny Started in are now all cult classics and that is the end of the King of the 90s Biography.

Act II: Fuck You.

13 years after The Disappearance, In Las Vegas, Nevada. Parker’s Danny’s former agent is playing high stakes poker in a private game and Danny Conman walks in the room wearing a purple suit and dark sunglasses and he is watching Parker from the bar and Parker loses his hand and goes to the bar and is pissed and Danny says you were always a sore loser and Parker about to swing and Danny takes off his sunglass and Parker is shocked to see Danny. Danny takes Parker to a strip club to have a private chat about what happened to him and he explains everything to him which You guys will find out later. Fast forward through all of that. Danny now tells him 13 years was a long self-discovery and it was exactly what he needed to get past never being the top dog in Hollywood.

He has a different mindset now.

Danny is aware of everything that is going on with Michelle and Dolores and he knows he got to make things right and Danny proposes a comeback and he pulls out a USB memory stick and shows it to Parker saying I have ten new screenplays that i want to share with the world. When Danny left Michelle and Dolores he also left behind his money to them.

Danny had become a different person and he earned a fresh amount of money from fighting in underground fight clubs which were illegal. Danny also started writing music for Christina

Danny has had many adventures of the course of 13 years he went missing. Parker suggests that Danny needs to make up a story saying he was abducted by a crazed fan and held captive because the real reason he disappeared will make him seem like an asshole. Danny tells him he doesn't want to lie anymore. Parker hires a publicist Dana Lewis to set up interviews and to see who wants the reappearance of Danny Conman’s story. But First things first Danny wants Parker to check out his screenplays and see which studios will work with him. Danny has to bite the big bullet first and go and see Michelle. Michelle has kept their old home with a renovation. Danny is scared and nervous and sees Michelle’s husband Wayne drive away. Danny walks to the house and puts in his old key and it works and he walks into the house and He sees Michelle on the computer and she thinks he is Wayne and She looks up and sees Danny. Michelle faces lights up but quickly she asked Where the Fuck have you been and he tries to speak but she cut him and she tells him You have some fucking nerve to come back after 13 fucking years leaving your fucking child crying where did daddy go, Mom, what did I do to make daddy leave us.

You have no idea how much you fucking hurt me, i thought you were fucking dead but you standing in front of me now with that fucking look on your fucking face with those fucking clothes looking like a fucking undercover cop trying to score drugs you have hurt Dolores and you have hurt me the woman who always had your fucking back, the woman who always made your sure that you’re every need was taking care of. I was your fucking Wife and you left me all alone. Danny didn't realize the consequences of his actions and Michelle breaks down crying.

Danny tells her I was selfish for leaving, I was not happy with where I was professional. I was tired of not getting what I deserved to be on top and you were doing so much better than me but I was not jealous, I just didn't want to take my anger out on you and Dolores. But really I didn't plan on leaving you or her. I was simply going for a walk and things happened and I was pulled into another world where everything seemed possible and I am sorry for what I did. Michelle wipes her tears and says fuck your sorries, fuck your selfishness and what the fuck you want from me Danny, you want my forgiveness, there is no forgiveness for what you did to us. Michelle slaps Danny three times and tells him to get the fuck out and don’t come back. Danny says I want to see Dolores and Michelle says you are not her father you lost the right when you walk out on us. You are nothing to her. Wayne is her father and he loves her as a father should. Wayne is a damn fine husband. We don't need you here, go back to whatever hole you crawl out of and go there and never come back. You selfish son of a bitch. Dolores and her best friend Alicia are coming into the house.

Dolores sees her mother arguing with a man in the living room and turns to go out the door and he sees Dolores who is now a teenager. Dolores recognized him and said `` Dad I thought you were dead so now if you are not dead then you really left us. Michelle starts crying again and Dolores runs out of the room with Alicia behind her. Michelle tells him you see what you fucking did, It took her a long time to get over your departure and a fucking therapy session now you have fuck things up and you have to fucking leave and never come back. Danny walks out the door with tears in his eyes and then he sees Dolores upstairs crying through a window.

Michelle looked out the door window at Danny getting in the car. Michelle says to herself Why couldn't you be dead?'' Things were so fucking simple but now to find out you left us because of your fucking ego that’s no fucking excuse. God, I have loved this man for years even after he died and sometimes I wish Wayne was him. But now I realized that my love was selfish. He could have leaned on me more. I would give up my dreams for him. If he asked me to but his ego got the better of him and he decided to run away from his problems. He wasn't the man I thought he was. Fuck you Danny for making me love you. Fuck you Danny for Leaving and Fuck You Danny for Coming Back. Danny is so full of sorrow and sitting on a couch in his studio apartment. A beautiful woman named Christina just walks into the hotel room and kisses Danny. Danny tells her about what went down with Michelle.

Christina stirs him towards his focus on restarting his movie career. Danny picks up the phone and calls Parker and asks him about his screenplays to see if anyone is biting.

The next day Danny is going to meet with studio execs at different studios and was turned down but only two companies that wanted to work with Danny are HBO Max and Netflix which each took half of his screenplays. Danny is back in business and Danny is also offered a lead role in a Netflix movie called A Gun in The Darkness about a Pissed off ex-marine named Luke Brewster who is hunting a serial killer nicknamed The Axeman who killed his wife but the Axeman is possessed by a demon and has superhuman strength. Luke joins forces with the detective investigating the case of Sarah Foster who has now targeted Sarah’s closest friends and family.

Killing the Axeman will not be easy. Their best bet is to get a priest to perform an exorcism to release the demon and send it to hell

. After the movie was released in theaters It was a big hit for Danny then it was released on Netflix.

