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“The Gloryhole”

The hole in the wall sees it ALL!

By Christopher “CJ” HerringPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 3 min read

If walls could talk I’d have more lurid tales than any other type of wall there is! There are many walls like me discreetly hidden ALL over the world in every country, city, and town. Even when and where visits to me are illegal under penalty of death they come / cum. A wall of relief for men they’ve been known to even kill for a place in line in. A wall with a hole at crotch level. Where so many find comfort and some even have spiritual sexual experiences… A gloryhole! One reason they call me a gloryhole is due to how many men scream: “Oh GOD! OH GOD!” as they are at the end of their visits finding the glory of pleasure. I am a wall that does actually speak with the many lurid messages often written on me about when someone will be there to meet and artwork drawn of sexual fantasies!

I’m a secret gloryhole in a tourist area so I’m very busy! I see people from ALL around the world. I’ve seen every kind of penis there is to see. Thick and thin cocks, long and short cocks, cut and uncut cocks, clean and dirty cocks, old and young cocks, hairy and shaved cocks in every color of the rainbow. Have you ever seen or heard about a gloryhole before? We’ve been around since ancient times found in the ruins of temples and palaces! My lineage is long.

Don’t judge ME / US! We gloryholes serve a very important social purpose! Did you know wherever there is a gloryhole nearby crimes like domestic violence, rape, child molestation and even frustration based murders show statistical rates that are lower than 50% in areas that don’t! Also, where we are there are fewer unwanted pregnancies and subsequent abortions. I have a very important function in society! Many of the men are SO desperate for human and specifically sexual contact they don’t care who is on the other side stroking, sucking, and slobbering on their cocks or turning their tails towards them as they either passively stand or repeatedly plunge against me! Neither does the one receiving them on the other side! Some have been known to sit, squat, or kneel for hours doing it! They love the purely sexual nature of their exchange in comparison to the stress and game ridden relationships they usually have to endure and use me as an escape from.

I’m an amusement park gloryhole. Depending on whom is on the other side I have a longer line than some of the most popular roller coasters there! So many frustrated park visitors having fantasies about fellatio fulfilled discreetly for the first time! The slurping, groans, constant pounding of heads / hips and clinking of belt buckles against me hidden by the sound of running sinks and flushing toilets!

Some don’t like me! I understand as they use their spit or toilet water to wet squares of toilet tissue to cover the gloryhole in my wall. However, that just lasts a moment or two until the next visitor comes /cums along and snatches the toilet paper back down! I’m sometimes embarrassed for the innocent visitors who’ve never seen a gloryhole before! How shocked they are and how embarrassed they get and how repulsive some find it. The often pleading mouths on the other side begging for cock licking lips and sticking out their tongues with mouths open as widely as they can. Often their / there opinions change as afterwards as they think about it longer and options decrease and they become just another visitor using me for the first time. As I said before I’m just one of many. We’re found in gay bars, highway rest stops, adult bookstores, men’s bathrooms in virtually ANY bathroom you can imagine! Some who hate us even go around trying to completely cover us up with drilled in or glued and even welded pieces of sheet metal. My visitors get SO upset they throw tantrums often ripping doors off of stalls, flooding toilets, and breaking sinks! I’m a gloryhole wall and I love what I do and I am loved for my purpose. Can YOU say the same?


About the Creator

Christopher “CJ” Herring

Poetry from a Black gay male poet about the alternative lifestyle experience and life in general. Also, creative writing… I enjoy writing challenges!

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  • Christopher “CJ” Herring (Author)about a year ago

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