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By Phil The AnimalPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

This is a challenge I have set myself: to write an erotic tale with no "naughty" words included at all unless you class ass as one, plus a lead song of "Pynk" by Janelle Monae for apparent reasons.


You gave me your key, didn't know what time I was going to get back. I put the key in the hole and turn, open the door. It is dark, but there are night lights for illumination. It is a warm night, and you are led face down on your bed, seemingly asleep. Your nightdress has ridden up, deliberately for my benefit or accidentally. I really don't know, but your bottom looks so peachy and inviting to me.

You still have panties on, very skimpy, but I can't see the colour in this light. I trace my finger along your pantie line between your legs, hoping not to wake you …. Just yet. They are moist to damp; I wonder what you are dreaming about …. me? I decide that you probably don't need them on, so slowly peel them down your bare legs, still being careful not to wake you. Your scent is strong on your panties, and now my fingers, you really do make things hard for me, don't you?

I kiss your panties, tasting you without waking you enjoying before kissing your gorgeous ass, my tongue wetting you, then running down the back of your thighs to the back of your knees.

Did you know there is no word for the back of the knees, but you love being kissed there. So first, I work down your legs, then work my way up kissing you, licking you, parting your legs a little further as I work up, kissing, you tasting you, enjoying your exquisite scent as I eventually meet your lips and part them with my wet tongue, becoming much wetter now as I taste your juice.

You are awake and put your hands on my head, pushing e deeper into you, your lips parting for my attention, my tongue stimulating you more and more quickly; you know you will soon be coming for the first time from my attention and that it will not stop until my face is wet from you. You have peaked four or five times. That is your price before I am allowed entry, but I love giving you something you love getting. It is a total pleasure for both of us.

I remove your nightdress, and we are now both naked on the bed; you want me inside you, penetrate each other with our tongues, we are skin to skin, and again you are making it so hard for me. You cannot wait any longer, and we couple and become that weirdly odd phrase "the beast with two backs", enjoying each other, every touch, taste, nibble and feeling, and enjoying, sharing and tasting as they mix.

We edge towards another peaking ending up exhausted and satisfied in a large wet patch on the bed. But, we do not finish there, my mouth wants you, and yours wants me. We have each other's bodies to explore with our fingers and tongues, you are extremely hot and wet, and you are making me extremely hot and hard with your fingers and mouth.

We have all night together, and we are going to be soaked in each other's sweat and juices as we will not let up at all, tasting each other, kissing each other, and knowing that when we finally do fall asleep together, this will happen again and again, I love being inside you. You in me, we are such a perfect fit.


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