Danny has successfully rebooted his movie career like Liam Nesson with Taken. Danny signed a 6 picture deal with Netflix as an actor. Danny’s screenplays are doing wonderful also with big names attached to them which is making them big-budget films. Danny has an interview with Gayle King on CBS This Morning in a couple of days to explain what happened to him and the recent success of The movie A Gun In The Darkness. Danny has jumped at the chance of working during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Danny is filming a secret horror movie on the streets of Pasadena about a psychopath played by himself who is stalking and murdering people of Pasadena who are not wearing a mask to protect the spread of Covid-19, Danny had hired some of his fellow extras from movies he had worked with to build his cast and he broadcast the slasher movie on Youtube and Facebook Watch and He called the movie Wear A Fucking Mask!. It's got over a billion views on Youtube.

Danny had broken the internet and was offered a lot of money for a sequel to be made for Netflix The Future is looking bright for Danny. In LA, Michelle is hearing the buzz about her ex-husband, and Netflix and HBO Max are in bed with him and the only thing on her mind is the Interview he has in the morning with Gayle King. D.C Studios has changed; they only produce reality tv shows and documentaries which is what they became known for after the streaming services started buying them out of screenplays. Lately, Michelle has been thinking of selling her studio and moving to Colorado Springs, her hometown with Wayne and Dolores to live a quiet life but ever since Danny has come back into her life she is conflicted by old feelings as she sits in her office and staring out the window.

Act III: Breakfast & A Hangover.

Danny wakes up in a strange house and in a strange house and hears a woman singing and playing the guitar and he gets out of the bed and follows the sound of her voice. The voice sounds familiar and he walks in on a beautiful woman playing her guitar and Danny recognizes her from the 90s. Her name is Christina Mitchem, a supermodel/ pop star and actress which Danny worked with a couple of times but she is more famous for her music. Danny is confused about how he got there and he remembers that he went on a drunken binge at a bar and got in a fight.

Danny sits on a couch and Christina says It's been a long time Danny and You look like you had better days. Christina’s butler Aldo walks into the room and tells her breakfast is served and Christina asks him if he wants some breakfast and Danny says He is starved and he follows Christina to the dining room and Danny sees a true old friend and Is Shocked to see him and his name is Deputy. Deputy was at the bar when Danny got into a bar fight and decided to bring him to Christina’s house for him to sober up. Danny is also Christina’s Big Brother. Deputy met Danny in 1991 at a movie audition and became fast friends. Deputy was a child actor in the beginning of the 70s then turned drug dealers to the stars during the early 90s. Danny is recovering from a hangover and starts to flashback and remembers himself have a sexual relationship with Christina throughout the 90s even though he was in relationship. Deputy, Danny, and Christina are eating breakfast and Danny notices that two of his film posters are on the walls in the dining room.

One is a poster of Ridiculous Thoughts which was signed by him and Jennifer Tilly and the other is Full Moon a big picture of Danny holding a broken beer bottle at at werewolf and Jennifer Tilly in the background which he signed also with a little note saying Christina The True Queen of the 90s. Danny looks at Christina and says You got a very lovely house Christy and Christina looks at Danny and says You were the only one that would call me Christy and laugh the only one I would let call that. Danny says looking at the poster brought back some memories. I had a few relationships during that time but they were great but you had something else We partied all the time, You had nothing but positivity.

Christina says We never had any titles we just comforted each other when we needed to be in relationships but we were totally connected and Alyssa could feel that. She knew that you were never fully hers. I don't believe any of them thought that when I was in your life at that time. Deputy rubbing his beard and drinking his orange juice and is looking at Christina and Danny. Deputy says There is a spark there. I got to admit I understand how you forgot me and her were related. We were never around each other and This is our first time in a room together. Danny says Everything has changed now I have a wife and kid but I am not the man I used to be. Every time I tried to become a bigger star. I get a door slammed in my fucking face. Yeah, I can make my own movie. Yeah, I can make my own production company. But I want to be a part of the machine that is Hollywood. Don't get me wrong sometimes I enjoy being an extra of a movie but sometimes I want the main fucking part. I am tired of being picked over.

I’ve been doing this since I was a fucking kid and I love this shit. I have worked with and met a lot of fun people in this business and I can honestly say I love them all and sitting with you Christy and You, Deputy bring back good fucking memories. It was such a simple fucking time then I remember hanging out at Soliei’s house with her and the gang eating out her fridge. Christina laughs and says She fucking hated me. I was over there too but she was so very flirty too, Deputy says That was her charm she is very loving and she had a positive vibe and don’t get me wrong we all wanted to fuck her. All the boys did we would fuck joke about it. She was a fucking saint, Well I meant still is. Danny says Oh yeah the fucking parties we used to throw in the fucking village that fucking loft I used to live in. Christina says Your parties made you a fucking legend. Danny says I missed going to the Vipers Room on Friday and Saturday nights trying out music that I had written at the time. It's nothing like playing from your people who gets the essence of a true artist. Deputy pulls out a cigarette and lights it and says Yeah with you mentioning the Viper Room that shows you don't remember what took place. Danny says Yeah I know River died there even though that happened It still has awesome memories dear to my heart. I spent so much time there. I would read my movie scripts there, Surrounding my fellow artists and You, Deputy getting offensive about a tragic event. Deputy points the cigarette at Danny and says Let me refresh your memory Danny Boy. Do you know why You haven't gotten any big breaks in Hollywood except for extra work? Don't answer it. You see I was a child actor just like you.

I had my set of friends but I am older than you and after the show, I was working on was over I tried getting acting gigs only movies I could get work was in Slasher and horror movies and Tv during the time you met me I had a drug problem and I owe my drug dealer a lot of money so I work for my drug dealer and sold drugs to rich white kids to pay off my debt and When I hook up with you as my best friend Danny, you introduce me to your famous buddies and girlfriends. My famous friends saw me as a liability. You knew I was a drug dealer before I even told you. Your drug of choice was high-class cocaine but You were amazing Danny because You only use it at parties. You kept your shit under control and You never had a real problem with shutting that shit off.

But a lot of your friends didn't. Now I can tell that Cocaine fucked your brain up with your memory. Danny, You were a crazy motherfucker back then the women loved you and the guys all wanted to hang out with you and You would always call me to supply them with party favors. Let me tell you a story.

