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The great Masquerade ball.

by Nicolette_23 about a year ago in erotic
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her tongue part 1

I was a little nervous but since my divorce I’ve been trying to do some new things. My friend got me to sign up as a member to this secret club, she says they are really fun and not always about sex, then she said but mostly are with a wink. I wasn’t nervous because I’m in experienced, but because I’ve never done something this public before or been in a secret society. My friend told me they have a lot of young members, that excited me a little. It’s been a while since I’ve had any young man interested in me. I had my fancy tight black dress on and my lace eye mask on.

This place had such a sensual vibe, dimmed lights, red silk and beads decorated around the rooms. There were a lot of people not wearing a lot, just enough to leave something to the imagination. I swiped a glass of bubbly from a passing tray, held by a shirtless muscle. I knew as soon as I got a drink inside of me I would loosen up a little. At first I just wondered the different rooms to see what is what. Every room had a mixture of young men over older women and young women all over older men. I just observed for a little bit while I sipped my drink. There were a few married couples sharing a young person.

As I wondered round I noticed I was being followed, it wasn’t till I leant against a doorway that she made contact. “Come with me” she whispered into my ear, she entwined my fingers with hers and lead me to a different more private room. The room was prepped with iced bubbly, a bowl of strawberries and a wide range of toys. “Your new here aren’t you?” she sang playfully, “new here, new to this” I replied exploring the room. I could feel her eyes on me the whole time, “come sit” she patted the space next to her on the bed.

I tried to not be so nervous as I lay down beside her, “don’t worry I’ll take care of you” her finger traced up my arm, sending shivers through my body. I’d never been with another woman before, never really experimented that much. This was exciting to me, I’ve always been intrigued, woman know what other woman want. She held a strawberry in between our faces, she began to trace the fruit with her tongue. Her eyes told me to do the same, I joined in after a few seconds she removed the fruit from between us.

While our tongues danced from her mouth to mine her hand wondered round my back slowly unzipping my dress. She pulled my dress over my shoulders down my body. I had picked out some new lingerie for this party, red lace bra with matching thong and suspenders. She slipped out of her dress and travelled back up my body. Her lips leaving a trail of kisses from my thighs, to my stomach her tongue felt like silk on my skin, her lips were plump and soft. Her touch excited me, she straddled me while we licked each other’s lips. She sucked my bottom lip into her mouth, grazing it with her teeth.

Her lips trailed back down to my neck, suckling, nibbling on my skin. Something about her awakened a new hunger inside of me. the way her hands gently massaged my body, my waist, grouping my breasts. Her fingers tickled my nipples in circles, we had only just met but she knew how to stimulate me. One of her hands reached into the bubby bucket, then I felt a cold sensation rubbing on my nipple through my bra. At first my body was shocked, it made me gasp from the cold. But then my already erect nipples got even harder.

She placed the ice cube between her lips, she trailed it up my breasts to my neck. Then back down my stomach causing me to gasp again. She kept going and going, until she reached my clit. I could feel the melting ice cube seeping through the lace. I could already feel my juices starting to flow, I tried to control the electricity racing through my veins.

She moved the cube round in circles with her lips, I couldn’t stop squirming, my breathing was so intense, I was like a panting dog just begging for more. it’s been a long time since anyone made my back arch like this. The pleasure was immense, circulating through my whole body. In my head all I could hear was swooshing and my heart thumping. I heard her launch the cube from her mouth. Her head returned between my legs; she held a tight grip on my inner thighs.

Her tongue traced my moist lips over the lace before she hooked her finger inside pulling them out of her way. Her warm, moist tongue licked my dripping lips. She teased my swollen clit, flicking it around in her mouth. I couldn’t stop moaning, my toes were curling, my face began to feel flushed, my breathing got faster. I knew what was coming, so did she, she pushed down on my lower abdomen just above my pubic area. Her tongue darted into my soaking hole. I could feel her inside of me.

Her tongue massaged my g-spot, I didn’t want her to ever stop. I grabbed the back of her head and pushed her face deeper into my pussy. I rocked my pelvis back and forth on her tongue, it was happening, my legs couldn’t handle it. I tried to grip the sheets to hold my self down. I heard her gasping for air as she vigorously rubbed my clit with her hand. I had never felt anything this amazing in all my life, I could feel the gushing of fluids rushing to the open hole. Before I knew it my pelvis was in the air, my eyes in the back of my head. I was spraying my nectar all over the bed sheets.

I tried to catch my breath, I felt like I was floating on a cloud of euphoria. I tired to talk but nothing was coming out, I felt like I was on some kind of drug. I had never squirted before, I had never had an orgasm that intense before, just mediocre sex with my ex-husband. I felt like a new


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I enjoy writing, I am trying out some new stuff, some short 2-3 page stories trying my hand at erotic writing.

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