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The Good Wife

by Asrai Devin 5 months ago in taboo

Their marriage wasn't what any of them expected

The Good Wife
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Cassie’s hand curled around her husband’s. “Can I make a request?”

Justin glanced away from the movie. “Of course.”

“Will you sleep in our bed tonight?”

He kissed her fingers. “Yes, my dear. I would like to share a bed with you.”

Cassie looked at their hands. “I know it’s Saturday and usually you and Ava…”

“She is out. Probably until past our bedtime.” Ava was his girlfriend and Cassie’s sister. “If you want snuggle time, I will provide.”

He'd like more. He and Cassie hadn't made love in three weeks and two days. Long term lack of sex led them to the current situation where he had a girlfriend but he missed his wife.

Cassie squeezed his hand and returned to the movie.

They finished the movie then went upstairs. Cassie checked on each of their four children. Their youngest was in a crib in the master bedroom. “We should think about a bigger house when I become a manager. We need another bedroom.” Justin stripped his clothes off and crawled under the blankets.

Cassie changed into one of his t-shirts and snuggled to his side. “You are right. Move Alex to his own room then Jace and Brodie can share?” Alex was their oldest, Jace the second, Maddie, the only girl came third, and Brodie was the baby just over a year old. And stubbornly refusing to sleep through the night.

“If Brodie will sleep. If he wakes Jace will sleep through it.”

“Unlike Maddie.” Cassie kissed his chin. “In the spring?”

Justin caught her chin and held her for a real kiss. His tongue teased hers until she relaxed. His dick hardened as she pushed closer. “Ignore that.”

“I should be flattered. I can still get you going with a kiss.” She giggled.

“You always could. Right from our first date.” Justin was glad she was relaxed with him. When her sex drive tanked, she was always so tense when they were alone. Knowing his needs were taken care of by someone else relaxed her.

“The old days.”

“The carefree days,” he corrected.

Cassie wiggled making his erection jump. He kissed her again.

“Why don't you jerk off?”

“You wanted to cuddle.” He raised his eyebrows.

“Now I want to watch you jerk off.” She leaned on her elbow.

“Will you help?” He eyed her with concern.


“Can I touch your boobs?” She had a great rack. His hand moved from her hip to her side boob. Her nipples were sensitive and he wanted to watch her eyes while he aroused her.

“I won't get turned on.”

“How do you know?”

“You don't think I don't try on nights when Brodie sleeps well in his crib?”

“You do? Do you watch porn on your phone?”

“Sometimes. Mostly I fantasize.”

“About?” He searched her eyes.

“You and me. You and Ava.”

Justin rubbed his dick through his boxers. “All three of us together?”

“Not in bed. Just watching. Like that night I watched you fuck her. That was hot.”

He pushed his boxers down. “What do you like watching?” He wrapped his hard on around his erection.

“I like seeing you enjoy yourself. You look sexy when you come.”

“Mm.” Stroke, stroke. “Tell me more.”

“When you go down on her. Reminds me of when I enjoyed your tongue.”

“Do you remember when we were at that party? We went to the bedroom and that girl stumbled in and I was between your legs. She said she could do it better and you said ‘show him how.’ and she did.”

“I was far sluttier before the kids.”

Cassie pulled the blanket further back as she watched his hand stroking his cock.

“I think watching me go down on your sister is slutty.”

“What it's fucking her ass like?” Anal had always been one of Cassie’s hard limits.

“Tight. Taboo. So much taboo when you come in your sister-in-law’s ass.” He leaned his head back.

“You are a lucky man.” Cassie’s fingers caressed his balls. “If I wanted to date and bang a dude would you watch?”

“Yes. I would want to give him pointers so he could give you pleasure. Like the right side of your clit is more sensitive to light touches and your nipples need a rough touch.”

He stroked faster with each word.

Cassie looked from his face to his masturbation efforts and back. “I like knowing you get pleasure too. And Ava too.”

“I admit I have imagined you both sucking my cock. You on shaft, Ava on balls. Until I am ready to come, then switch because she likes to swallow.”

He stumbled over his words. That fantasy brought him to the edge. He squeezed the head of his cock as he spurted.

Cassie reached over to where a glob of his cum landed and swiped it with her fingers. She met his eyes as she brought her fingers to her mouth and sucked them clean.

“Yeah, you are still the slut I married.” He kissed her. “I love you.”

“Love you too.” She laid on her pillow but snuggled against him.

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