Act IV: Sex, Rock & Roll Drugs

August 24th, 1993, Deputy Narrating I was 27 years old at the time, and Danny you were 19, you couldn't get in the Viper’s Room until I snuck you in on certain nights when Depp wasn't there. Depp knew how old you were so he wasn't having that shit. I had a little bit of fame coming back by doing a few episodes of Star Trek The Next Generation.

I was aware you were starting to write music and took up playing with a guitar which you got some lessons from Christina. I mostly hang out at the Whisky with my girlfriend Winter Foster, lead singer of the punk band The Banshees. Anyway, I was the guy everyone would call for drugs or even protection. If anyone was too fuck up to leave the club. I would take care of it discreetly. I was the name on the rocker's tongues. The word was you need anything the Deputy got you. I usually hang out at the Whisky to watch Winter play a set of her music then I would leave and go to another club and make some drops. I usually went to 3 nightclubs a night. I would normally make up to 5 to 10 grand a night. I had VIP treatment at all clubs except The Viper Room. I was a smart drug dealer. I invested my money in stock of a booming business and I would loan money to start up a business to make sure my money was clean. I was the main supplier to certain rock bands like Nirvana, Motley Crue, and Something She.

I also served the porn companies in California. I had my hands on all types of drugs Ecstasy, Cocaine, Steroids, Heroin, Meth, if you need i had it, I drove all over California in my red cherokee jeep. I still would go to movie auditions but I then gave up and decided to try my luck at porn and Brother. That was a game changer but I kept the porn a secret from Winter. I used to be a junkie when I started doing drug dealing but I got myself cleaned and every day is a struggle but I love money and pussy more than drugs.

I had clients all over California and Everyone I dealt with all had money and We all had a code. It’s going great for a while and then a lot of people I had given heroin and coke started dying of overdoses and suicides. Hell it was becoming a fucking epidemic with more deaths than fucking A.I.D.S in my opinion. At the time I just thought It was a fluke but when I went to the source some of the heroin and coke that was sold was becoming a lot stronger than what my clients were used to. I just took as shit just happened but I didn't give a shit really until some good friends started dropping like flies around the state. I started getting a bad reputation because some doors were closed in my face. Ecstasy, Steroids, and Marijuana was the only thing I was selling at this point but a few of my friends still wanted heroin and coke and I warned them and told them that the shit has gotten stronger so be careful. My clients at Club Fuck wanted everything and I couldn’t deny them. Club Fuck was the biggest gay club in Calfornia I used to just sneak in the club and sell what I had to sell and leave but when I started doing porn I had a lot of admirers there so its quickly became royalty even I was straight I love the attention being noticed for my work of art. Charley, the manager of Club Fuck took me out to breakfast at a diner to offer me a deal to be in a gay porno and I quicky refuse.

Charley likes his men to be straight. He loves a challenge and why loves watching straight porn just to get off on the masculine of the men. I told him I am a tits and ass kinda a guy and I dont suck dick or get fucked in the ass and I told him I respect him but I wouldnt leave him empty handed. I told him I would bring his deal to other guys and bring him some straight guys for him. Charley was playing a dangerous game and he paid me a lot of money for providing him with straight guys.

Charley would get a hot girl with big tits and seduces the guys and blindfold them and have them have sex with men on camera. Charley would reveal that they fucking men sometimes while filming or not to get a reaction. Charley was smart he offered them 10 times the regular fee and had them say an NDA but I thought they were doing gay porn but he told them no gay porn to finalize the deal. Charley had done this trick a dozen times until People started copying his work. Charley made so much money. He quit managing Club Fuck and made the biggest gay porn company in Cali called BaitFucked INC. Seducing Guys by way of a horny hot girl and ended fucking a guy became a type fetish porn. Then changes with Shemales seducing straight men into bed and tied to the bedpost and toy with the shemales. Charley pushes the boundaries of his work. Charley decides to have a sex change operation to be who he truly wanted to be a woman who loves men. Charley always hated himself as gay and really always consider himself. I meant herself as a woman which she admits to me is why she was fascinated with me. Charley kept in touch with me and wanted me to bring her more talent Including good women too. I kept sending people her way.

I decided to leave porn and I joined Charley as a producer in her company which had combined gay, trans, lesbian, and straight porn all under one roof.

She changes the name to Charley’s House of Erotica. I had to come clean with Winter. She was cool with it and she heard around that I was doing porn and she was kinda happy that I wasn't dealing drugs that much anymore. I had a few clients that still depended on me for coke and heroin but I knew sooner or later I would give this up and go legit.

Act V: The Night The Music Stopped.

October 30, 1993, Tonight was the night you were going to perform the music that you had been writing the whole month. You have been wanting to perform on this stage for a long time. This year was awesome for you. You got to hang out with Depp, Juliette, and Leo on the set of What Eating Gilbert Grape as you had a small part in the movie But when Alyssa broke up with you in June and left you for Scott Wolf. You started doing a lot of Coke and hanging around Kurt Cobain, Courtney, and River Phoenix and You were fucking wild on Coke when you were at the Whisky, the night before You jumped on the stage buck naked and humping a speaker. I had to knock your ass out and me and Winter dragged you home to our apartment to make sure you were ok. I have known you for a while. You are like a brother to me Danny Boy and I didn’t want you to lose your life to this shit. That night I vowed never to sell drugs again and when I came into the Viper’s Room that Halloween Eve. I didn't expect it to end the way It did.

It's 9:30 pm, Danny, you have shown up at the club with your guitar and with Christina on your arm who has been comforting you over the last few months while she was taking a break from her world tour. You run to the stage and start singing and playing the guitar. I looked in the room and I saw Leo and Depp hanging out at the bar watching Danny’s performance. This is the first time Danny has performed on stage and they were shocked and impressed with him. The song was full of sorrow. It was about his break up with Alyssa which brought out the artist in him. Tonight was going to be my last night to be a drug dealer.

I had planned on supplying the club and leaving to go to Club Fuck where Winter and her band were playing at 11:30.

