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The Good Girl

by Zeddicus Zane about a month ago in erotic
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When the Alpha Claims His Prize

The Good Girl
Photo by Steven Weeks on Unsplash

The tavern patrons are quite sparse

Suddenly he spots a nice round arse

Blood rushes down into his third leg

Forcing a rise in that mighty man peg

How she got in jeans is hard to parse

She sees the mighty lion eyeing prey

And lusts for hands gripping her airway

As her tongue moistens her red lips

He lust for his peg separating her hips

She knows he will have her his way

He makes way to the flustered lass

Then picks her up, hands on her ass

He slams her down on the pool table

"Be a good girl, or you'll be in the stable"

"Submit to me and the test you'll pass.

The bar keep sneaks over to the door

As the other watch her take a lot more

The locks on the front doors go click

As she moanfully begs for his huge dick

His hammer rivals that of the god Thor

As her pussy is ravaged by his sword

Yesses cry out as he thrusts forward

He thrusts so hard that the table falls

The whole town hears her dick calls

But all the watchers are quite ignored

"Face down while I eat pussy for a while"

"Because then you're getting doggy style"

He sucks the moisture off her pussy lips

And then places his hands on her hips

His dick feels like it went in a good mile

As he fucks her like there's no tomorrow

Yet she's still a being a good girl though

"Don't you fucking move until I'm done"

Those controlling words make her cum

Making her pussy as gooey as fresh dough

As the first orgasm pulses through her

He pushes deep making that kitty purr

An "Oh Fuck" permeates through the air

That's when he grabs a hand full of hair

Pulling her head back mimics a seizure

With her legs weak and forcefully shaking

The second orgasm is now in the making

Her hair now taught and head tilted back

"You're body is mine to forcefully ransack"

And as such, his pounding is unbreaking

His free hand pushes on the small of her back

As he continues his relentless pussy attack

Every thrust assaulting every single inner wall

Hurricane "Third Orgasm" makes it's landfall

Her juices flood out as her vision goes black

Such a good girl for doing as she is told

Such a good girl for being so controlled

But he is still not done defiling her flower

And continues to pound her with power

Pushing her to the cusp of her threshold

The fourth orgasm hits and she collapses

Her clit so sensitive as with anaphylaxis

Now on her back he rubs the clit as he fucks

This orgasm hits her like a convoy of trucks

His thrusts are now as slow as cold molasses

The fifth, sixth, and seventh are consecutive

This was the predetermined time he selected

So he gave a final deep push into her ovum

To release all five gallons of his warm cum

And then his cock makes his now due exodus

As she lies there sore and dripping with jiz

She pulls him down to her for a juicy kiss

With their tongues acting out a thumb war

She pushes his hand down to where it's sore

And whispers to him that her pussy is all his


About the author

Zeddicus Zane

I am an engineer and reiki master. I write stories and poems across various genres.

IG: @zeddicuszane

Twitter: @ZeddicusZane

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