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The Road That Led Nowhere

By Published 3 years ago 6 min read
Late Night Back Roads

"What?" I answered with an attitude as I held the phone wondering why he was even calling me considering I told him I hated him a few hours earlier. "Come to my house, park in the garage, call me when you're close." He hung up right after and I stood there contemplating whether I should go or not. Not because I didn't want to see him, but because I knew when I said I hated him I meant the exact opposite. This was no new fling. This was someone with who I'd always had this love/hate relationship. No matter how much time would pass somehow we would always find our way back, but just as fast as we'd part ways soon after. That reason being he had always clearly shown me he had commitment issues.

Yet I still found myself fixing my hair & freshening up as I got ready to leave my home at 3:00 am. A part of me knew what was going to happen once I got there but for some reason, I couldn't resist the demand he'd made. That's why I hated him! I hated how vulnerable & naive he made me. I don't know why I couldn't resist him... or maybe I did. With all that in mind, I still grabbed my keys off the counter and headed out the front door. I headed down the street trying to keep my anxiety under control as I played some music and tried to adjust my attitude because of the argument we had hours prior to this meetup.

Finally, I was in his part of town and decided to call and let him know as he had requested. "I'm in your neighborhood," I said as he picked up the phone. "Turn your lights off and pull into the garage." I did as he had asked and I drove up and I watched him close the garage behind me as he looked through my windshield at me. I couldn't make eye contact at all. I felt guilty, stupid, naive, and more. I turned my car off and by the time I got ready to open my door, he was already opening it. He grabbed me by my throat as he pulled me out of my car and pushed me up against my car with his hand still gripping my throat. I pretended to resist, knowing deep down inside I didnt want him to stop. No other man could give me the sensations that he could and he knew that.

"Who the fuck you hate?" he asked aggressively as he still had his grip on me. I could feel myself slipping into subspace as he asked again, "I said who the fuck do you hate?", but this time louder and more aggressive. "Nobody," I managed to whisper. Between the grip, he had on my neck and how out of it I was that's all I was able to get out. Everything was blurry to me but it felt so good. I felt like I was floating. He grabbed me by my hair and pulled me to my knees and I went down I could see him unzipping his pants with his other hand. By the time I was on my knees, he was shoving his dick into my mouth. He allowed me to suck it at my own pace a few seconds before he grabbed both sides of my face and begin thrusting his dick in and out of my mouth. He got faster as he started shoving his dick deeper into my throat. He grunted with each thrust, and it turned me on more and more I could feel my panties getting more soaked the longer I let him fuck my mouth.

He all of a sudden abruptly pulled me back up by my hair, turned me around, and bent me over the driver's seat. He pulled my pants and thong down and shoved his dick deep into me. I let out a loud moan as he grabbed my hair and told me to shut up as he was stroking harder and faster. "What's my fucking name?" he asked me while still pulling my hair and deep stroking me. "Daddy!" I moaned out while I let him have his way with my body. "Say it louder!" he shouted. "Daddy!" I shouted back while he rocked back and forth inside of me. I guess he was close to cumming so he pulled out and pulled me back out of the car down to knees. He shoved his dick back into my mouth and started continued to fuck my mouth. He pulled me back up by the hair and bent me back over into the car and shoved his dick back inside of me. He continued to fuck me harder and harder as I filled his garage with loud moans and whimpers. I didn't want it to end.

He all of a sudden grabbed me by the hair again and pulled me back down but this time he didn't put it in my mouth. He grabbed his dick as he positioned it right over my lips as he started to cum all around my lips and cheeks. "Open your mouth," he said in a low tone. I did as he told me and felt the warm cum fall onto my tongue. "Suck it," he said as I started to suck it again. I could feel him getting hard again but before I could continue he realized the time and we stopped. I cleaned myself up a little and we were both silent as we got ourselves together. I got back into my car as I pulled out of his driveway. I couldn't look at him any second longer.

I felt paralyzed and almost numb as I traveled those same roads back home. I felt this way not because I didn't enjoy what had just happened, but because I wanted more of that and some. I wanted him. His heart. I couldn't understand why he wouldn't want the same. The intensity of the sex, the chemistry we had was undeniable. It felt almost magical at times. Not to mention I am a very beautiful woman with a pretty good head on my shoulders. So I knew that wasn't the issue. It was deeper than that. It had to be.

I had a million thoughts going through my mind as I continued driving the empty roads. I had so many questions, the same thoughts and questions I had always had regarding him for years. I knew it was going to be a while before I physically saw him again. This is how it always ended. He would charm and lure me back into his life just to fulfill his ego and sexual needs and would cast me away as soon as he could tell I was falling for him again. I know how this story always ends. Any sane person would run for the hills and I am usually pretty smart about things like this but he had some type of control over me that was unexplainable and he knew just that. But that's not the scary part. The scary part is that after this and me knowing all of this, I honestly couldn't tell you that if he randomly hit me up again in the future if I would be able to say no to him.....


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