Danny finishes his set and Depp calls him over to the bar and He congratulated him on a riveting performance and Christina comes from the V.I.P lounge and grabs Danny and takes him to the restroom to fuck his brains out. As I light my cigarette, Winter walks into the Viper Room and tells me the Club Fuck got shut down that night. I sit back down in the V.I.P lounge and she tells me She loves me and she lays her head on my chest. Danny and Christina walk out the restroom fixing their clothes and Christina sees Winter and runs towards her. Danny sits down and We all sit and watch the next performance. It's 1:15 am River’s brother Joaquin and his sister Rain and his girlfriend Samantha walk into the club and are automatically greeted by Depp. Depp goes to the stage to perform with his band.

River walks over to where I am at and he asks me to follow him to the back. I have been supplying River and his buddy John all week long with drugs and I was looking at him and I could tell he was really fucked up and I tell him You need to go home take your family and sleep it off brother and River grabs me and looked in my eyes and say You did this to me, I was sober for Two months and You poisoned me and my mind and I can’t think clearly. You pushed your drugs on me and now I am dying and I am on fire, knowing I am knocking loudly on the death door and hoping to be welcomed with open arms to the heavenly angels above. But You Deputy is the damned who has made everyone around you suffer from your drugs and your influence and your words. You have damned this generation because You don’t give a damn about anything but your greed and you are slaves to the money and You are the Antichrist and grabs the coke from my hands and walks away and left me confused.

A few minutes go by I hear Samantha screaming outside and I see River laid out in front of the door. Danny you walking behind me and I ran back to V.I.P lounge and grabbed Winter and told her what happened and I told her we gotta go I try to get Christina to go with us but she wanted to wait for Danny who was outside so I left Christina and ran out the back door with Winter and jump in my jeep and got the hell out there. I went back to my apartment and Me and Winter grabbed some clothes and my duffel bag of money and drove to the airport and got on a plane to New York to hide out for a while.

Meanwhile, You were hanging around the outside of the Viper’s Room which Christina tells me later on. You were trying to console River’s family while Christina was holding Samantha. The next day the news of River’s death tore up the hearts of everyone that knew and loved him. The paparazzi were hounding River’s entire family for an exclusive. The cops had determined his death was an accidental overdose. Depp found out from a few people at the club and watched video footage of the night and found out that Me, Deputy was the last one to actually talk to River before he passed. Depp went to You Danny to find out where I was and You told him that you haven't heard from me but you heard I was in New York. He told you I had some unanswered questions that needed to be answered and He gave you that message to give me. 3 Weeks Later, I have been having bad dreams about that night over and over. Winter was getting homesick and she needed to get back to recording her music with her band. I was always going back home but right now I have to face the music and Me and Winter got back on a plane back to L.A. You can feel the mood of City has changed since River’s death.

While Winter was recording in the studio with her band. I showed up at Viper’s Room and I saw the entrance where he died with a shrine dedicated to him and I walked into the club and I saw you and Christina on stage performing a duet about a song that was dedicated to River. I was standing in the shadows looking on at the stage and I look up to the camera and a bouncer named Jim who I was good friends told me Mr. Depp wants to see you in his office.

So I walk into Depp’s office and Jim closes the door behind me. Depp says to me Have a seat and I sit down and he pours me and himself a glass of Jack Daniels. So now I am sitting face to face with Depp and We are looking eye to eye and Depp starts speaking: First things First. You know after what you have done. You are no longer welcome in my club. I know from John that you were supplying him drugs all week long and You saw him that night andYou still gave him the stuff anyway. What kind of friend are you anyway and then when he collapses in front of the club? Instead of helping him. You ran away. Knowing that it was your own doing that killed that wonderful human being. Depp is upset and drinks his glass. Then I said, I didn’t give him the coke and he took it and call me the Fucking Antichrist. Maybe I am and running away was a bad move. I admit that and If I didn't give him those drugs then River would still be alive today. Then I stand up and look Depp in the eyes and say For what It’s worth I am not a drug dealer anymore and it’s doesn’t mean anything. I just wanted to tell you that. Depp says You are right Its doesn’t. I walked out of his office and I saw you and Christina sitting at the V.I.P lounge and I walked out the door and didn't see you again right now.

Winter and her band's new album made a lot of money and their manager had committed suicide and they needed a new manager and Winter asked me if I would and I did and I did a wonderful job. We promoted the album all around the world and went on a tribute to the troop’s tour alongside Joan Jett and the Heartbreakers, AC/Dc, and many more.

In 1996 Winter left the band and I and she got married and then she got pregnant we got a little girl named Autumn who decided to live a normal life in Los Angeles. A friend of mine hooked me up with a job at Miramax Films.

Act VI: Christina New Path.

Back In 2008, Danny says I completely didn't remember any of that but remember your face when River was laid on that sidewalk. It was the look of fear. Alyssa breaking up with me nearly killed me. I don't think you knew that before I started writing that music. I had thought about hanging myself in my apartment. Hell, I had the noose around my neck but the crazy thing about it. I had a one-night stand with your sister a little bit after I met you at that Buffy the Vampire slayer audition. I didn't know she was your sister at the time. But the night I tried to commit suicide I was supposed to have dinner with her and she was pissed that I didn’t come and she came into my apartment and broke it down and saw me hanging and she got me down fast. She was like Catwoman.

I told her never to tell anyone what I did. I think that's why I was doing all that coke. It was the only way I could feel relief.

Deputy says I can’t believe that shit happened and I know you feel like you are hitting a wall in your career now and I know it’s bringing those same feelings back to the surface. Danny says Yes it is. Christina gets up from her chair and goes to Danny and puts her arms around him. Danny says He can't go back home like this. If I do, I don't know what I will do. Christina tells him he can stay as long as you want. This is your safe haven. Deputy says He got to check on Winter and Autumn and go to work at Miramax. Danny says You still work there. Deputy says I will tell you more about It later, get some rest, Danny. Christina gives Danny a valium to help him calm down and she gets Aldo to put him to bed and Christina takes off Danny’s clothes and she get naked and gets under covers with him and puts his head on her chest and Christina sings to him. Danny says I don't know how I forgot the way you make me feel. Christina continued singing and Danny looks into Christina’s eyes as she singing to him and Danny starts rubbing his hand all over her naked body and Christina stop singing and starts moaning and Danny grabs her right breast and started sucking and sucking the other one and starts kissing her chest and finally kiss her lips and They start having sex which lasts for an entire hour and its ends with Christina crying and Danny ask her what wrong. Christina says I wish I never went on that world tour in 94. Maybe you and I would have been in a relationship and I would have been in yourself and Danny looks around her and says You have a wonderful place and its looks like you are doing great.

