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The Hunted

Relishing in The Thrill of The Chase

By Bradley RamseyPublished 2 months ago 6 min read
Image: Michael LaRosa via Unsplash

Note: The following story contains graphic sexual content for readers 18 and over.

Arak sat poised upon a branch, taking the form of a falcon, hiding in the folds of shadow that dotted the forest canopy. His vision was sharp; his senses fine-tuned to one singular purpose: catching his prey.

The slightest rustle in the underbrush below was all it took. Arak’s gaze honed in on the source of the sound. He could see Laila’s emerald eyes reflecting the evening twilight.

She thought herself safe. Arak savored the moment, using his sharpened vision to tour Laila’s body. Her loose-fitting clothes did little to stop his imagination from running wild. His hunger for her knew no bounds. She would soon be his.

Arak leaped off the branch, descending with his wings outstretched. Laila spotted his approach and fled deeper into the forest. Arak soared towards the ground, his wings retracted, emerging from his body as paws covered in white fur.

His beak slid out into a snout lined with glistening teeth. His ears grew from his skull as his body filled out, and he landed deftly on the forest floor like a foreboding wolf.

Arak’s sense of smell increased exponentially. He could taste her scent, smell her fear, and hear her heart racing. Arak threw his head back and howled towards the full moon above the sky.

He sprinted towards Laila’s scent, weaving through the trees with ease. He was closing in on her, and judging by the sound of her breathing, she was becoming exhausted.

He spotted her leaving the forest and out into a grassy plain. An easy target. Arak closed the distance, leaping into the air. His body shifted once more as he soared toward her.

His head remained that of a wolf, but his body became human once more. He wrapped his hands around Laila, and they fell onto the grass together.

“No, get off me!” Laila cried.

Arak grabbed her wrists and pinned her down beneath him. She struggled as he snarled, brandishing his teeth. Arak returned his head to human form and leaned down, dragging his tongue across Laila’s cheek.

“It seems I have caught you,” Arak said with a wry smile.

Laila ceased her fighting and smirked.

“I almost got away.”

“And yet, you didn’t.”

Arak stood to his feet and slid his clothes off. He was already anticipating her, his body vibrating with lust.

“You know the rules. On your knees.”

Laila playfully snickered as she slid over to Arak. She tucked her legs behind her and floated over the tip of his member. Her piercing jade eyes flickered upward to meet Arak’s. He felt a rush every time she did that.

“Go on. I won, fair and square,” Arak said.

“Oh, I don’t know about fair and square,” Laila said with a wink.

Her tongue slid across the tip, tracing a path down the shaft as her hands wrapped around Arak’s thighs. He threw his head back, closed his eyes, and sighed deeply as he felt her lips slide around him.

“There it is,” he whispered.

She was intentional with her motions, slowly taking him into her mouth and letting her tongue trace all shapes across the surface until she reached the end. The beasts inside Arak cackled with delight.

He took her shoulder-length hair into his hand, holding her mouth down. He felt her fighting against him, so he pulled her head back, watching as the last inch slid from her lips.

She took a deep breath before wiping her lips. “I have something different in mind for tonight’s game.”

“Oh? Pray, tell my love.”

“I think tonight, if you want to have all of me, you’ll have to catch me again!” Laila shifted immediately, shrinking to the size of a field mouse in the blink of an eye.

Arak barely had time to register that her hair was gone from his grasp before he spotted the tiny pink tail of the creature scurrying into the grass.

“You’ll pay for that one, darling!” Arak shouted. He shifted down, lengthening his body and growing scales across its surface. The natural predator of a quiet field mouse: a deadly snake.

Arak slithered into the grass, his forked tongue sending out pulses like radar, searching for the scent of that mouse. He was intrigued by this twist, though the rules specifically state that the prey cannot shift.

He would punish her for that when he caught her again. With another flick of his tongue, Arak caught Laila’s scent. He darted forward, moving with incredible speed, parting the blades of grass like ocean waves.

The mouse was heading for a burrow nearby, but Arak anticipated such a measure. He summoned another burst of speed and curled his tail around the poor mouse. As he coiled himself around her, Arak squeezed just hard enough to hear the mouse squealing as it gasped for air.

Arak let out a satisfied hiss when he saw the fear in the mouse’s eyes. Laila transformed back, turning human and laying on the ground while Arak completed his transition.

“There are rules for a reason, you know,” he said, grabbing the cloth of her skirt.

“What reason would that be? I’m having quite a good time.”

Arak ripped the skirt off her legs. He grasped her calves and spread them open, leaning down to her thigh. He looked human, but Arak had left his fangs and tongue in snake form. A fitting punishment.

He opened his mouth, revealing the snake fangs, and dug them down into the flesh of Laila’s inner thigh. She let out a scream, one laced with both pain and pleasure. Arak pulled the fangs out of her leg and dragged his forked tongue up her thigh.

The tips danced across her flesh, rippling across the surface. Laila cried out once more, a moan of ecstasy as the snake’s tongue furiously thrashed upon her.

Arak waited until she was close to climax, transforming his mouth into human form. Laila quaked beneath him, hungering for his beast-like rage. Arak felt the desire boiling inside him as he looked down on her. He transformed his hands into massive bear claws and tore her shirt open, exposing both breasts to the evening air.

He took one in his left hand, delicately dragging his claws across the nipple, merely enough to tease and not enough to harm.

He shifted his hands back to human form and curled one around Laila’s neck. He saw the spark of fear in her eyes. He could kill her without a second, though, and she knew it.

“Turn around,” Arak growled.

Laila eagerly climbed onto her knees and faced away from him. Arak grabbed her waist and traced the curvature of her back before punishing her with a swift slap. Laila cried out at the impact.

“Please, punish me!” She yelled.

Arak struck her again and again. She moaned deeply as he reached forward, grasped the length of her hair, held her head back, and slid deep inside her. Her body welcomed him, begged him even. With one hand holding her waist and the other gripping her hair, Arak unleashed himself upon her.

With every violent thrust, her body shook, and her breasts swayed violently beneath her. Her voice cracked amid each moan as he threw himself into her with inhuman force. He felt her body climax all around him, throbbing against his member. Arak lived for this moment, the throws of fiery lust, the taste of sweat on his lips. The pure, primal force that overcame him was intoxicating.

His rhythm crescendoed as he felt a powerful finish building up inside of him. Arak threw his head back and unleashed an echoing howl as he came inside of Laila. He pulled himself out, still dripping, and watched as she collapsed onto the ground below.

“Fair and square indeed my love,” Laila said with a smile.

“I have an idea,” Arak said.

Laila opened her eyes and looked at him. “I’m listening.”

He leaned down and placed his lips against her ear.

“Let’s go again.”

Laila wasted no time shifting into a falcon like the one Arak had used earlier. She shot upward into the sky with incredible speed.

Arak grinned, shifting into a massive albatross to give chase.

And so, the hunt began anew.


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Bradley Ramsey

Lover of dogs, gaming, and long walks on the beach. Content Marketing Manager by day, aspiring writer by night. Long time ghostwriter, finally stepping into the light. Alone, we cannot change this world, but we can create better ones.

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  • Jazzy 2 months ago

    This was so interesting and the sex scenes were fire 🔥

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