Christina says yeah I am doing great financially and have 4 homes in New York City, Miami, Venice, Italy, and Paris, France that's all I have a great agent my Uncle Bobby, and a good support system but emotionally i have been through Hell. Christina Narrating After The world tour ended on February 6th, 1996. During my tour, I did have multiple flings with guys and girls I met but you still were on my mind and I thought I would look you up when I got to L.A. I called your agent Parker who said you were filming a movie in San Francisco called Ridiculous Thoughts and I asked him was seeing anyone because I didn't want to just show up and I knew I wasn't dating you but I love being around you. Parker said to me that you were an item with Asia and also Jennifer so you were being quite the ladies’ man but that's You. I shrugged my shoulders and called up my Uncle Bobby and asked him to find me a movie I can be in. My Uncle Bobby and Aunt Charlotte, my mother's sister who is my agent, and my Uncle Bobby, her husband, and my manager, were shocked that I wanted a movie but Charlotte kinda knew it had something to do with You, Danny. But I didn't engage in it. I always wanted to do movies and I have achieved all I could in the music industry. I had 6 records and won 10 Grammy awards. Bobby found a movie role for me it’s in an NBC movie of the week called Running Mad which will star a young Mark Wahlberg, it's about a high school quarterback named Thomas Bane who is pressured to be a great athlete like his father but he realizes that the only bond he has with his father is that his father is trying to live his glory days through him.

I will be auditioning for the role of his love interest Natasha, a head cheerleader who comes from a broken home who has to deal with her abusive father who has been molesting her since her mother died and It’s based on a true story about Natasha and her boyfriend brutally murdering her father and going on the run becoming a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde which ended up Natasha killing Thomas due to him wanting to give up and Natasha would end in prison for life. The movie ended being cut badly due to the subject matter and re-shooting later on ended doing better with a home video release. I enjoy working on film and I wanted to do more. The next movie I did was an original Showtime Tv movie called Safe Place about a homeless teenage girl in New York named Carolina Wagner aka Rat Girl who was living on the streets with her mother for years but then when her mother died she was alone and the only friends she really has are her rats. One day Rat Girl is getting free food from a nice man named Ralph who owns an Italian restaurant. A gang of men assassinates the customers and then Ralph who is in front of Rat Girl and She sees one of the killers and She just witnessed a mob hit. The detective on the case. A detective Wayne Castle played by Micheal Keaton who finds Rat Girl shaken up hiding in a box behind the restaurant and he finds out She had witnessed the crime and Wayne had been trying to bring down the mob boss who ordered it for a long time named Ricky Ricci played by James Woods. Ricky finds out about the witness and puts a hit on her. The A.D.A. Brenda Collins, played by Rene Russo, does not work without Rat Girl and Ricky knows that. The movie became the No.1 movie on PrimeTime Tv and I won an Emmy for my performance.

I would get plenty of work on great tv shows like Law and Order, Early Edition, NYPD Blue. I ended up moving to New York for a while. I started getting a lot of gigs but still would have to fly back to L.A for auditions. In 1997, I was back to recording music and I was still auditioning for movies and I had got a call from Aunt Charlotte and she told me that just read a script for an awesome movie made by Miramax. It was called Horror Hotel. It was kinda like Pulp Fiction meets The Shining. It was about the Hotel staff reopening a Well Known Hotel called the Raspberry Continental, R.C for short in Arcadia City, Alaska. Ten years ago, This Hotel was attacked by Satanic Cult and all the occupants and Hotel Staff were brutally massacred and the body count was unimaginable and the hotel was closed down. Ten Years Later, A man who won the Alaska Lottery, Jared King decided to buy the hotel and re-shaped it, and rename it Joker’s Palace. The City was happy that someone would buy the property which was costing the city a lot of money and They couldn't bear to tear it down. Due to being a landmark. A few months later its was reopened and it was a success and no problems with the hotel. The Hotel Staff was getting into a rhythm and forgot about all the haunted past and it's just become an awesome job. One Year later on Halloween. A group of wannabe Devil’s Worshippers decides to perform a satanic ritual which brings the dead victims back from the dead and the worshippers are brutal murdered and the dead decide to go after the trespassers which are the new occupants and the hotel staff. After I read the script, I hope on the plane and sat down with Charlotte and The Weinstein Brothers saying I wanted to do the movie and I knew I had to audition but I really wanted to do this film.

When I went to audition for the role of Bridget who is a part of the hotel staff and ex-girlfriend of the manager named Wes. Harvey said he wanted Upcoming Ben Affleck for the role but he turned down and he decided to offer the role to who he considered his prince who has always been a hit in the indie scene and he asked you for the role of Wes and You accepted It. He did not mention you by name. He just called you his prince and He later stated he considered you as a son. I felt very good knowing I was going to be near you again. I was pissed when I found out that Asia Argento was working with you on this movie as your leading lady. But that wasn't going to stop me from working on this picture.

Act VII: Behind The Scenes

A month later We started filming for the picture in Fairbanks, Alaska. Filming this movie is an awesome experience and This film has a good amount of young talent. You have Ryan Reynolds, Soleil Moon Frye, Joey Lauren Adams, Terrance Howard, Tobey Mcguire, Rory Cochrane, and Alanis Morrisette in her first feature film. It was so fucking cold. It was a party on the set and a joy filming until the original director got sick with pneumonia and they halted production which had left us the cast to our own devices and we spent time hanging out at the local bar and pubs. Things started to get dire for the film director’s health.

He had to pull out but you, Danny somehow persuade Harvey to let you finish and director the movie and you ended up making a completely different movie than what the script calls for and It became a fun experience and you brought a darker tone and you asked me for my ideas on the movie changes and we all didn't care we were happy just to be working in this wonderful atmosphere. It's really got crazy when you started calling your buddies and you told them they can be in the movie as the victims that the dead people were murdering in this movie. You spend a lot of your own money to make this picture the best independent horror movie ever made. Harvey looked at the dallies of your visions of the picture and He loved it but he wanted more sex and nudity. It sucked that you had to persuade your fellow actresses to show some nudity for the film or they would be cut out or fired but a few of them agreed to do the nudity but you had the idea of hiring porn stars for some of the extra roles to give the producers what they wanted. Afterward, we added nudity to the picture. They loved it more. I didn't agree to the nudity because I didn't want to mess with my brand and so did Alanis and she almost dropped out of the movie. If it wasn't for You, Danny came up with adding porn stars to the movie to handle the amount of nudity. They wanted to. During the production, I see that you and Asia are just friends but You seemed very into Alanis and you were hanging with her a lot. Anyway, I decided I was going to fight to have you as mine. Later on that day I got a call from Sadie, one of Harvey’s assistants telling me that Harvey wants to have a meeting with me One on One at his Hotel Room. I was shocked I didn't know what he could have wanted so I went to his Hotel Room when I got there. He was sitting at a table with food laid out on the table and champagne.

Harvey says to me Congratulations

I just got done screening pieces of the movie. It looks wonderful. I told Him its was all Danny’s vision I just did my part and Harvey pulls out a script entitled Scream 2 and he says It could be a part in this for you Christina if you wanted and he said he be right back and he goes to the back. I had started to read the script and I was completely intrigued and I kept reading. I didn't hear him come back in the room and he started rubbing my shoulders and he said I am just going to massage you. You look tense. Then he started grabbing my breasts and I jumped out of my seat and he was completely naked. I throw the script at him and went for the door and he said if you leave your movie career is over and I told him fuck you. He decided to say If i leave that he will destroy your career and I ask him why. I asked him why would do that. He says I own Danny Conman. He belongs to Miramax and Miramax alone and if you leave he will never work again. He wouldn’t even get a job as a fucking security guard at the front gate. I couldn't let him destroy his career because of me so I went back towards him and I said to him Do whatever you want with me but leave Danny alone. 30 mins later I walk out of that room with the Scream 2 script and I throw it in the trash outside the hotel. I jumped in my limo and did not say a word and I went to my hotel room and I took a shower and I looked at myself in the mirror and I screamed the loudest I ever screamed in my life and I broke down crying. I went back to the set to finish filming the movie and I didn’t want to tell anyone what happened because I just wanted to move on. After we wrapped the movie. I hopped on a plane to New York and decided to restart my music career again and I thought to myself I should have never sacrificed my body for a man, Who doesn't even love me.

The next album I created was entitled ‘’Hurt” which 9 sad ballads based on what happened in Alaska with my love for you and what happened in that hotel room the only time I actually acknowledge what happened to me. It became the No.1 Pop record of 1997. After 1997, I started doing Alternative Rock, and while I was doing that. I started getting into the world of fashion and started working with John Galliano for a few years. I ended up buying a mansion in Paris and a villa in Venice, Italy. I became a very successful Fashion mogul.

Back In 2008. Danny and Christina are walking around her backyard and Danny says I’m so sorry for what you went through. Christina says I also found out that Harvey I had done the same to other friends of yours. Rose, Asia and Heather, and Ashely. I found out later on that he is still doing this to women all around the world. He used your name and the movies you were famous for as a bargaining chip with them as a reward for him raping them. Danny and Christina go into a diner in Downtown Los Angeles. Christina continues talking, He has a slave contract on you and has blocked you from working from any major studios. Danny asks how do you know this. Christina says she got connections. Danny says doesn’t Deputy works for him. Christina says Deputy is another matter but You can’t trust him and I know he is my brother but Deputy has been involved in some bad shit also Danny. My source says Harvey has been using Deputy as like an enforcer and he knows of his past as a drug dealer but I also found out that during the time he was drug dealing and before he got with Winter, he had sexually assaulted some women who were buying coke from him.

I couldn't believe myself but my source is very credible. But i also found out that Deputy isn’t just working for Harvey. He is also working for The Elite. Danny eats a cheeseburger and drinks a milkshake and asks Christina What is the Elite. Christina continues saying The Elite are the very rich really old money. They backed some of Presidents, Senators, Governors, and Mayors and They are the True leaders of America. My father is part of the Elite. My Father came from Old Money. My Mom was just a girl from Boston who caught my father’s eye during Woodstock and he left Woodstock with her and never let her go since. My mom took Deputy to auditions and he got a part on Alias Smith and Jones, and he would get a recurring role on Little House on the Prairie as a boy named Deputy which is where he got his nickname. The most type of movies Deputy would be cowboys films. When I was born my mom just wanted me to be a housewife and be like a beauty queen but I had always wanted to be a singer. I rebel against what my parent wanted and the lifestyle and i wanted to make a name for myself. So look now, i have my own empire with which I built myself with help from Uncle Bobby and Aunt Charlotte. Danny says No Help from Deputy. I was never really around Deputy back then. We only reconnected when I was with You at the time. He was hanging around You and feeding your friends drugs. Do you know Deputy wasn’t really your friend right? I mean He might like you but Do realize that a lot of bad shit happens to a lot of your friends around You. Who You think got Drew Hooked on Cocaine. Who also sexually assaulted your girlfriend Alyssa at my concert. Danny says She never told me that. Christina says She wanted to forget I didnt know myself she jump on stage all frightening and she looked in eyes and then I saw him in the crowd and I knew.

Danny says I am sorry Christina But I am going to kill your brother. Christina grabs his hands and Looks into his eyes. I don’t know why he dropped you off in my home and I am happy to be heard with you at this moment and I would let you kill him and you don’t have to Karma is coming soon. You just have to sit back and let it run its course. How about you and me run away to Paris together. And she looks in his face. Or Do you want to go back to your wife and daughter? I understand if you do. Danny thinks about it and pictures it in his head to go back home and explain where he has been and automatically knows he has been honest and it kicked out and Christina has gone back to Paris. Danny realizes he is all alone and decides to confront Deputy and they fight and Danny beats Deputy to death. Danny kills himself. Danny looks at Christina and says let’s go to Paris. Let’s get away from all this bullshit. Danny and Christina hop on Christina’s private Jet and go to her villa in Paris. They go on to live there for years and attend every fashion show in France and going between Italy and France. Danny decides to join an underground fight club in London and makes quite a name for himself. Christina’s Mom Catalina is her inside source and she became an inside source after she reveal to her Aunt Charlotte she was raped by an Elite member Harvey and Catalina reached out to her and they started to get close again and she want to make up for a lost time. Deputy has been relaying instructions to Mossad agents from Harvey when allegations start to flare up about Weinstein. The Elite was getting pulled into light because of the Roger Alies fiasco.

The Elite is a round table the top 12 richest states New York, California, Minnesota, Utah, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Colorado, Virginia, Alaska, Vermont, and New Hampshire where the reach roam free but its only American based faction, and they aren’t hidden or secret. They are clearly the puppet masters. Roger Ailes was a big part of the Elite. Including the Sackler Family. But in order to sit at this table. You have to be a billionaire and in order to be a part of The Elite, You have to be a millionaire and up and top of the Forbes list. Danny has written 10 screenplays and has even written songs for Christina and has been performing music with Christina in front of the UK.

Act VIII: Danny Conman Reboot.

Back In 2020, Danny Did his CBS Interview and explain why he left his wife and daughter to be with Rock/Pop Icon Christina Mitchem who has been in a 13-year affair with and living in her villa in Paris, France. He told the world that he had suicidal thoughts and was jealous of his wife’s success. He didn’t want to burden his family with his failure and Christina save him from making that mistake of killing himself. The interview pointed out that he had a relationship with her during the early 90s. Danny did get some positive feedback for the Interview but also some negative feedback about leaving his family for another woman. Without Harvey Weinstein not around holding him back anymore.

Danny is free to audition for any Movie Company and he does. He finds starts filming different projects which won’t be out into movie theaters until 2023. Three Years Later, Danny’s New Movie releases are doing well. Danny is staring in Aliens Vs Terminators. It set back during Skynet took over the world but after the fall of Skynet and A new threat has emerged the xenomorphs have landed and John Connor played by Danny, must band together with his resistance but it’s not enough and they get close to extinction. John decides to reawaken Terminators to battle the xenomorphs to save the human race. The Second Movie is an Action/Comedy. Danny plays Calvin Murphy a Boston corrupt cop who teams up with his brother Trevor played by Mark Wahlberg to rob a bank to pay off a local loan shark named Jack Valentine played by A overtop performance by Leonardo Dicaprio but things get shaky when Trevor decides to kill Jack instead when he finds out that Jack is sleeping with his wife Jenny played by Charlize Theron. Trevor fucks killing Jack and Jack sends a hitman nicknamed The Knifer played by Johnny Depp and things get complicated The Movie called An Irish Sunday, Director By Martin Scorsese. The Third Movie is Blade and The Punisher, Danny plays Van Helsing, A Monster Hunter who was Dracula’s Archenemy and in a fight. Dracula decided to infect Van Helsing with his blood but what Dracula didn’t know was Van Helsing was infected with a wolf bite. Van Helsing nearly dies from being infected with both D.N.A. But Centuries Later, Frank Castle played by Jon Benthal is wiping out the crime syndicate in Canada and has been doing it for weeks and until he reaches the head of the table with is Van Helsing who is nicknamed The Beast.

Frank Castle kills all Helsing’s men who are actually familiars and he breaks into Helsing’s office and guns down Helsing and mood changes quickly when Helsing get out of a chair with bulletholes inside him and Frank decides to pull out his knife and fights Helsing and its a brutally fight and Frank is wounded by Helsing and A trio of vampires hunters called the Night Stalkers busted inside the office and saves Frank Castle. They explain everything to Frank about vampires but tell them about Van Helsing. Van Helsing has been taken over the Vampire territory after Blade has eliminated the competition and Night Stalkers find Blade and put him and The Punisher together to take out Van Helsing and his Vampire army and Danny directed the movie himself. Danny had officially made his comeback and finally got parts in Blockbusters. Things are looking for Danny. Danny tries to rekindle a relationship with his daughter, Dolores who has become an aspiring folk singer and Christina has been trying to mentor her. Danny talks to Michelle about Christina mentoring her and Michelle hates that Danny left her for her and They decided to let Christina mentor Delores and Michelle has forgiven Danny. Danny decides to marry Christina and they got married on December 23, 2023. Three Months Later, Danny and Michelle are in New York in their Brownstone. Danny has been writing a book based on The Viper Room and Deputy comes out of hiding and has been watching the house and Christina walks out and gets into a car and her driver drives off. Deputy breaks through the door and he pulls out a gun and Danny is hiding behind the door and knocks Deputy out and ties him to the chair. Danny sits in front of him and slaps him and Deputy wakes up and Danny puts duct tape around his mouth.

Danny says What The Fuck Took You So Long. I been waiting on you. You know I found out a lot about you over the years. Some of those suicides weren’t suicides. Found out You were killing people and raping women who trusted You. You helped all those powerful men destroy women’s lives and reputations. You used our friendship to get close to my people. My Fucking friends! No wonder They want anything to do with me anymore because of You. Alyssa was the love of my life at the time. You raped her and destroyed her. She was the same after that and You were the reason for her leaving me. You knew how much I loved that woman. I try talking to her recently she couldn’t talk to me without crying. What do you have to say about that? Danny ripped the tape off Deputy’s mouth. Deputy smiles and says you want to know something Danny during that time everybody wanted what the fuck they wanted and when the drugs came out I gave it to them They want to have a good time I take them to the clubs yeah I'm married yeah I got a daughter its doesnt matter Danny you know Shit Danny everybody wants to have a little fun every now and then some of them took too much fun some of them Danny some of them die little whiny little fucking men Danny all they wanted was to party but you know River was a little whiny little bitch drugging junkie junkie junkie always doing a little bit of heroin little bit of coke keep them alive always saying every one of them the one of them just want to be a fucking statistic the 90s were just going down hill in that do what you got to do kill some of them some of the ones were suicides and some needed a little bit of nudge and The women They were beautiful women like Drew what she was like 12 give her some coke oh she was laughing that shit up so bad to see all that shit went down the way it did.

Danny that was the time we lived in. No, Alyssa, I was just an opportunity she was looking good that day smell good that day and I said to myself I got to have that girl it wasn't about your resume about me and her she was so Goody Two-Shoes so I had to have all those girls they act so fucking hot and showing their tits and their ass but when it's time to play put-up-or-shut-up so fucking gullible so I wanted to teach her a lesson so I beat the s*** out of her right in front of 100 people who's was there stop me and she jumps stage didn't tell anybody. We would believe it any way that it was Christina Big Brother. She was losing her mind and broke up with you because she knew I was with you all those girls I know what time it is if you want to get somewhere in this world you gotta play the game all these bitches trying to change something that was the built on the world built on man conquer the world. Women are supposed to bow down to the man cook dinner for the man give the man a blow job when he asked for it that's the way it's the Hollywood was built and now how to change everything all those women that were raped by Weinstein all the women were raped and sexually assaulted by Alies that's just been going on for years and finally, Somebody wants to stop crazy thing about it was it was the Elite, yeah I did all this bad shit sometimes it was necessary. you might think I'm an evil man but really he's been a good friend to you I really did value our friendship I brought you back to Christina because she was the best thing for you look at me now you're married this would have not happened if you were with Alyssa. Danny says What about Winter and Autumn. He didn’t care enough to be a good man to them. Deputy says Don’t tell me how to be a husband or father. You don’t have that right.

Anyway What happens now, Danny.

Danny stands up and says A lot of things wouldn’t have happened If you didn’t do the things you did. I don’t have control over your destiny, My friend. Christina comes through the door with two guys behind her and Christina walks over to Deputy and looks him in the eye. You should have stayed away Brother and I had warned you. If you ever come after Danny. This would happen and as I and Danny are part of the Elite. You know what happens Next and Christina and Danny leave the two men along with Deputy. The Next Day in the newspaper. Christopher “Deputy’’ Mitchem was found dead in a hotel in Chinatown died from a heroin overdose. Mitchem was also a child actor who guest-starred on Little House on the Prairie and big brother to Pop Icon Christina Mitchem and after a fall from grace, Mitchem became a drug dealer to the stars during the 90s and turns out might have been responsible for the many drug overdoses during that time that took the lives River Phoneix and Kurt Cobain.

Act IX: Forever 90s

Danny and Christina would purchase and reopen it and rename it. Phoenix’s Tavern, with pictures of River Phoenix on the wall, Along with Kurt Cobain, Jonathan Brandis, and other losses in that decade on a Memorial wall saying Gone Too Soon and Not Forgotten. On opening night, Only a limited few would be welcome to the Tavern. The ones who lived through the era but only a few of them show up. Some of the ones wouldn't expect to show up. Deep, Dicaprio, Mickey Rourke, Soleil Moon Frye, Rose Mcgowan, Courtney Love, David Arquette, and a few others. Danny and Christina perform on stage together then Alanis Morrisette performed after them then Courtney got on stage to thank Danny for remembering the ones that was taken and she performs an acoustic version of Celebrity Skin and as she sings that song Danny sitting in the booth with Christina and his daughter Dolores and Danny sees the ghost of River and Kurt in the middle of the room smiling at him and They waved him at him goodbye and standing at the end is Deputy at his twenty-year self walking behind them towards the exit. Danny looks at the room at what he created and He is feeling good at where he is at in life. He is happy and complete.

Three Days Later, Danny Conman died of a Brain Aneurysm due to taking too many shots to the head fighting. He was 52 years old. It was a long way from he committing suicide in 1993. Danny has a lovely reception and Christina sang a duet with Dolores at the funeral. Michelle and Wayne attended the funeral, as well as many of Hollywood, has attended as well. Danny finally had gotten his name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Michelle and Christina actually have nice words to say to each other. Dolores Conman would become the biggest Pop star of this generation and her next album, She would be dedicated to her father. Christina sells all her homes in America and decides to retire and move to Paris. Christina would soon get over her grief of Danny and she would fall in love with a French punk rocker Jennifer Tall who kinda reminds her of a little bit of Danny.

Danny Conman, A man who was the apple of every woman’s eye In the 90s. He could sing, fight and act his ass off. He had a lot of friends that had admired him and All of his beginning films were his best due to him being so raw and being jammed down the throats of people so much. He was a wonderful talent and in his second act. He became a blockbuster sensation for Two years straight and Now he gave us Dolores Conman, a wonderful singer with an excellent voice and I can't wait to see what happens next for Dolores. Rest In Peace Danny Conman January 21, 1972- March 17, 2023.

This Book is about Celebration of the 90s and the people who lived through it and the ones we lost during it.

The End

Please also If you loved or hate this book please tell me what you love about it and tell me what you hated about it. If you get a free copy please review it and tell your friends about it and feel free to check out my other books on Amazon: The SledgeHammer, SledgeHammer: Good Vs Evil, and The Ballad Of Mayhem. Thank You all for reading and Be Safe out there and Take Care of Each other. I Love You All


Victor T. Robinson II

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I am Victor Robinson II I am self publisher writer with Amazon. I enjoy writing books its relaxs my mind. I also work at wal mart been there 15 years hoping to survive as an author. I want to entertain the world with my awesome stories

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